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Terry Lynn Johnson is a reputed Canadian author of children’s books and middle grade and adventure novels. She is particularly famous for writing the Survivor Diaries book series. Terry Lynn has also written several successful standalone books in her career. Most of her books are based on her personal experiences while living in Canada’s northern Ontario region. Her stories mostly feature dogs or a team of dogs that help describe exciting adventures. At one time, Terry Lynn used to own 18 sled dogs. But now, she has just one border collie as her adventure companion. Prior to stepping into the world of writing novels, Terry Lynn spent 12 years working as a canoeing ranger in Quetico Wilderness Park’s backcountry. In this job, she was required to clear interior region’s portages son 10-day canoe trips.

Terry Lynn got the chance to learn a lot about herself on those trips, the most important one is developing a respect for outdoor activities and for her own abilities. During the winters, she used to run her own kennel and the Alaskan Huskies in her kennel later formed the part of her novels’ stories. Terry Lynn was always seen as the entertainer during her family gatherings. She used to rant about her dogsledding stories and misadventures of Quetico. It was her family that urged her to transform her adventure stories in the written form and publish them. Terry Lynn maintained a personal diary when was employed in the park and used to take down notes about her adventures in it. This diary proved to be of great help for her novel writing stint 12 years later.

When the decision of writing down her memoirs with the intention of publishing and sharing with the world became firm in her mind, Terry Lynn decided to join an online writing course. What followed next was several magazine articles based on dog poop, which made her teacher suggest her to shift her focus towards writing for children instead. Terry Lynn obliged and forever thankful to her teacher for that life-changing advice. Another factor that has inspired her to write beside her sled dogs in her kayak expeditions, skiing adventures, sailing experiences, and snowshoe trips. She still undertakes such expeditions and trips and remains ever so excited to take up the next one as soon as possible.

As of today, Terry Lynn is employed with the Natural Resources & Forestry Ministry’s Northern Marine Unit on the post of a Conservation Officer and works outdoors. Author Terry Lynn says that she was very fortunate to have lived near a lake while growing up. It allowed her to roam, explore, and float around in her rowboat. By doing so, Terry Lynn developed an undying love for nature. Currently, she resides near another lake close to Whitefish Falls, Ontario. Her rowboat exploration activities have not stopped as she still sets out very often in search of adventure. Terry Lynn’s books have received many starred reviews from numerous critics all over the world. She has also received nominations for many prestigious awards, including the Beehive Award, Virginia Young Readers’ Choice award, etc.

In addition to writing novels, Terry Lynn attends writers’ conferences and workshops throughout the year. She also attends literary festivals in her country as well as abroad. Terry Lynn likes to meet and interact with new people. This is the reason why she takes active participation on social media platforms and shares her views and opinions with the audience. She sees it as a healthy exercise to widen the horizons of one’s imagination and thinking powers. An agent named Caryn Wiseman represents Terry Lynn at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Terry is looking forward to writing many more exciting books in the upcoming years and making them available for her eagerly waiting fans to read and enjoy.

A successful adventure series written by author Terry Lynn Johnson is known as the Survivor Diaries series. It started in 2017 and features the central characters in the form of Travis, Marina, Ashley, Ryan, Carter, Anna, Martin, Jen, and several sled dogs. Terry Lynn has set the stories in different locations, including New Mexico, Costa Rica, Washington, Wyoming, etc. The debut book of this adventure series is entitled ‘Overboard!’. It was released by HMH Books in 2017. The primary characters depicted in this novel are Marina and Travis. Initially, Travis is introduced as an 11-year-old boy. He goes on a vacation to the Washington coast with his family when all of them get stuck in a disaster. The boat in which Travis and the members of his family are riding capsizes and everyone is thrown into the chaotic ice-cold waves. Travis gets separated from his family and struggles to stay afloat along with his 12-year-old sister named Marina. The kids use all their strength, knowledge, and grit to survive. Author Terry Lynn has created this intriguing story of survival from her 17 years of experience and hands-on training as a survival expert.

Another exciting novel of the series is called ‘Avalanche!’. It was also published by HMH Books in 2018. The essential characters mentioned in this novel include Ryan and Ashley. The book opens by introducing the two kids as 12-year-old twins. They go on a skiing trip with their mom and dad in the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming. While they are enjoying and cherishing their skiing experience, an avalanche breaks down and creates havoc. People witness unstable snow rushing downhill and begin to panic. Ashley and Ryan get buried under the icy white snow and feel trapped. When they are unable to get out, they begin to make use of all their knowledge, grit, and survival skills to come out alive. Once again, Terry Lynn has described an edge of the seat story of survival. She has also given the description of the real skills required by kids to survive in the events of disaster. This book contains excellent illustrations that have been provided by the US Forest Service and the National Avalanche Center. Many critics have praised this book by saying that readers could have more hopes of surviving during a real-life avalanche disaster after reading this novel.

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