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Texas Kings MC Books In Order

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Publication Order of Texas Kings MC Books

Texas Kings MC Series characters have are connected to the Texas Knights MC series characters. The first book is Kale, where he fights his loneliness by writing a letter to a lady he has never set his eyes on.

The author adds romance scenes throughout the series that keep the reader engaged. Each novel can be read as a standalone.
Kale is the first novel in the Texas Kings MC series by Cee Bowerman. Kale is currently satisfied with his life and thinks his blood and work family are enough to complete his life. Most people refer to him as a brutal man and enjoy the seclusion that the reputation gives him.
His families mean everything to him, and even though they are not perfect, he is happy that they can be imperfect together as long they are there for each other. He is so protective, funny, strong, caring, and dangerous at times.

One day when Kale’s close friend meets the woman of his dreams, Kale comes to realize that he’s missing something in his life. Watching Sam and Zeke fall in love makes him wonder if he can have such a long-term relationship like theirs.

Lisa, Zeke’s old lady, met a lady in prison named Terra. Terra always protected Lisa, and they became like sisters. Lisa encourages Kale to write to Terra since she thinks they can bond so well. He becomes restless thinking about his lonely life and starts writing letters to a woman he has never seen.
Terra is around one year from getting released from prison. Kale isn’t expecting much from the letters, but his loneliness keeps him writing more, and soon they start to have a meaning.

After months of communicating through writing, Kale decides to expose parts of his body that no woman has seen before. Even though he has never seen this woman, Kale has a feeling that she can be the one remaining to make his life complete.

He thinks that she is the only one who can help deal with the loneliness he has suffered for so many years. Terra Sharp has been lonely for more than ten years, and after recently reconnecting with her old best friend Lisa, she finds hope for her future.

She doesn’t have a lot of plans after getting out of jail, but as the letters keep coming, she gets to know Kale and starts talking about their lives. Terra feels that this man has stolen her thoughts and hopes to know him better.

Her friend encourages her to write letters to a total stranger, and she feels so easy to let herself go while telling him her fears, dreams, and goals. Soon all she wants is to see his writing on a piece of paper because it’s the only thing that gives a glimpse of an exciting lifestyle.

When the two meet in person, they connect so fast and don’t fight how they feel for each other. The unforeseen events pull Terra into Kale’s world, and he wants her to stay more than he wants to let her go. As they go through danger and death, will their bond keep them together? Can Terra handle the threat that comes their way?

It’s amazing how Kale and Terra’s relationship starts oddly and learn a lot about each other even before physically meeting and how they bond after meeting. Terra is full of surprises and has been in jail for the past 10 years, and is 26 at the time of her release.

She is a badass and doesn’t want anyone messing with her. What Terra underwent at the age of 16 was horrifying and molded her into someone she is. The fantastic storyline and fascinating characters will have the reader turning pages. Cee Bowerman lets her readers know the main character better by taking them through the letters.

It’s amazing how Kale began to change and started looking forward to hearing From Terra.

Sonny is the second novel in the series. Sonny and Brenda are lovers, and Sonny is involved in the club activities operated by Brenda’s father. After realizing that her father deals with human trafficking, she turns him in. Most of her family members were part of the business and got arrested.
Her boyfriend, Sonny, became states evidence and was given a shorter sentence of 15 years. When Sonny went to prison, the only thing he hoped for was for Brenda to move on. It hurt him so much to let his love go, but knowing he would serve a 15 years jail term, waiting for him would be a lot to ask from her. He tells her to forget about him for good.

Brenda felt so heartbroken when Sonny broke her heart by throwing their relationship away. She finds it hard to stop thinking about him despite trying to come out of the heartbreak and going on an endless carousel the first days. She never cared because she loved Sonny so much, and even when he could not see her or receive a letter, she consoled herself by writing a journal to Sonny listing her fears, hopes, and all the things that happened to her.

Brenda tried to move on and became closer to her group of friends than before. Her sole business is thriving and has a great social life. She has also built her own beautiful home, but she is still not happy as she’s missing the love of her life.

During one of the prison riots, Sonny’s actions shorten his sentence to 6 years which he had already served. He gets released early than he expected, and even though he knows that Brenda moved on, he realizes that he needs her back into his life. Will Brenda give him another chance, or will she push him like he did to her? Can sonny convince Brenda to give him another chance?

While reading, you will be hoping to see Brenda and Sonny get back together, but there is so much danger that awaits them.

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