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Publication Order of Detective Reiko Himekawa Books

Tetsuya Honda is a popular Japanese author, who is famous for writing thriller sand mystery books. He is particularly famous for writing the Detective Reiko Himekawa book series. Honda’s books have been translated into a number of foreign languages all across the world. They have found a wide range of audiences, especially in the English speaking countries. Author Honda was born on August 18, 1969, in Tokyo, Japan. After becoming a well known author of the country, Honda was able to join the Mystery Writers of Japan as a member. Author Honda is regarded as one of the bestselling authors of Japan. His writing career has successfully grown multiple folds because of the tremendous success of his Reiko Himekawa novels, which are still going on. Author Honda has described Reiko Himekawa as a homicide detective working for the Metropolitan Police of Tokyo, who goes on to rise to the rank of a lieutenant. This popular mystery series of author Honda has successfully sold around 4 million printed copies throughout Japan. Its books have even been adapted into a television mini series, a special TV shown, as well as a major motion picture at the theater level. Currently, author Honda resides in his hometown in Tokyo. He was born and brought up in Tokyo. He completed his graduation from the Gakushuin University. Honda states that he was greatly influenced by the anime and manga series while he was growing up.

Author Honda started playing bass in the rock bands during his middle school. Eventually, he went on to write his own lyrics and music. Honda even tried to become a musician with the help of his compositions and music creations. However, when he didn’t any future ahead in this field, he decided to leave music at the age of 30. Immediately after, he developed a liking for writing stories and thought of trying his hand in this field. Author Honda started his writing career by reporting about combat sports and writing columns in newspapers. He says that he is a great fan of combat sports. Slowly, he shifted his focus from writing about sports events to fiction. Initially, he thought of it as an extension of the song-writing work that he used to do previously. The literary debut of author Honda came in the year 2002 with the release of his first book having the English title as Ethereal Flower. This book went on to win the Excellence Award in the contest of Mu Mystery Book Grand Prize. After winning this award, the book went on to get released. During the next year, Honda’s second book, Access, won the Special Prize in the Suspense and Horror Grand Prize writing contest. Very soon, the success of these two books enabled author Honda to get included in the ranks of the bestselling writers of Japan. Later, he started writing police novels that feature female cops. Honda is currently working on the development of the Jiu Trilogy and the Reiko Himekawa books. During his youth, author Honda had written the Bushido Sixteen novels, which took the form of a series. Honda had also written Girl Like the Wind, which was also very well received. The other titles penned by author Honda consist of books such as Plage and Castle of Breasts.

The Detective Reiko Himekawa series written by Tetsuya Honda is comprised of a total of 7 books, which were released between the years 2006 and 2014. Each of the books of this mystery novel series depicts the chief protagonist in the role of Reiko Himekawa, who is shown as a police detective. The debut novel of the series is entitled ‘The Silent Dead’. It was released by the Minotaur publication in the year 2006. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a dead body is found near the bushes in a quiet suburban neighborhood of Tokyo. The body was tied with twine and was wrapped in blue plastic cover. Lieutenant Reiko Himekawa is ordered to take up the case and investigate it with the help of her team. She finds that the victim killed brutally, which was evident from the bizarre wounds on his body. However, no one seemed to know the reason behind the brutal slaughtering. At the age of 29, Himekawa becomes lieutenant and shocks everyone because she didn’t have any family or political connections. In spite of the barriers faced by her relating to gender, age, connection lack, Himekawa seems to be mentally tough, does not feel afraid to face danger, and is very impressive in solving the crimes. Later, Reiko Himekawa makes an astonishing discovery that helps the police discover 11 more dead bodies from the nearby areas. All these bodies were also wrapped in the same type of blue plastic. Some of the bodies were easily identifiable, but the police finds it very difficult to establish a connection between the victims. Himekawa finds the only clue in the form of a long-shot lead that brings her attention to a secret website. The dark world of the internet calls it by the name of Strawberry Night. In her attempt of hunting down the murderer, Reiko Himekawa does not realize that the killer is also keeping a track of her activities and is looking to make her his next target. She must catch him before ending up getting killed at the hands of the killer.

Another successful book of this series is called ‘Blue Murder’. It was published in 2014 and continues to feature Reiko Himekawa in the main role. The story described by author Honda in this novel takes the readers to the Ikebukuro streets in Tokyo. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that gangsters are disappearing one after the other from the streets and are getting beaten to death in a brutal manner. Following this, a rumor spreads in the city, making the people whisper that a mysterious figure has emerged out of nowhere. This mysterious figure is known as Blue Murder and is the killer of evildoers and gangsters. Reiko Himekawa wonders who is this mysterious Blue Murder and why is he giving death penalties to the criminals. The book is a fast paced, intriguing, and exciting murder mystery, similar to the style of the noir genre. Its excellent story keeps the readers glued to the suspense until its climax. It also appears to be a feast of writing realistic gore and violence. Besides the mystery, author Honda has also very well written and described the dramas between the cops. All these factors helped the book to become immensely popular throughout the globe.

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