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Fern Michaels is an author of fiction. It is an identity and pen name created by the real life persona of Mary Ruth Kuczkir. The writer’s alter ego is frequently attached to her novels.

Fern grew up in the state of Pennsylvania in a small town called Hastings. When she grew older and went into the working world, she went by the first name of Mary. Her nickname is Dink, one that was given to her as a father based on her small size as an infant.

Michaels got a job and got married and would go on to have five children. When her youngest child was enrolled in school, her husband urged her to go out into the working world once more. She did end up getting rid of him and divorcing him as he was not that nice of a person. Not knowing what to do, Mary eventually found a safe place in the magical arms of the local library.

She didn’t know how to really be anything other than a partner and a mother to her children, but Mary knew that she had always enjoyed reading. Fern says that she thought she would try out writing and see if she could write a book. She had liked novels that involved mystery or romance.

She would go on to write many books and would also change up her agent and publishing company as well as her home, selling her Garden State house and trading it in for a home in South Carolina in the early nineties.

She did buy a new home and put quite some effort into remodeling it. The historic house is over three centuries old and she did her best to remodel it and is proud to say that these days it is a completely unrecognizable home compared to what it used to be. However, she does mention that there is a playful ghost that haunts the premises. Don’t just take her word for it– the former owners can attest to the fact that the female ghost is there and has a mischievous sense of humor.

She is the creator and the writer of the popular Texas series. The series kicked off in 1985 with the release of the debut novel in the series, Texas Rich. There are three more books in the series.

Texas Rich is the debut novel in the Texas series by author Fern Michaels. If you haven’t read a book that makes you feel something in a long time, then you are in for an emotional ride! This unique romance novel will introduce the reader to the Coleman family and a young woman that started off an American dynasty.

Billie Ames was just a young woman when she fell for Moss Coleman, a pilot that worked at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The second World War was happening, and their love was too much to resist. Just a short time later, Billie is married and with child. She is going cross-country to go to Austin and start her life with Moss.

She shows up to a huge spread of land and a home that is officially known as Sunbridge. Just like that, it seems that Billie has been granted entry into a life and a world that she never thought possible. This is the world that the rich in Texas live and play in, and it is a grand one indeed.

The Colemans have a history of industry and have been building wealth for decades going back as far as the mind can remember. They also have a fair amount of power, and Billie is starting to find that families like this type get invested in the choices that other family members make. Soon this young woman is starting to figure out that she’s going to have to fight in order to get control of her relationship and her life too.

This book sees over the story of four different generations. The first person to be focused on is Moss. Even though he has accomplishments under his belt, he feels that he will never live up to the shadow cast by his father and seems to be obsessed with gaining power. There is also Jessica, a mother that is trying her best to become the perfect wife in this family and gave up a lot to do so.

Then there are the children of Moss and Billie, who try to live up to the expectations placed on them. There are also the numerous grandchildren, who will inherit this empire one day. When it comes to Billie Coleman, this young woman has to figure out who she really is and what her place is in the middle of this strong and incredibly old dynasty.

What will happen in the first installment of the Texas series? Read this book to find out!

Texas Heat is the exciting second book in the Texas series! If you loved the debut story, you’ll be likely to enjoy this fun sequel from author Fern Michaels. The Coleman family is back again in this novel, and all of the drama and romance that you loved in the first is packed into this sequel with more twists and scandals than ever.

It was the dominant Seth Coleman who built an empire before the second world war in Texas. Now the efforts of his labor belong to Maggie, the daughter of Moss and Billie. Now she has invited her whole family to a barbecue to celebrate the 4th of July. While it’s not as much about the holiday as it is trying to spark some family pride, Maggie is determined to try and host the gathering of a lifetime.

However, family members gathering also bring along with them resentments that have built up over the years. Maggie also has a secret– she has made the choice to divorce her husband. But with her son Cole mad at her and her love for someone else growing, if anyone finds out about it, then it could cost her the family’s loyalty.

When her son and his cousin get involved in a rivalry, what will happen? You have got to pick up Texas Heat to find out!

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