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The Silent Woman (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Family Secret (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
House of Lies (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Spirit of Grace (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The House of Secrets (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Drowned Woman (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Terry Lynn Thomas is an American author of mystery, historical fiction, and paranormal. Her writing was inspired by her husband when she agreed to move to Mississippi where she has created several screenplays and novels.

Terry Lynn Thomas became a published author in 2016 when The Spirit of Grace the first book in Sarah Bennett Mystery series was published. She has known as the author of Cat Carlisle series. Her love for nature and occurrences of the Second World War has significantly contributed to the success of her book.

The Spirit of Grace

The Spirit of Grace is the debut book in Sarah Bennett Mysteries. Sarah Bennet does not remember what went on, on the night of her mother’s death. She witnessed the fatal fall that took her mother’s life, but the events are not clear as it was the same reason that made her family take her to San Francisco to get her away from the unclear and fishy happenings. Sarah has returned home to try and put her life in order, but the occurrence of another murder makes this impossible.

The death of her mother at the Bennett house was rumoured to have a lot of foul play including the sending of Sarah into an asylum. She was taken as a suspect, but convincing everyone otherwise was a bit tricky, but she has been called home hoping that it will be possible to put the past behind. The killer strikes again, and this time Sarah finds herself a lead suspect woven in a bunch of secrets. Her only way out is to remember what went on during that fateful night as she was also present and witnessed everything though she barely remembers what transpired. As she is working to regain her memory, the killer is also working towards keeping a huge family secret that connects the murders. Sarah will have to go past the plans and traps of this murderer to ensure that she sets herself free and rebuild her life.

Sarah’s investigations reveal the killer, but there is a lot that is hidden and connected to these murders. Revealing the killer to the two family murders put her in danger as there is a lot that is being hidden in connection to the killings. Suspense, betrayal well brought out by terry make the book excellent. As you read through the story, the events pull you incredibly bringing out the themes that the author has based the story on all the way to the final page.

Weeping In the Wings

Weeping in the Wings is the second book in Sarah Bennet Mysteries. Sarah is struggling with a bunch of secrets that she must face, or her life will be thrown into a mess. Trust and love are put to the test for Sarah as she also battles with her own dark and scary secrets.

Sarah has two secrets that eat into her life- she is in love with a spy and two sees ghosts. A sorrowful spirit has attached itself to her life and is ever weeping of which only Sarah can hear the weeping. Dr Mathew Geisler, an occult expert, promises to help Sarah unravel the mystery that is connected to this ghost. It is hard for her, and while struggling to learn to live with the ghost and its screams, she bumps into her ex, Zeke, who walked out of her life six months earlier and this time nursing the wounds of what he claims to have been an accident. Zeke has a lot that he hides which end up putting Sarah’s love and trust to test.

Geisler’s life is threatened making things even worse for Sarah as her life is torn between the world of the living and the dead. The only way to know who is to be trusted is only if she can unlock the enormous mystery surrounding the weeping ghost. Unravelling this mystery will save dr. Geisler and herself from an enemy she barely recognizes.

The author creates a mystery and together with the character Sarah takes the reader through a page-turning story of events that are excellently balanced making the paranormal events seem almost real. The intriguing tale is one that grips the reader’s attention with a blend of suspense, hot romance and a visit into the world of ghosts.

Neptune’s Daughter

The third in the Sarah Bennett Mysteries Series the Neptune’s Daughter, is a taut mystery set in the world war two California mirroring the civilian life at the time.

The death of Rachael Winslow Caen, Zeke’s sister in law, was presumed to be a suicide from the fact that she was struggling with the inability to carry a child to birth successfully. One of her emeralds turns up in Portland, Oregon at a stonecutter’s raising suspicion on what led to her death five years ago. Simon who has managed to clear his gambling debts mysteriously is suspected of being responsible for Rachel’s murder. The town folks believe that Simon’s family will influence the investigations to favour him and derail justice.

Zeke and Sarah come back to Zeke’s hometown to ensure that they have cleared Simon’s name. It turns out to be a tough job, and one filled with a bunch of secrets as Rachael’s ghost lead them to more daring evidence and which point out to the Simons’ family being involved with the murder. The killer who has been observing them as they dig into the case is willing to do anything including killing to hide the truth connected to this case.

Family traditions will drive the person responsible for the murder to the most dangerous extents putting Zeke’s and Sarah’s lives in great danger. It’s a battle that the two have to fight risking their own lives to bring out the truth and see justice being done to Rachael’s spirit.

Neptune’s Daughter is beautifully written giving the reader a glimpse of how life was back in during the Second World War for the US citizens. It combines murder mystery, romance and paranormal and of course a lovely style delivering a great story.

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