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Publication Order of Terran Scout Fleet Books

Joshua Dalzelle is an American published author of fiction.

He was raised in a small and rural town. Once he was a teenager, he joined up with the United States Air Force. This was so that he could not only see the world but work in aviation too, which was one of his passions. He enlisted and was set to work as an avionics technician for B-1B bombers. After that, Joshua moved on from the military, working in different capacities in the aerospace industry while at the same time studying aeronautical science and getting his master’s degree in it.

It was during this same time period that he kept up with writing as his own hobby. From time to time, he would submit a novel or a short story to be published. He found independent publishing in 2012, which reinvigorated his dream of becoming a writer. He finished his book and released his first published novel in 2013.

Since that time, Josh has left the engineering world behind and has put his efforts completely towards being a full-time writer. He is a veteran of the Iraq War. Joshua is married and resides with his family, a wife and son, in Ohio. When he has spare time available, he likes to work on classic cars and volunteer his time for veteran causes.

Joshua Dalzelle is the creator and the author of the Terran Scout Fleet series of novels. This series first got started in 2018 with the release of the debut book in the series, Marine. It was followed by the publication of the second book in the series, titled Boneshaker. The third novel came out in 2021 and is titled Vapor Trails. The fourth novel in the series was released in 2022 and is titled Heavy Metal.

Marine is the first novel in the Terran Scout Fleet series by Joshua Dalzelle. If you’ve been searching for an interesting science fiction story to read, check this debut in the series out!

In this world, aliens do in fact exist. But as it’s soon discovered, the majority of them do not appear to be friendly. The aliens attacked Earth for the first time before Jacob Brown was born. When the second time rolled around, and the aliens came again, he was just fourteen years old.

Earth decided to come together and in a massive effort put together its first space military. Jacob was interested and soon volunteered, wasting no time offering his abilities. He would jump at the chance to defend Earth and his family while serving on a huge starship. That is when the aliens came again.

Jacob is enrolled in training and is about to graduate. But just as he is about to leave the training through graduation, an officer comes up to him. The officer is from the Naval Special Operation Command and has a serious proposal for him. The officer gives Jacob a choice to volunteer on a mission to go to a world that is dangerous and without laws, or to simply go home and leave his dream of serving in the military and protecting the planet behind.

Jacob does not know why the officer came up to him and singled him out in such a way but doesn’t have the answers to it so there’s no point in questioning it all that much. He simply has to deal with the issue in front of him. He can go along with the demands that they have which were given to him for whatever reason or he can kill his dream of going onto a starship and leave the military behind for good.

But it appears that this is also the least of his concerns, or soon will be. Jacob wants to get his career going on the right track again, but it just appears that everyone and everything that he encounters is attempting to kill him. He gets distracted by all the chaos and doesn’t know what to do– until he comes upon a secret that most people on Earth have no idea about.

Now prone to information that the rest of the planet is blissfully not privy to, Jacob realizes that it might be more than just the aliens that he has to be concerned about. What is the big secret and what will he do as a result? Plus, will he accept the deal to go to the dangerous planet or leave the military behind for good? Read this book to find out what happens!

Boneshaker is the second novel in the Terran Scout Fleet series by Joshua Dalzelle. The author continues the space adventures in this intriguing follow-up to the debut novel in the series!

Jacob Brown is now a Marine First Lieutenant, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get bored. He’s been bored out of his mind for a while now. Jacob has been sitting for months on end on an alien planet just waiting around for command to bring back his scout team. That way they can all rest a bit and be re-outfitted.

The mission that the team last went on was hell. They lost not just their ship but their commanding officer too. The situation meant that Jacob was promoted to the acting Chief Officer for Scout Team Obsidian. Their new ship is an old combat shuttle they’d taken off the hands of narco-smugglers on planet Niceen-3.

Command does reach out at last, but not with what Jacob anticipates. Instead of calling the Obsidian team home to get some rest and relaxation, Jacob learns that they’re being reactivated to go out into contested space of the Eshquarian Empire. Their task will be to find a Terran cruiser referred to as the Eagle’s Talon.

The captain of the Eagle’s Talon has apparently gone rogue. He’s working within a fleet where the ships want to stage an open rebellion against the last superpower in the quadrant. If the ship is found within the fleet, it will be Earth who suffers for the ConFed’s reprisal. Now it’s up to Jacob and his team to race out, find the ship and captain, and have a Navy strike force go in to either retrieve the ship or destroy it. What will happen? Read this book to find out!

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