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The Bareknuckle Bastards Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Bareknuckle Bastards Books

Wicked and the Wallflower (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brazen and the Beast (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Daring and the Duke (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bareknuckle Bastards Series

For over a long time now, Sarah MacLean has been a beloved figure in the American romance and Young Adult literary scene. She is renowned for her remarkable talent in crafting characters and protagonists that readers can’t help but become invested in. Her stories are filled with engaging narratives that ensure that readers are entertained and have an enjoyable time reading her books.

Her many long-running and bestselling romance series have kept her audiences captivated and coming back for more. Fans of MacLean are consistently delighted by her gift for creating compelling stories, with her work being translated into over twenty languages. Her work has been highly acclaimed and celebrated, with the Washington Post, New York Times, and USA Today all giving her books the bestseller status.

MacLean is a passionate advocate for the romance genre and its place at the nexus of cultural and gender studies. She is a frequent public speaker, as well as co-hosting the podcast ‘Fated Mates,’ looking at romance novels on a weekly basis. Her tireless efforts to support romance and those who read it were recognized by’s Sheroes list.

MacLean has a degree from Smith College and Harvard University. She currently lives in New York City, continuing to introduce her readers to captivating characters, engaging stories, and powerful messages. With her impressive credentials and an impressive portfolio of award-winning books, Sarah MacLean continues to be an in-demand author and a beloved figure in the American romance and Young Adult literary scene.

One such example is her ‘Bareknuckle Bastards,’ which has been captivating readers since its inception in 2018. Set in the Regency era, each book is a stand-alone romance featuring a tough male hero and the woman they love. This series of historical romances has gone on to become an award-winning success, with the first two books in the series both receiving a Goodreads Choice Award in the year of their release.

The series follows the stories of the three Bareknuckle Bastards, a trio of brothers who have faced countless struggles throughout their lives. Despite their hardships, they remain true to themselves and find themselves falling in love with strong, independent women who challenge them and their beliefs. In each book, readers are taken on a thrilling journey of romance and adventure as they explore the Regency period through the eyes of these characters. with a stand-alone romance in each title.

The Bareknuckle Bastards series has already released three books, with an omnibus edition bringing all of them together in 2020. The series continues to be a popular choice for fans of historical romances and Sarah MacLean’s impressive writing. With its captivating characters, engaging stories, and powerful messages, this is one series that is sure to remain a fan favorite for years to come.

Wicked and the Wallflower

Sarah MacLean’s novel ‘Wicked and the Wallflower’ was published in June 2018 by Avon. The story was the first in her ‘Bareknuckle Bastards’ series and featured a self-contained romance. It was well-received and has become a classic in the world of historical regency romance.

When Devil, the bastard son of a duke, meets Lady Felicity Faircloth, a spinster wallflower, he sees an opportunity, not just to exact revenge, but to teach Felicity the art of seduction and to help her land a duke. However, Felicity has other ideas, and soon Devil’s carefully laid plans are in chaos. As the two grow closer, Devil is forced to choose between the revenge he’s sought for years and the only thing he’s ever desired. Will Devil and Felicity find the passion they seek, or will they be doomed to heartache? What will be the fate of ‘Wicked and the Wallflower?’

Brazen and the Beast

In the summer of 2019 on the 30th of July, Avon published the historical regency romance novel ‘Brazen and the Beast’. It was the second book in the ‘Bareknuckle Bastards’ series and featured another self-contained romance. A timeless story of love, the book quickly became a popular addition to the collection.

When Lady Henrietta Sedley resolved to make her twenty-ninth year her own, she was ready to claim her father’s business and build her own fortune. However, the Year of Hattie began rather unexpectedly when the most attractive man she had ever seen was found tied up in her carriage.

Whit, King of Covent Garden, known to society as Beast, was intrigued by the woman who saved him and proposed a deal – she could have all the pleasure she desired… for a price. Little did they know, their business rivalry would soon become intertwined with an unexpected passion.

Despite Hattie and Whit’s mutual attraction, they were determined to hold on to their plans and their power, not realizing that if they weren’t careful, they could lose it all – even their hearts. How will the story of Brazen and the Beast unfold?

Daring and the Duke

In June 2020, Avon published the historical regency romance novel ‘Daring and the Duke’. It was the third installment in the ‘Bareknuckle Bastards’ series and featured a further self-contained romance. The novel quickly became a bestseller and continues to be a fan favorite with readers across the globe.

Grace Condry has a troubled past that she desperately tries to hide, but when the Duke of Marwick, Ewan, returns, her secrets and plans for revenge are put to the test. After a decade of searching for her, Ewan is determined to have her back and make her his duchess. Grace can’t forgive him for the past, but she and Ewan find themselves drawn together and their relationship shifts from one of enemies to something else. How will Grace and Ewan find a way to reconcile and will their shared past prove to be too much for them to overcome in the end?

The Bareknuckle Bastards series

For over five years, readers have been captivated by the ‘Bareknuckle Bastards’ series written by Sarah MacLean. This award-winning series is set in the Regency era and follows the stories of the three Bareknuckle brothers and the women they love. Each book is a unique stand-alone romance that is filled with adventure and emotion.

The stories are as captivating as the characters, filled with powerful messages and thrilling journeys. Readers are taken through the Regency period through the eyes of these characters, providing an immersive experience throughout the series.

The ‘Bareknuckle Bastards’ series is sure to remain a fan favorite for many years to come. With engaging stories, captivating characters and a unique setting, it is perfect for readers who enjoy historical romances.

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