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The Blacklight Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of Blacklight Chronicles Books

Good would be nothing if not for evil and evil would be nothing if not for good. This idea is explored in depth by Mr. Forrester as he puts to excellent use his incendiary imagination in a deeply felt series of books called the Blacklight Chronicles. He explores his themes through the teenage characters of Talis, Mara, Rikar and Nikulo. The four learn how to deal with their newly discovered powers of magic in the fulcrum of their changing friendships and the cauldron of the dark and light forces nipping at their heals.

Mara is royal princess from the House of Lei. The thirteen-year-old is betrothed to a man, aged 36, at the behest of her parents. She refuses to walk down the aisle and thus brings upon her the wrath of her parents.

Talis from the House of Storm is the son of an Elder and is unable to live up to his father’s expectations ever since his older brother died in battle. The cross he bears puts intense pressure on his relations with his family but disappear when he is with his best friend, Mara.

Rikar can’t stay out of his own way and would stand aside during any one of their many troubles if only he had a lick of sense. The mistakes he makes with his burgeoning powers of magic are vexing to all and cannot be undone.

Nikulo is faced with painful choices of having his friend’s back and doing what his higher lights demand of him. The alchemy in his magic hand is in terrifying conflict with the alchemical truth of the soul.

All this angst occurs under a daunting cloud of danger and evil in the form of necromancers, sorcerors, animated dead armies, witches, and the ever-present class of mage who dog our heroes on every ordeal they face. Saving their homeland is at the heart of their quest and they do so at the pace of jackrabbits in a heated dash towards the oblivion of the underworld. Their gods have such a wonderful time of it torturing these young souls with all manner of trials and tribulations. These would crush even the most hardened of adults.

How do you grow up in the face of a betrayal that leads to bondage? Where do our teenage adventurers find the gumption to even consider undertaking the task of becoming saviors of Naru, the city of their births? What does the underworld king, Master Zagros, have in mind when he welcomes our heroes?

Fire Mage

The first book of the series will claim your breath with excitement at the quickening pace of events both surreal and earthbound. The attack on Naru has commenced and its ultimate survival is very much in doubt.

Mara suffers a life-threatening hunting accident and all manner of god and goddesses are prayed to both night and day to deliver her from her death bed. A nurse with inspirational powers of healing acts to bring the cure of the gods to Mara, but her revival and good spirits are only temporary. Mara and Talis are celebrating her recovery when they are attacked by a small group of invaders from outside the city. In a scintillating chase through the catacombs of Naru, they seek shelter inside the tombs of the ancient dead. Appearing before them in all his cadaverous glory is one of the ancient champions of Naru, the oh so very very dead, Master Baribariso. He repels the attackers with all the charm expected of a ghost stuck too long in his moldy sarcophagus. In contrast to his delapidated remains, his love for his city has only grown since his death and he only wishes to save it from the heathen hordes clammering to rule over its destruction. He bestows upon Talis the Ancient Surineda Map. Therein lies the path to Talis’ destiny and the power to save the city.

The Elders decide to send Talis on a quest to rescue their city. Blessed with friends who are true and friends who wish them ill but unable to tell the difference, Talis and Mara leave with an army of mercenaries and magicians who claim to be of good intent but are soon to reveal their true natures. The Jiserian Empire sprouts tentacles in every crevice, nook and cranny this side of hell and possesses the means to accomplish its dreadful aims through cataclysms both large and small. Sublimely small as the twitchy underworlders are constantly getting under Mara’s skin. But Talis doesn’t mind, for the brand-new-to-him sexual tension he is feeling thrills him to the deepest marrow inside his excruciatingly growing bones.

The Sun Mage

Book 2 of the series finds our heroes aboard a slave ship, not as traders of slaves but as slaves themselves, having been deceitfully sold into bondage by nefarious fellows who quickly slink away with the profits. Their ship is heading to the very same island where the goddess Nacrea has her temple. Talis and his friends hope with all of their hearts the temple will bring to them the key to their freedom and as well as their city’s liberation.

But Talis and Rikar have agendas that are in conflict, and their power battles take away their focus from the trip through the depths of the underworld and their arguments cause them to enter a rank field of the undead wishing to ruin and entrap them. Rikar desires to save his father from a terrible fate all the while hoping to cast his lot with the Lord Aurellia, whose darkness is spell-binding and disturbing in its charasmatic evil. Meanwhile, Talis wants to hurry up and find his chakra so he can protect Mara and return home to save his city. In spite of it all, the four are forced to help each other as they encounter underworld demons, creatures of terror and the children of the five Calazars. Talk about problem children, please. The Calazar five might as well have been child tv stars for all the messed up issues they bring to the table. And lest we forget, the undead army and the hideous Jisterian necromancers all think it’s their party and they’ll cry if they want to.

Will the four escape the underworld unscathed? Are their personal issues with one another so severe as to doom their destinies? Can the cliffhanger be any more tense than the one in the first book?

The Blacklight Chronicles contains much entertaining material any ageless young adult would enjoy who wishes to graduate to a darker and more menacing story than the one about the popular young magician who shall go nameless.

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