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Publication Order of American Heroes Books

Chronological Order of American Heroes Books

The American Heroes is a series of romance books by an American author of historical fiction, romance and medieval romance books Kathryn Le Veque. Veque’s medieval romance books have been termed as detailed and highly romantic stories that are character-rich. An Amazon Allstar author and the USA Today bestselling author, Veque is also popularly known for her De Lohr Dynasty series.

The author began The American Heroes series in 2003 when Sean the first book in the series was published. Since then more than twenty sequels books have been released.


Resurrection on of the popular and best-rated books in The American Heroes series introduces readers to Cydney Hetherington, a single mother and young widow working as a Director of Operations in antiquities and small world-class art museum in South California. ‘The Lucius Robe’ entitled resurrection is the museum’s star attraction and latest exhibit. The Lucius Robe’ is believed to be the cloak that was worn by Christ when he was on trial before Pontius Pilate. The mysterious relic attracts a huge number of visitors to the small museum inclusive of a terror group that is after getting it for their purpose.

Terrorism expert and FBI special agent Ethan Serreaux is tasked with protecting the case when Die Auhänger also known as ‘The Disciples ’ a terrorist group come calling and threatens to take away the robe. Ethan, a genius with lonely past immediately gets attracted to Cydney although he first has to focus on preventing the terrorist group from getting the robe.

However, Die Auhänger is not an ordinary terrorist group as their tie dates back to over thousand years when the Knights Templars together with the most recent Nazis with their determination on getting Lucius Robe will stop at nothing since their group member comes from the Merovingian kings. He is the man they plan on crowning as their next Holy Roman Emperor after getting the Lucius Robe from the museum.

Immediately Lucious Robe is taken from the Museum together with Cydneys younger daughter, Cydney and Ethan are forces at first by the necessity and later on by the strong attraction binding them together. The adventure starts when they start chasing the terror group across the two continents trying to bring together clues to the mystery that will go past Robe’s biblical lure.

From Rome to Lost Angels to Paris, they are led to the most powerful Vatican halls. Cydney and Ethan are in a race against time to try to save Cydney’s daughter and the precious Lucius Robe from terror group that is after dominating the world.

Fires of autumn

Casey Cleburne is Patrick Cleburne Confederate general descendant. Brave and beautiful, Casey is a single mother with two young men and works as a personal assistant to the recently elected US president.

Phillip Henry a Secret Service agent and a descendant of the famous Phil Sheridan Union General who is brilliant, handsome and enormous come in. Colt has managed to earn “The Anti-Christ” nickname in the secret service ranks for his no-nonsense and intimidating persona and tactics.

Colt is assigned to President Talbot as a Special Agent who will be in charge and whenever the two great civil war descendants come face to face for the first ever a time in West Wing halls. Sparks get high when the lady the President refers to as the ‘General’ clashes with the Anti-Christ.

However, the sparks immediately turn into solid interest and Colt together with Casey get into a compelling romance. Intrigue and danger get below the surface. Apart from Colt being a Secret Service agent, he is also working as a double agent for the Core, a rogue government branch. The Core, privy to information that the recently elected president has previously done illegal activities and Colt is now working in the presidents’ entourage opts to use him to help them uncover evidence capable of impeaching the president.

Colts main task is to try using any person to accomplish his task, and he has been directed to get close to Casey. Despite Colt trying all he can to keep his feelings at bay, he still falls in love with the woman affecting his quest to complete his mission as he realizes he is not in a position to hurt Casey or even use her. To make matters more complicated, President becomes a personal friend to both Casey and Colt, and soon Colt decides to resist his mission. However, Core is full of vicious assassins and maverick agents, and they decide to threaten Casey when they realize that Colt is losing focus on his mission to destroy the President. Colt decides to offer a final solution to the Core with the aim of protecting both the President and Casey. His solution could have him sacrifice his own life to ensure those he loves are safe.

After peace, sickness, intrigue, and danger, death still manages to surround the lives of all the people who are concerned but not in a position to end Casey and Colts’ love.


Elliot opts to get past the painful memories and relocates to Louisiana together after the death of Elliot Jentry’s husband, Romance author. Elliot buys a derelict plantation home with the aim of starting an entirely new life. The previous home which was named Sophie but is currently referred to as Purgatory used to be owned by pirate Louis-Michel Aury family for close to two hundred years. However, Elliot quickly discovers that the old house is full of ghosts and legends since it was constructed using pirates blood money.

Nash Aury is trying to help Elliot get used to the house. Nash Aury, is the great pirates descendant and Ascension Parish Sheriff. However, Nash tall, dark and handsome quickly gets attracted to the beautiful California lady and starts to woo the woman with a fragile heart gently.

As Nash and Elliot are entangled into a deep and passionate romance, Aurys old enemies continue harassing house occupants, and Elliot finds her into an old feud. As Elliot is trying to get past the adversity and get back to her previous old mansion to its past glory, she manages to come across some secrets concerning the house that is dark and deep.

Sophie MacGregor ghost which is the namesake of the home can be seen walking on the ground at full moon trying to find her murdered kid. As the destroyed family continues to search for one another, it is up to Nash and Elliot top try to bring peace to the home which is also referred to as the Purgatory as they build an eternal love for each other.

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