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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

A Mammoth Resurrection (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bog Lady (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghosts in the Heart (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tranquility Child (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Poetry Collections

Thoughts from the deep woods (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Terry Oliver Mejdrich is an American author. He is known for his suspense novels but writing novels isn’t all that he does; Mejdrich has held a number of positions in the writing field that include newspaper columnist, freelance writer, and poet. He calls himself a man of the forest and lives on a remote lake with his wife Darlene in northern Minnesota.

He first became a published writer in 2002, when his first novel was released. A Mammoth Resurrection was followed by The Bog Lady and Thoughts From the Deep Woods in 2004. Ghosts in the Heart was published in 2007.

A Mammoth Resurrection is Terry Oliver Mejdrich’s first novel. The main character in this story is Charlie Johnson. He has something in common with Henry Thoreau in that both of these men felt like outsiders. In many ways, Charlie feels that he is alien to the people that exist around him. He would much rather be in the woods and out in nature than dealing with the annoying aspects of any type of lifestyle that resembles urban or populated, working a desk job.

Charlie Johnson finds solitude when he is out on the lake. A quiet lake is the perfect setting in which to find inner peace and not, as some might suspect, a place to hide or heal or have some other ulterior motive. He relies on this pattern and this place to just be a refuge from the busy and sometimes even chaotic or harmful human world. But even this world comes crashing down when someone from the outside requires his help with something.

Charlie all of a sudden has to contend with what Sheriff Bodeman wants from him– his tracking expertise. No one else has the competence that an outdoorsman of the wilderness like Charlie has, and the Sheriff needs him for a case that he’s working. He is looking for a character that is called The Skinner. He is suspected to be a serial killer and not only that but he appears to be carrying along with him a very big secret.

The secret is immensely important, and Charlie reluctantly agrees to help the Sheriff with his task. But while they begin the search for The Skinner, a chain of events take place that challenges Charlie’s survival skills right off the bat in a way he was prepared for but hoping would not happen. Charlie immediately enters into an alliance with a corporate executive and a young woman who works as a deputy. Even though he would have never thought that he would have trusted the two women, he somehow does. Maybe he knows they’re good people– who knows.

Jerry Koler is the executive and Lora Whitney is a young and outspoken woman who does work as a deputy and is a good fit for the job. His relationship with Lora becomes very complicated when circumstances lead up to him owing her his life. But whether Lora Whitney actually has his best interests in mind or she has other ideas in mind is not clear to him, and Charlie doesn’t know whether he’s going to be able to solve that case anytime soon.

For his part, Charlie has to deal with his own past when the situation turns around. The serial killer may just be onto them, and Charlie is now the one who is being hunted. This stress forces him to realize the fact that something is completely and utterly missing from his life, and he didn’t even know it. This becomes a huge turning point in his life and he needs to deal with the resurrection of a mammoth from his memory. Before he only knew these people a little bit by sight and most of them not at all, but now is he is familiar with Deputy Lora and the others– maybe more familiar than an outcast like him would like or should be.

However, there’s no time to debate it. They are still tracking down the serial killer and have to hurry if they’re ever going to have a chance of catching The Skinner at all. Charlie’s skills and his mastery over his emotions are put to the test as he and the Deputy and more are put up against one of the trickiest and most evil foes of all time. Will they succeed? Pick up A Mammoth Resurrection for yourself and find out.

The Bog Lady is the second book by Terry Oliver Mejdrich. Charlie Johnson, the elusive but talented tracker and a man of the woods, is back. So is his friend of sorts, the reliable and feisty Deputy Lora Whitney. They have dealt with the consequences of their last caper (if you can call it that when you’re tracking a serial killer in order to bring him to justice).

Set in northern Minnesota, a place that Mejdrich knows quite well, the Deputy and Charlie are once again in a race against time. They have only a limited amount of time to find out what a few things have in common. Is there a link shared among some bones, an airplane crash, and a reluctant skydiver? Can they prevent another person from becoming a victim that follows right behind what happened to The Bog Lady?

The Bog Lady has been dead for five to twenty years when she is discovered. Determined to discover what killed her, Charlie and the Deputy decide she should be put back together as they attempt to play detective and find the one who murdered her. They decide to interview the family to see if the Jane Doe had any money. Wealth may have been a motive.

The deputy thinks that maybe someone wanted to cash in on her riches, and says that outside of wanting any valuables or cash or things of value that the Bog Lady had, it was probably either jealousy or power. Lora says that there are very few motives when it comes down to it. Will Charlie and Lora be able to discover who it was that caused The Bog Lady to die? And will there be others discovered out there already dead or in danger? Pick up this thrilling mystery novel from Terry Oliver Mejdrich to find out!

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