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Publication Order of The Alpha Books

The Alpha series of novels is a set of HaremLit fiction works by Eric Vall, a popular HaremLit fiction author who has to be one of the most prolific authors in the genre.

Aside from his HaremLit fiction, he has also been an author of post-apocalyptic, science fiction, survival, apocalyptic, adventure, and adult fiction novels.

His works have become very popular with readers across the world with many of his novels becoming bestsellers.

The author made his debut in “The Alpha” series with the publishing of “The Alpha” in 2021. It is important to note that this series has sometimes been known as the “Protect. Procreate. Prevail” series of novels.

Over the years, he has been publishing at least half a dozen novels each year. “The Alpha” series of novels now have at least a dozen works with more titles still being published every year.

“The Alpha” series of novels tells the story of a young man named Jesse who finds himself thrust into some tough circumstances.

He is the farthest thing from an experienced soldier since he is a violinist rather than a man with years of training. This means that he will struggle which is only made worse given that he also has a lot of insecurities.

Eric Vall does a good job capturing the turmoil of Jesse who comes with his insecurities but still is not too annoying or weak.

Over the course of the series, he grows and develops as he comes to terms with power and love. Sometimes, these processes can be frustrating even though imperfect characters are part and parcel of HaremLit fiction.

“The Alpha” which is the debut novel of “The Alpha” series of novels is a thrilling harem adventure that introduces Jesse Rafe the lead.

He is just an average college student who loves to play Dungeons & Dragons and hang out with friends playing the violin. He is not the type of person one would think would become the alpha of anything.

However, he finds himself right in the middle of a robbery of a convenience store and summons strength he did not know he had. He is suddenly turned into a big jamma mamma of a werewolf and kills all the criminals.

Vall is exceptional at writing the zero-to-hero story as he follows Jesse who is forced to adapt to survive and protect the people he loves.

Eric Vall pens a brilliant new series about shapeshifters and werewolves and even though it does not have the usual dragons, it is a dang good story.

This is just one of those novels that are unputdownable with some amazing character development and world-building that sets up the second novel of the series.

“The Alpha 2” the second novel of “The Alpha” series continues to follow Jesse Rae that was a major nerd and music major just a week past.

But then he realized that he was an alpha werewolf, he is the alpha of legend that had been prophesied.

With his newfound identity, he learns that he is a shapeshifter that has the power to run into any kind of animal and impregnate the female of any species.

Using these powers and working with a mixed pack of wolves and lions he can put the centuries-old war and bring peace to the world.

But he is facing all manner of challenges with his mixed pack as the quest to find omega mates and grow his pack is not as easy as he believed it would be particularly when a nearby lion pride starts attacking them.

He believes incorporating a were-coyote pack from the next town could be a solution but first, they need to survive. Over the course of this novel, Jesse grows from an ordinary college student into a leader of his pack.

The members of his team also become stronger and develop their personalities making for an interesting story that sets up for the third in the series.

The third novel of “The Alpha” series by Eric Vall is “The Alpha 3.” This work continues to follow the nerdy college boy Jesse Rafe who recently learned that he is an alpha wolf shifter and leader of a pack.

He is still coming to terms with being an alpha shifter and leader when he meets a mountain lion shifter named Nikita who happens to be an Omega Mountain lion.

When his aunt discovers that has made an omega from a different species into his mate, they put two and two together to conclude that he is the alpha of legend who is fated to reunite all shifters.

To fulfill his destiny, Jesse needs to protect his Omega and his pack and goes on a quest to claim even more omegas and conquer other alphas. His first conquests are the were-coyote alpha Gray and the werecat alpha Max.

In this outing, he takes on the alpha of a large pride of werecats named Aiden who happens to be his very angry, dangerous, and powerful brother.

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