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To Romania with Love (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Author Tessa Dunlop was born around 1974, attended Strathallan School, St. Hilda’s College and Oxford University. After graduating, she worked for LBC (a London radio station) and went on to present shows for LBC as well as BBC London 94.9.

Dunlop has one daughter, and lives in South London with her husband. She is a historian, a television presenter, and radio broadcaster. Dunlop writes non-fiction books about different subjects, all involving women in some way shape or form. Her first book, “To Romania With Love” (which is a memoir), was published in the year 2012.

At Oxford University, she read history; it was here that she won the Gertrude Easton Prize for History. She won a Royal Television Society award for Inside Out West in the year 2005.

While teaching in Romania during the summer at the age of nineteen, she met her future husband. It started out with the two just being really good friends. The first time they met each other, he shocked her by dismissing her in English while listening to his walkman.

She has presented history programs for the History Channel, BBC, Channel 4, UKTV History, and Discovery Channel Europe. Her articles have appeared in such British publications like: The Guardian, The Herald (a Scottish broadsheet), The Mail on Sunday, and The Independent.

“To Romania With Love” is the first stand alone book, which was released in the year 2012. Tessa Dunlop (at the age of eighteen) goes to post-Revolutionary Romania so that she could work in an orphanage to do remarkable work to assist getting her into Oxford. Once she gets there she does not want to leave and stays for almost an entire year. She goes back the next summer, but chose to teach English in a huge industrial city and makes friends with one of the students and his family.

“Vlad” (who is the youngest male child) was just shy, quite intelligent, and twelve. She is emotionally hooked again. When she is back in the Scottish Highlands, she arranges for Vlad to get sponsored by her former boarding school. He aces his class, but is conflicted during his extraordinary experience and does not accept a full time place.

The two lose touch. Romania’s pull proves to be too much, five years on, Tessa goes back. Life will never be the same again. When she sees him again, he is close to being eighteen, and has a deep voice. He was thin, dark, tall, and beautiful. He looked a lot different than the kid she once knew. His spirit was unchanged in the five years since she had been gone.

The book casts light on a country that few people know a whole lot about. Fans found that they enjoyed the book the more that they read it. It is well written, and they connected and understood each of the characters and their emotions and feelings. Dunlop allows the ordinary people to tell about the horrors they have seen during the post-communist period of Romania.

“The Bletchley Girls” is the second stand alone book, which was released in the year 2015. Tessa tells the Bletchley Girls’ stories through 15 women’s lives that were each selected to work as part of Bletchley Park, Britain’s top secret World War II. Many were just school girls when the war breaks out, and the next six years are going to change their lives forever.

This vivid portrayal of their sacrifices, memories, and experiences shows that without the work of many young women the extraordinary achievements of Bletchley Park would not have even been possible.

It wasn’t until the year 1974 that they told their families about any of what happened here.

This is a story that has to be heard, read, and appreciated. Fans like the way that Tessa Dunlop paints this warts and all picture of life of stations and offices all over the UK. She captures the highs and lows of young girls who were a vital yet forgotten part of group that broke enemy codes.

“The Century Girls” is the third stand alone book, which was released in the year 2018. The year 2018 is the one hundredth anniversary of some British women getting the vote. During the century since, the women’s lives in the country have been transformed. This book tells the story of some women who have lived during this time. What they’ve seen, how they got treated, the people they loved, what they have done, and where they’re at now.

This book was inspired by Dunlop’s desire to follow the women involved with Bletchley Park around and see what happened with them. The wartime parameters were restrictive on her with that book. She felt that she wanted to write a book about women, and promised herself that she would allow the narratives of the women would dictate both the purpose and structure of things, not the other way around.

She decided to limit how many women she interviewed to six. This would make it easier to follow the stories of the people get attached to them. The interviews went more like conversations, and both sides were able to learn something through it all.

For her, the hardest part of the whole process was getting back on track emotionally after giving birth to a stillborn child halfway through the book. She would sit on the floors of the women’s houses and she would talk and share with each woman. Her experience allowed the read to be much more intimate and emotionally charged. She learned, too, that it can be quite tough to be female; it doesn’t even matter what decade you were born.

What struck her as surprising was the fact that the women didn’t understand very much about their bodies. They didn’t quite understand what was going on with them when they had their first period. The women before them kept quiet rather than help empower their daughters with some basic facts.

Fans loved the book, and were inspired by each of the women, who have each lived long and full lives. This is a great read that shows a lot of insight into the lives of some remarkable women. The book is personal, funny, and gets touching in some parts. Unlike some research based books, this one reads much more natural.

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