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Terry Fallis is an award winning writer from Canada, who is popular for writing literature & fiction, political, and satirical novels. He has 6 of his books listed in the national bestsellers. Author Fallis is in contract with Penguin Random House publication’s McClelland & Stewart publishing, which has published all of his novels. He gained success and fame with his very first book and went on to win the Stephen Leacock Medal in 2008 for Humor. Fallis’s first novel also helped him win the Canada Reads in 2011. It was also labeled as the decade’s essential novel of the Canadian origin. The CBC even aired a 6-part TV mini-series based on that book. After the mini-series earned excellent reviews, the book was selected for one of Vancouver’s stage musicals. The next two books that followed in Fallis’ career were finalists for the Leacock Medal.

Over the course of his writing career, author Fallis has been rewarded with several prestigious awards and honorary mentions, including the Evergreen Award from the Library Association of Ontario, Libris Award, Leacock Medal, etc. Author Fallis was born in Toronto, Canada. He completed his graduation from the McMaster University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He was highly involved in the area of student politics during his university days. Fallis has even held the post of a student union’s president. Following his graduation, he started a career in the field of federal politics. Fallis has worked as a strategist for the Liberal Party. He was mainly involved in works related to the legislative staffs and campaigns of Jean Lapierre, Michael Ignatieff, Jean Chretien, Robert Nixon, etc.

Author Fallis co-founded a social-digital media and public relations agency called Thornley Fallis in 1995. He used to operate this agency from its branches is Ottawa and Toronto. In 2014, author Fallis was given the LW Shemilt Award by McMaster for being a distinguished alumni. Fallis’s written works have been praised by numerous fellow authors and critics all across the world. His works are often compared with the likes of Mordecai Richler, Robertson Davies, and John Irving, who, according to Fallis have influenced him a lot during his initial days as a novelist. Fallis has a deep feeling of gratitude towards his fans and believes it is only because of their constant motivation that he has been able to achieve so much success in his career. Author Fallis hopes to come up with many more interesting stories in the years to come and entertain his fans more than ever.

The debut book written by author Terry Fallis is entitled ‘The Best Laid Plans’. It was released by the McClelland and Stewart publication in the year 2008. The book features the characters of Angus McLintock and Daniel Addison in the lead roles. Author Fallis has done the novel’s setting in Canada. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Daniel Addison works as Liberal Leader’s speech writer. He seems to be going through a bad phase in life. After working for years on the Parliament Hill, Daniel Addison looks embittered and burnt. He receives a huge blow when he finds his girlfriend in bed with the leader of the Liberal House. And with the turn of events that follow next, Daniel ends up quitting a job, finding a tenure English teaching job at the Ottawa University, and starts living on one of Cumberland’s boat houses.

But, before Daniel could go on to start his new job, he is required to find a right candidate for running in favor of the Liberals in Cumberland. This appears to be a difficult job for him as the current Conservatives’ representative is very popular and no Liberals’ representative has won against him in the last hundred years. Luckily for him, Daniel sees a good hope in his landlord, Angus McLintock. Angus works as professor of engineering at Ottawa University and is assigned to teach English to the engineers. Daniel doesn’t like the idea of teaching English in an engineering class. Later, the situations go through so much of changes that Daniel finds himself teaching English in place of Angus and Angus runs for the Cumberland seat for the Liberals. No one including Daniel Addison have a hope of winning, but with a shocking series of events, Angus wins the election and becomes a Cumberland MP. Now, Daniel faces a more difficult job of helping Angus get used to the life of Canadian politics and overcome all the difficulties in his path. The book provides an enjoyable read and appears to be a great political satire. Author Fallis’ style of writing is funny and intelligent. His description of delightful characters and interesting settings helped the novel become a great success.

Another very famous book of author Fallis is called ‘The High Road’. It was published by the Emblem Editions publication in 2010. In this particular book, Fallis once again described the chief characters as Daniel Addison and Angus McLintock. This book is yet another funny satire on the political scene of Canada. Fallis has continued the story from where he had ended the previous one and has depicted that Angus McLintock doesn’t seem to enjoy his role of amateur politician and decides to speak out the truth. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is mentioned that Daniel Addison hopes to make an easy escape from his job of being a political aide. But, Angus McLintock makes up his mind to not let him go so easily.

After defeating the previous government, Angus McLintock ropes in Daniel Addison to plan and execute the next campaign. Even though Daniel doesn’t like to walk down the same path again, he forced to do so as Angus warns that he will their truth out in the open. Daniel Addison begins working on planning for a tough battle against a notorious Conservative representative named Fox, who is known for playing dirty tactics. Angus and Daniel take the decision of going by High Road and turn this contest into an exciting race. They overcome all odds by going through hilarious twists & turns, ups & downs, and a break-in. This book also appears wildly entertaining with its loud comedy and satirical set up. Once again, Fallis’s writing looks funny and thought provoking at the same time. His description of interesting characters, intriguing storyline, exciting settlings, etc., were all liked by the readers from all over the globe. They praised him with excellent reviews. Even many critics appreciated Fallis for his work. All such appreciations motivated him to write a few more satirical stories in the following years.

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