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Terran Fleet Command Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Terran Fleet Command Saga Books

The Terran Fleet Command series is a popular series of space opera, military fiction, science fiction, naval history, and military history stories. It is comprised of 5 books in total, published between 2015 & 2018. This series is written by a renowned American novelist named Tori Harris. The events in the books of this series take place in the twenty-third century. They revolve around the humans’ interaction with aliens living in the interstellar spaces. In the beginning, it is mentioned that several series of mysterious data transmissions have been intercepted by Earth’s deep space receiving stations over a period of 50 years. These transmissions are studied by the research scientists on Earth and it is found that the transmissions belong to a highly advanced kind of technology. The scientists realize that if this technology comes into the hands of the humans, then they will become capable of traveling with a speed higher than light.

In order to study the advanced technology in much more depth, the humans send a group of scientists and researchers to space. The group boards a starship and travels in the interstellar region. Several factors make this mission of the humans to study aliens a risky one, including not having any information about the interstellar beings and the unexplained motivation of those beings in sending transmission signals to Earth. Tori Harris has created a number of essential characters for this series, including Kevin Patterson, Griffin, Tom Prescott, Rugnali Naftur, Bruce Adams, etc.

A popular book of the Terran Fleet Command series written by author Tori Harris is entitled ‘TFS Fugitive’. It was self-published by Tori as a Kindle edition in 2017. The book opens by depicting that the Sajeth Collective is the one that had sponsored the Resistance incursion in the Sol system. And after successful repelling the incursion, the Terran Fleet Command faces the new task of dealing with Sajeth Collective’s far-flung worlds. Accordingly, several task forces are formed and sent to Lesheera and Damara for beginning the first blockades of Humans of all the planets. For this purpose, the TFS decides to use its fastest ships for bringing the battle at the doorstep of the enemy quickly. Also, this important task is decided to be done alone and leave only a minimal force behind for safeguarding Earth.

In the meantime, Humanity finally takes a decision on the topic of the Pelaran Alliance membership. But, the Guardian takes its own decision and this lands it in a situation to question the entire objective behind the 500-year mission. On the other hand, the space on Sajeth Collective’s far side continues to get bombarded with experiments that result in the discovery of new revolutionary technology. This discovery is made possible with the efforts of the newly established Crowned Graca Republic and the latest technology is so powerful that it attracts a powerful enemy’s attention. Later, the Leadership Council receives an SOS call from Rugali Naftur, who asks for help in rescuing the Wek scientists.

The council fears that if they respond to the call and send a rescue team, it might lead to another war. And they wonder if they are capable of taking such a big risk. Also, if the war happens, it will directly involve the Pelaran Alliance and the outcome is not going to be in favor of the Council at all. Tom Prescott continues to pilot his largely untested starship in space with his crew. When he receives a call to carry out a special task, he starts preparing himself as well as his crew for the mission. But, he forced to give it a proper thought before taking the first step after knowing the mission requires him to enter the heart of a dangerous empire. Tom Prescott knows that such a risky assignment can only be completed by the Guardian and tries to complete the mission with a different approach.

Another successful book of the series is known as ‘TFS Guardian’. It was also self-published by author Harris in 2018. Initially, it is depicted that the enigmatic Grey aliens return with a lot of useful information and revelations. They reveal facts relating to their role in the history of Earth, the place of Humanity in cosmos, and the Pelarans. After the effective disbandment of the Pelaran Alliance, the Pelara faces domination from the same world-shaping Artificial Intelligence that was originally formed for managing the cultivation program of its own. When the TFC becomes aware of this important new information, it wonders if coming to the aid of Pelara is worth taking the huge risk of the direct confrontation with the remnants of their old Alliance that is now under the control of its own AI. Griffin openly declares his allegiance to the world he helped to form as well as TFC. He agrees to follow the Grey ship called Ethereal and take up the risky operation of recruitment that spans more than a thousand light years.

The mission of Griffin and Ethereal is to enlist as much help of the Guardian spacecraft as they can to prevent the tyrannical, out of control AI’s forces from reaching the Earth and put an end to it well before. Captain Tom Prescott is also tasked with taking his crew and TFS Fugitive, along with the new and old allies, and reach Pelara to fight the enemy in the center of its origin. Meanwhile, in Sol system, Naftur and Kevin Patterson try to win a hopeless battle for saving both Graca and Earth from destruction. Once again, Tori Harris has delivered a fresh take on intra-galactic diplomacy and politics. He has kept the pacing tight and has added well-rounded characters that make the plot look entertaining and creative. Even the combat and scientific elements look rational and accurate. Author Harris received a lot of praise his unique writing style and ability to tell a great story. The fans of science fiction and space opera stories enjoyed this novel as well as the whole series a lot. They gave good reviews to the novels on various literary platforms and spoke very highly about them through word of mouth. Subsequently, the series fared very well and helped Tori Harris establish himself as a prominent writer of space opera novels.

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