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Publication Order of Texas Trilogy Books

The Texas Trilogy by Kat Martin is a series of novels by one of the best romance authors in the US, also known for writing suspense and historical fiction. Kathleen Kelly was born in Central Valley California in 1947 and went to the University of California in Santa Barbara, where she studied history. She met Larry Jay Martin her husband while she was working as a real estate broker. She had always been an avid reader and when he asked her to read through his unpublished historical western manuscripts, she was hooked. She fell in love with the man and the book and thought that maybe she could also become an author. Kat Martin became a published author in 1988 and uses the name Kat Martin for most of her works though she went by Kasey Mats for her earlier contemporary romances. With more than eleven million copies of her novels in print, she has won several awards including the Career Achievement award from RT Book Review Magazine. She currently lives in Missoula, Montana with her husband, a photographer and Western writer. When they are not penning their novels they can be found traveling and skiing in Europe.

The Texas Trilogy is a series of loosely connected romance novels with characters recurring in the different novels. The leads in the first novel of the Texas Trilogy series Beyond Reason are Carly and Lincoln, two characters with amazing chemistry. Carly Drake is a feisty, strong, fun and defiant female character who stands up to anyone. She is an independent girl who wants to do everything including dealing fearlessly with scary men threatening her and rebuilding the trucking business. Lincoln Cain is a swoon-worthy multi-billionaire with a troubled past. He loves danger and is a stubborn powerful man that can also turn on the charm when he wants to. The male lead in “Beyond Danger” is Beau a retired race car driver who drives his sports car to work. He has had a bad relationship with his father and is only back home to fix his father’s mess. He meets Cassidy, a ruthless and tenacious private investigator that is the best private investigator in the district who he mistakenly think is his father’s mistress. Cassidy is a professional and thinks this as just another job, only finds she cannot resist the sexual tension between her and Beau. In “Beyond Control” we meet two compelling characters in Josh and Victoria. Victoria is a terrified woman on the run from a mentally, sexually and physically abusive fiancé. Her hero is Joshua Cain, a former marine sniper who came back from Afghanistan after suffering near-fatal injuries to rebuild and restore a ranch. Right from the time he sees her, he knows she will bring nothing but trouble of the personal type.

“Beyond Reason”, the first novel of the Texas Trilogy series introduced Carly Drake. She is feeling guilty for not being present for her grandfather when he needed her since he had done so much for her. Now that he is dead, she will do all in her power to turn around his company Drake Trucking and make it the best trucking company in the state. However, the odds are against her with almost everything going wrong. Five weeks after the death of her grandfather her best driver is hijacked and shot and the police are not trying as hard as they could to get to the bottom of the incident. But it is Lincoln Cain who owes a lot to Joe Drake who comes to her rescue. He had promised Joe that he would take care of his granddaughter when he died and now was the time to make good his promise. Cain had heard about the city girl and expected her to be a spoiled girl that would immediately jump at the idea of selling the company to him to retire with enough money to never have to work again. Instead, he meets a determined beautiful woman that says no to him. The only problem is that he is not the only one she has said no to having turned down the local drug lord. Cain thinks the drug lord is responsible for the death of her driver. Could they team up and take on the drug lord or are they biting off more than they can chew?

“Beyond Danger”, the second novel of the Texas Trilogy series opens to Beau Reese who is back home after his father messed up. His father is a Texas senator who he has never got along with until Missy a barely legal girl that ran a diner came to see him claiming that she had a baby with his father. His father had wanted her to get rid of the pregnancy but when she refused, he had abandoned her. Furious, he heads home and has a huge fight with his father but manages to make him agree to sign over full custody of the child to Missy. But when he comes back to get him to sign the agreement he finds the senator with a letter opener stuck in his chest seriously wounded but still alive. Beau’s father had hired a private investigator named Cassidy Jones to find out who was tailing him. She walks in and finds Beau leaning over his father’s body and the letter opener in his hand. It does not look good for Beau even though Cassidy is willing to accept his story and teams up with him to try to find the motive behind the killing and the man behind it. But as they dig into the case, they suddenly find themselves the target of an unknown enemy. But they are not ready to give up, not when they have not brought the guilty party to justice.

“Beyond Control,” the third novel of the Texas Trilogy series is the story of Victoria Langford and Josh Cain. Langford is on the run with her daughter from a psychotic, obsessive, controlling and abusive fiancé who will do anything to find her. She has suffered a lot until she decided to use a stun gun and run away from Phoenix. In Texas, she sees an ad for a ranch hand and applies for the job. The ranch is run by former marine Josh Cain, who tells her that a man would be better suited for the job. But Tory is not one to give up easily and convinces him to let her try out. She starts by winning over the horse no one could handle named Satan, an action that in turn wins Josh over. Josh soon learns that Tory is on the run when her best friend is shot and beaten and she tells him about her psychopathic ex. She thought she had finally managed to shake him off but he has followed her to Texas and now both their lives are in danger. Meanwhile, Josh is falling for Victoria though he is wary of commitment. Tory too is falling in love with Josh but fears for their love given the violent nature of her ex.

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