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Terry Hayes is one of the highly reputed English-born author from the United States, who likes to write mystery and thriller novels. He is also a noteworthy screenwriter and producer, best known for his collaborations with the production house of Kennedy Miller. Author Terry was born on October 8, 1951, in England. Before getting worldwide recognition as a writer of mystery novels, author Terry used to originally work as a journalist in New York. He was involved in this profession for a considerable amount of time. On one occasion he got the chance to meet the popular Hollywood director named George Miller while he was doing the novelization of the plot of the 1979 famous movie Mad Max. After a few more unexpected meetings, the two began going along well. When they became acquainted with each other very well, author Terry was hired by George Miller to help him in developing the script for the sequel of Mad Max, called Mad Max 2. Both of them worked together on the script of the movie for around two years and it was subsequently made and released in the year 1981. After this collaboration, author Terry went on to become a regular writer for the Kennedy Miller production company. He worked on a number of scripts of their various mini-series. In the meantime, Terry even attempted to write an independent script for the film called Dead Calm, which was released in 1989. Author Terry received some success as a writer after the moderate success of the movie. Following this, he shifted to Hollywood. In the year 2001, Terry was nominated for the prestigious Bram Stoker Award in the category of the best Screenplay. This nomination was given to him for his excellent work on the script of the film From Hell.

Author Terry also wrote an unused screenplay of the popular Hollywood film called Planet of Apes in the year 1994. The script was titled as ‘Return of the Apes’. As an author, Terry made his debut in the year 2013 with the release of his novel titled as ‘I Am Pilgrim’. This book was published by the Transworld publication. Just after one month of the release of the book, its film rights were acquired by the production company of Metro Goldwyn Mayer. The production also hired author Terry for adapting the plot of the novel into the screenplay of the film. Author Terry has plans of developing the novel into a book series. He is working idea of the stories of the future novels of the series. Apart from this, Terry has also written a stand alone novel titled ‘Year of the Locust’. The debut book of author Terry was included in the bestselling list of the New York Times, thereby helping Terry to increase his popularity as an author. Many of the movies on which he has worked as a screenwriter or a producer have also won numerous awards. This shows how dedicated and passionate author Terry is related to his work. Among the other popular movies for which he has credits to his name include Road Warrior, Payback, Vertical Limit, Flirting, Mr. Reliable, etc. As of today, author Terry resides in Switzerland along with his family comprising of his beautiful wife named Kristen and their 4 children. When Terry used work as a journalist initially, he was employed at The Sydney Morning Herald. Being a foreign correspondent at that time, he had gotten the opportunity to cover the resignation of President Nixon as well as Watergate in the United States. He was also associated with covering a number of other international stories. Author Terry has a second home in Sydney, where he visits occasionally along with this family.

One of the books written by author Terry Hayes is titled as ‘Vertical Limit’. This novel was released in the year 2000 by the Goldmann publication. Author Terry has described an unforgettable story of determination, love, and courage in the plot of the book. The starting scene shows that a brother and sister get struck by tragedy as their lives get devastated due to a climbing accident. A split second decision made by the brother, Peter, goes on to change their lives forever. Peter is depicted as running away from his pain and going on to hide in the wilderness to work as a professional nature photographer. His sister, Annie, decides to chase the dream of her father, that is, to climb the highest peaks of the world. During one such attempt, she gets trapped at a height of 26,000 feet above sea level in an icy storm. She appears to have reached a vertical limit of her endurance. The region where she gets stuck is believed to be a death zone as humans are not able to survive there for long. When Peter comes to know about her situation, he decides to go after her and take her out of the death zone. But, climbing K2, which is considered to be the most feared peak of the world, seems to be a highly difficult job for him. However, his determination and dedication don’t allow him to think about anything else except the safety of his sister. In the end, he his attempts prove fruitful and both Annie and Peter make it out from their vertical limits safely.

The next novel written by author Terry Hayes is titled as ‘The Year of the Locust’. It is expected to be published in the year 2017 by Simon & Schuster. The plot revolves around the life of the lead character named Luke Truman. At the starting sequence of the book, Luke Truman is depicted as a junior officer on a warship. He is stationed on-board the most powerful and advanced warship of all, known as the USS Leviathan. This submarine is around 800 feet long and is comprised of a vast array of secret and weaponry systems. Apart from all the high tech systems, the submarine also boasts ‘cloaking technology’, which is a top secret technology developed by the U.S. With the help of this technology, the warship is able to bend light around the nearby object, thereby rendering them invisible. The top secret innovation is believed to be the most efficient and top level military research throughout the world. It is about time to test the effectiveness of the cloaking technology of the warship through a large scale trial. But, neither the American government nor Luke Truman realize that the experiment is going to unleash astonishing forces. Soon, Luke realizes on board the submarine that the world is about to experience a deadly situation and only he can help to prevent such a thing from happening. But, he has to arrive at a decision very soon or else it is going to be too late for anything.

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  1. Andy Tillbrook: 4 months ago

    The phrase ‘unputdownable’ is one of the most overused in publishing marketing but actually suits ‘I am Pilgrim’ perfectly!

  2. Wynn Matson: 7 months ago

    I may be an old lady, galloping towards 81, but I was mesmerized by “I am Pilgrim” ! I Loved the book! I kept pouring over maps, looking for places detailed in the book. I was reading about Terry Hayes’ description of Gaza, on October 7 when Hamas attacked Israel. Crazy coincidence!
    I learned a lot about the mindset of the Saracen and how we could very easily be living in a dangerous world of weaponized viruses. I look forward to reading more of Terry’s book!

  3. Charles Daly: 2 years ago

    I read “I am Pilgrim” as well & gave it a 4 star [out of 4] rating.
    Any updates re release date [if any] for Year of the Locust?

  4. michael ellis: 2 years ago

    wow “I AM PILGRIM” what a read makes Tom Clancy look boring

  5. Jack Smyth: 3 years ago

    I have just finished reading Terry Hayes’ Novel “I am Pilgrim” and it is one of the best novels I have read.
    I m looking forward to “Year of The Locust”

  6. Roy Abbott: 4 years ago

    when is The Year Of The Locust going to be published?


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