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Terry Miles is a published author as well as an accomplished and award-winning producer, director, and writer with an incredible line of work ranging from everything from writing movies to directing and producing them. He is also a comic writer, podcaster, and novelist. He is also a creator of the network known as Public Radio Alliance. There he came up with some of the podcasts that proved to be a hit for the network, including Rabbits, Tanis, The Last Movie, and Faerie.

Miles is also a co-creator of “The Black Tapes”. He is also a founder of “Minnow Beats Whale”, of which he is also the president. When it comes to literature, he is known for writing science fiction. For films, he has three of his feature films make their premiere at TIFF. He has also been nominated for several Leo Awards for everything from writing to producing, directing, cinematography and editing.

Miles also directed films including an action movie that starred Danny Trejo and Steve Austin, a Western movie with Christian Slater and Donald Sutherland, and has directed and written many different web series, short films, and games set in alternate realities. He has directed Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story, Even Lambs Have Teeth, Lonesome Dove Church, Cinemanovels, Dawn Rider, Recoil, A Night for Dying Tigers, The Red Rooster, When Life Was Good, and more.

Terry Miles resides in different locations, dividing his time between the Pacific Northwest and all of the dark but beautiful green scenery there and the city of Los Angeles, which always seems to be perpetually sunny and enjoying good weather.

Terry Miles first became a published author in 2021. This is when his debut novel, Rabbits, was released. Fellow author Nicholas Eames describes the debut story as being a cross of Ready Player One and the writer Murakami. Celebrity actor Norman Reedus, known for playing Daryl Dixon on the zombie television show The Walking Dead, called the story a “twisted trip” through a mystery and praised the book for being the type that ‘sticks to your brain’ while taking the reader through its own unique digital world.

Rabbits is the first fictional novel to come out from Terry Miles. If you are a big fan of science fiction stories or dystopian works, be sure to check this book out!

When it comes to the underground game known as Rabbits, anything goes. The game is secret and it comes with its fair share of risks. The dangerous contest does promise rewards, although what those rewards are have never been clearly stated. Those that play whisper of the rewards being money, perhaps immortality, or even being recruited to become one of the elite at the CIA.

Anything is possible when it comes to Rabbits, and some say that playing in the game and winning could give you the secrets to the universe. No one really knows for sure, but there is one thing that is for certain: the farther in that you get with this game, the increasingly deadly everything about it becomes.

Players know that the count of the bodies is going up, and it could be them next. But it’s too late for them to back out now. The game started up a while ago and now ten cycles have been played. The eleventh is just about to start, and the players are ready for whatever is going to be thrown their way. For some of them, it may be death.

This is clearly getting to the point where the stakes are higher than ever, and the players are a mixture of excited and nervous. K is one of those that has always been into the game but has never been able to find a way in. Things are about to change in that arena when the billionaire Alan Scarpio appears.

The reclusive man is rumored to have actually won Rabbits before, although that has never been officially confirmed. Showing up without any warning, he gives K a mission that is too important to ignore. He needs K to fix something that has gone wrong inside of the game before the eleventh round starts. If he fails to do so, the impact on the world will be disastrous.

K doesn’t know what to do with so intense of a charge. K is further thrown for a loop when the elusive billionaire that he had just been so recently conferring with has disappeared. He is officially declared missing just five days after their meeting. K doesn’t know what to think, but he does remember the warning that the billionaire gave to him so clearly.

K is messing up the deadline and the eleventh round is about to start. Can he do what Scarpio asked of him and save what appears to be the entire world in the process? Or will he find that the pressure of it all is just too much for him? Can the universe even be saved or was this all doomed from the start?

K always wanted to be part of this deadly game, but he didn’t count on his participation in the game being like this. He’s faced with a huge decision, one that could affect not only his life but the life of everyone in the entire world. Can this young guy get it together and pull his head into the game and save the world before everything falls apart?

Or is he just going to blow it? It’s anyone’s guess in this fast paced and twisty science fiction thriller. Based on the podcast that did so well on Public Radio Alliance by the same name, this is a creative and dynamic story that science fiction fans will not to miss. If you love Stranger Things on Netflix or the dark dystopian fairy tale show Black Mirror, be sure to check out this debut novel from Terry Miles and see what you think!

Pick up a copy of this book based off a popular podcast today and read to the very end to find out what happens!

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