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Terri Farley is an American author of young adult and children’s books. She is the bestselling author of the Phantom Stallion series and Seven Tears into the Sea standalone novel, which have collectively sold more than two million copies worldwide. Living in the quiet foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Terri Farley shares her home with her journalist husband, their two children, and pets. Despite the beauty surrounding her, she often finds herself yearning for the sandy shores of California where her childhood memories were made.
Farley’s professional journey has seen her donning various hats, including those of a waitress, journalist, and educator, before settling into her true calling as a full-time writer. Often found writing barefoot, with the comforting presence of a cat on her lap, she has penned the captivating Seven Tears into the Sea, Phantom Stallion series for young readers, and a lot of nonfiction articles for magazines.

Seven Tears into the Sea is Terri Farley’s standalone novel, published in 2005. Gwen Cooke’s life took a mysterious turn at the age of ten when she was saved from drowning by a young man of almost ethereal beauty, who left her with a cryptic rhyme promising a reunion seven years later. Misunderstood by her townsfolk and seeking to escape their scrutiny, Gwen’s family relocated to a bustling city, leaving behind the quaint town and the enigmatic beach where her life was forever changed. Now, seven years have elapsed, and Gwen finds herself returning to aid her recently injured grandmother with her bed and breakfast, located next to the site of her peculiar rescue.

Seven Tears into the Sea is an absorbing tale, skillfully intertwining elements of mystery, fantasy, and romance into a narrative that proves challenging to set aside. Terri Farley’s exquisite descriptions transport readers to Mirage Point, allowing them to virtually feel the ocean’s misty breezes and experience the cove’s serene beauty. The author’s adept character development ensures that readers can deeply empathize with Gwen’s journey, especially as Jesse enters the story, reawakening the mysterious connection tied to her past.
As the summer unfolds, Gwen grapples with the shadows of her previous ordeal while also embracing the path her destiny has laid out for her. The quest for answers about her childhood experience mirrors the universal search for personal understanding and acceptance. Through her journey, Gwen evolves, claiming her independence and identity in the process.

Recommended for those who revel in a blend of mystery, fantasy, romance, and the thrill of the unknown, Seven Tears into the Sea offers a unique escape into a realm where legends like selkies whisper truths about our deepest selves. This novel is an ideal companion for a tranquil beach day or a cosy summer evening, inviting readers to lose themselves in a saga of discovery, love, and the magic that lies just beneath the surface of our everyday lives.

The Wild One is the first novel in the Phantom Stallion series. We meet Sam, a girl whose roots are deeply embedded in ranch life, who finds herself returning to her family’s ranch after a two-year absence, filled with apprehension about her future there. Previously, her endeavors to train a dark grey colt ended abruptly when he spooked, threw her off, and vanished, leaving her family in the dark about his whereabouts.

Upon her return, Sam encounters a pale grey stallion by the ranch, drinking under the moonlight. She realizes that this could very well be her colt, now grown and blending with the wild mustangs, his coat lightening with each passing year. Amid her responsibilities with the cattle, Sam learns about the Bureau of Land Management’s efforts to manage wild horse populations through roundups and auctions to prevent overgrazing. The thought of her cherished horse being caught and sold to someone without compassion fills her with dread.
This story is ideally suited for readers aged eight and up, offering a narrative that horse-loving kids and early teenagers can enjoy without parents worrying about inappropriate content. The series tastefully handles its more serious themes, such as a significant horse-related accident that had a profound impact on Sam’s life. While there’s mention of the incident where Sam was kicked in the head by her horse Blackie, leading to hospitalization, the descriptions are not graphic, focusing instead on Sam’s recovery and the emotional aftermath.
Sam’s journey is marked by the typical impulsive decisions of a teenager and the challenges of dealing with wild horses, occasionally putting her in harm’s way. Despite occasional disputes with her father, her respect and love for her family are evident, highlighting the supportive and loving environment in which she was raised.

In Mustang Moon, the second novel in the Phantom Stallion series. At the tender age of 13, Samantha, often called Sam, faces the daunting task of returning to her family’s sprawling cattle ranch in Nevada after a two-year hiatus. Her absence was marked by a harrowing recovery from a severe injury sustained in a riding accident with her cherished Mustang, Blackie, who vanished on that same day. The incident left her wrestling with doubts about her ability to ride again. Now back home, she finds her relationship with her new colt strained and feels isolated, perceived by others as merely the privileged daughter of the ranch owner rather than a genuine part of the ranching community.

The narrative takes a compelling turn when Sam stumbles upon the possibility that a mysterious Mustang, a pale grey stallion seen drinking by moonlight near the ranch, could be Blackie, transformed by the years but still carrying the spirit of her lost companion. The realization that this horse, potentially her Blackie, is now living wild and free with mustangs ignites a fierce determination in Sam to protect him from the fate that befalls many wild horses—capture and sale by the Bureau of Land Management, aimed at preventing overgrazing.
Sam’s journey is not just about reconnecting with a lost horse but also about navigating her path through the challenges of ranch life, from the scepticism of the other ranchers to the intricacies of cattle work and the management of wild horses. She is thrust into a position where she must grow from a girl into a cowgirl, embracing the responsibilities and risks that come with caring for the animals she loves and the land she calls home.

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