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Publication Order of Hideaway Lake Books

The Hideaway Inn (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hideaway Cafe (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas at Hideaway Lake (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winter Retreat (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sisters of Summer (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Healing Cottage (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Christmas Wishes and Cowboy Kisses(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Terri Lorah
Terri Lorah writes feel good contemporary Women’s Fiction. The “Hideaway Lake” series combines friends, family, and small town living. Each of her stories has a dash of romance along with a serene setting in the foothills of Central Pennsylvania, making it the perfect place to hide from reality.

Terri has been writing ever since she was around eight years old. It started out as poems, however then while she was in her twenties, she began writing romance stories and the rest is history.

Her favorite part about being a writer is having the freedom to build her own business and she’s blessed to be able to write from her own home.

Terri and her husband stayed at this lovely little place in the foothills of Pennsylvania in this 1920s cottage this one year during the middle of winter. There was this huge wraparound porch they ate on and the view was absolutely glorious. Terri would sit on the porch all snuggled up under a blanket in a swing and watch Mother Nature while the snow fell on the lake and all the quietness struck her. She just knew that she had to write a story about such a place and that is how “Hideaway Lake” came about.

“The Hideaway Inn” is the first novel in the “Hideaway Lake” series and was released in 2020. Laura Myers is having a pretty bad day. She loses her mother-in-law, her husband wants a divorce, and she learns that he was cheating on her after thirty years of marriage. All on her 50th birthday.

She has two options: keep the promise she made to a dying woman or just accept the paltry offer her soon-to-be-ex makes to her. Starting the Hideaway Inn with the help of her three kids seems to be the one and only solution since she never expected to start over again.

Olivia, Laura’s oldest, thinks about giving her job as a traveling chef up in order to help her mom out, while Cole (her son) gets fired from his job as a construction supervisor and brings home a large and secret uncashed check. Which he cannot talk about yet.

Bailey, the youngest adopted daughter, who’s in nursing school, still has got a year and a half left until graduating. Then she hooks up with this guy that is bad news and trouble quickly follows. After a life changing event, she’s forced to face the truth.

Terri weaves together the lives of her characters rather beautifully and makes you care for each one of them.

“The Hideaway Cafe” is the second novel in the “Hideaway Lake” series and was released in 2020. Welcome back to Hideaway Lake, a small town in the lush hills of Central Pennsylvania. Olivia is trying to adjust to living in a small town again. Somebody from Olivia’s past shows up in Hideaway Lake, taking her by total surprise.

Bailey, the youngest of the Myer clan, comes home better than before and applies for a job at Hershey School of Nursing, hoping she can finish the program that she quit before going to rehab. She also starts looking for her biological parents and learns something disturbing.

Joe and Laura start officially dating and enjoy their time together until Joe starts renovating the mansion and Laura gets busy with the Inn. When they start seeing less of each other, Laura starts wondering if Joe’s not interested anymore.

Madison and Cole are falling in love, but then Sherri returns to Hideaway Lake. She’s in need of Cole’s assistance, which leaves Madison wondering if Cole feels guilty at all about what happened and is considering a second chance with Sherri.

“Christmas at Hideaway Lake” is the third novel in the “Hideaway Lake” series and was released in 2020. Welcome back to Hideaway Lake, a small town and a friendly community that’s hidden in the lush hills of Central Pennsylvania. Yet again, the Meyer family is going to be celebrating a major event. Joe and Laura are planning to get married on Christmas Eve, the exact same day of the Grand Opening of the 1940s mansion on the hill.

Read on to learn how the rest of the family is planning on spending the holidays and meet some new characters who just might or might not have the best interests at heart of Hideaway Lake.

“The Winter Retreat” is the fourth novel in the “Hideaway Lake” series and was released in 2021. Hideaway Lake is slowly coming back to life during the winter season. There’s certainly a romance going on, however Julia Russel isn’t having any of it. Even though she caught the bouquet at her brother’s wedding does not mean that she wants anything to do with love.

Her life is absolutely fine as the CFO of Russel Enterprises, particularly when she takes over once her brother goes away. He trusts her explicitly to run the company in his absence. Then she has this awakening of sorts, and does something that is so unlike her, she shocks herself even. She cannot allow Joe or any of her family members know that she is a total failure.

They say that she’s got a cold heart, however there could be somebody that is slowly but surely chipping away at it. Her struggles are real. Now, it might take the entire village of Hideaway Lake to help her.

“The Sisters of Summer” is the fifth novel in the “Hideaway Lake” series and was released in 2021. There’s so many things happening this summer at Hideaway Lake. Bobby Fairland’s Roller Skating Rink is just about ready to open up, even if Bailey seems to have gone in a different direction. Again.

Savannah’s busy life as party planner of Hideaway Lake is almost more than she’s able to handle, particularly now that somebody is showing interest in her. Can she juggle all of her clients and still find the time for Doc Parker?

When Elizabeth and Taylor, twins, come back home to Hideaway Lake, they learn that a cherished building from their childhood is slated for demolition. And saving it means making quite the impossible decision. A heartwarming story of sisterhood and love.

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