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Texas Tyler Family Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of Texas! Tyler Family Saga Books

The “Texas Tyler Family Saga” series by bestselling author Sandra Brown is about the Tyler family and is from the romance genre. The books are set against the background of the tough Texas oil business. Each of the books feature a different member of the Tyler family as they have a romance. There are two males and one female in the family, and their own names feature in their title.

The series began publication in the year 1990 when “Texas! Lucky” was released. The series ended after three books when “Texas! Sage” was released in the year 1991. Both of the sequels in the trilogy were released in the year 1991.

“Texas! Lucky” is the first novel in the “Texas Tyler Family” series, which was released in the year 1990. Lucky Tyler is great at attracting women and trouble just like a lightning rod. The night he steps up to rescue a mysterious redheaded woman in a sleazy bar. It gets him more than he bargains for.

The lady excites him, challenges him, and drives him wild with his desire. Then she disappears with no trace. Like she was never there to begin with. Lucky is desperate to locate the woman, brand her with the heat he has. The cops are called to investigate a suspicious fire that happens at Tyler Drilling, which is the family business. All of a sudden, he needs the woman for an alibi.

Devon Haines is torn between ecstasy and anguish, and tried to refuse Lucky’s pleas for assistance. The reckless blue eyed devil is not taking no for an answer. Not when a mere touch from Lucky is able to make her burn, and could make her his own.

He gets framed by some old enemies, and knows his only hope to clear his own name rested on solving the crime himself. Devon feared that when he was proven innocent, she was going to lose this handsome cowboy that had possession of her soul and heart. Is the tragic vow that made their love for each other forbidden cost her in his arms until the end of time?

This one is a book that readers enjoyed to pieces, and would recommend immediately to people in need of a good read. Fans like how Devon and Lucky have a lot of chemistry with one another, and it is nice to see Lucky, a bad boy, turn good by the end of the story. Some could not get enough of his character. Readers found that they were glad they decided to read this one, as it broke a personal drought for them, reading wise.

“Texas! Chase” is the second novel in the “Texas Tyler Family” series, which was released in the year 1991. Marcie Johns has desired Chase Tyler since they were both in grade school. When it was time to settle down, though, the laconic and handsome cowboy chose someone else to marry. It was good for Chase until events took tragic and abrupt turn. He winds up wrecked by his own grief, and winds up a lost and bitter soul. Chase lacks purpose, hope, or compassion.

Fate intercedes for him. It reunites Marcie and Chase. Marcie was actually an unwitting player in the unfathomable family tragedy that Chase went through. Her guilt eats at her, but she is totally convinced that it is the strength of her love that will pull Chase back from the abyss that he is staring into at the moment. She is willing to put it all at risk on a daring plan she has made to save his life, rescue his business, and bring them together at long last.

Readers found the sexual tension between Marcie and Chase to be hot enough to melt through metal. Fans of the novel found themselves enjoying this one more than the first one. It is a well told and enjoyable story. Some have read the book multiple times and love it just as much as the first time they read it. Sandra Brown is an incredible author that always puts together a great story that keeps your attention the entire way through.

“Texas! Sage” is the third novel in the “Texas Tyler Family” series, which was released in the year 1991. This is probably the worst night that Sage Tyler has ever seen. Her fiance jilts her. Then she must fly back home with Harlan Boyd, who is a drop dead gorgeous and arrogant stranger that heard every word of her humiliating episode and enjoyed every moment of it. She just wants this no account drifter to keep his distance, and keep the broken engagement to himself. Harlan Boyd has desires of his own.

She is simply the most beautiful, unpredictable, and exciting woman that he has ever met. He is hardly able to even keep his hands off of her. Yet he keeps attempting to stay away from her. Harlan has to keep remembering that she needs a guy that is going to convince her of her own worth. Not a man that is just going to be moving on.

Then, it just so happens that the Tyler Drilling Company (Sage’s family business) is possibly facing ruin, and Harlan and Sage find themselves fighting to save it. They fight on the same side, all the while, in quarters much too close to keep their own passion at bay. Will headstrong and spoiled Sage be able to find love with a guy that seems pretty easy to get and so very tough to hang on to?

Sage and Harlan are simply a great match together, and some could not get enough of them with each other. Fans of the novel enjoy the tantalizing scenes that involve just lips and hands, and Sandra Brown is able to take it further than that. Some found this to be a one of a kind story that combines home, work, home, and a romance in a realistic view of life. Some really liked where Sage’s character was taken in this book, finding that she really comes into her own in this book.

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