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The Books of the Gods Books In Order

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Publication Order of Book Of The Gods Books

The Face of Apollo (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ariadne's Web (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Arms of Hercules (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
God of the Golden Fleece (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gods of Fire and Thunder (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

Fred Saberhagen is a legendary luminary in science fantasy and fiction novels. His bestselling book series, Berzerker, still tops with numerous fans with the twisting tales of the Greek gods. The intriguing Greek myth lover continues with the heroic fiction series in his collection of Books of the Gods, a five part series about a sea man- Proteus, who damaged his brain from a furious fight with a giant. He’s got amnesia- a passionate man on who was sent to explore the world together with other characters- Jason and the Argonauts.

The Books of Gods Series

The first book in the series explores how gods and humans merge; and the outcome of this union. It’s interesting to read about the battles between man and spirit especially among Hades and Apollo. Jason has a secret admirer, Princess Medea who is in love with Jason and is ready to do anything for him to win the Golden Fleece. But little do they know that there’s a dark god amongst them.Ariadne’s Web is the second installment in the Books of God’s book series. A young man Theseus is sentenced to death as a sacrifice to the gods. Ariadne, who is passionately in love with him, plots to save him from his ghastly doom, but she does not contemplate Dionysus involvement to complicate the desperate situation.

With beasts and quirky gods tackling them at every turn, Theseus and Ariadne must save themselves from the bad series of events, or else they both die. The Greek myths in this book are simply great. The heroines are depicted as strong, smart characters, especially how Ariadne portrays a tough heroine in her abilities to think and act. She depicts one of the most powerful idols in Greek myths. But Ariadne wasn’t the star in this book; it was her brother, Theseus, and even Alex the almost invisible palace guard. While Ariadne is tough in her convictions and not one to easily give up under duress, most of the times she was acting like a spoilt damsel-in-distress waiting for somebody to liberate her. She’s also foolish and naive, quickly falls in love with all the handsome guys that smile and goof around her.

The gods were well portrayed in this series with the distinctive perception of changing into avatars, blending in with spirits, and syncing into deities. Dionysus, as a god, had confines and displayed his human side, making him relatable and genuine, rather than a fantasy fairy-tale idea. The entourage of Dionysus was awesome. Apollo’s character was astounding and well put. Fred Saberhagen was rather progressive since most of the characters portray male gods and demi-gods. It would have been nice to read about a blend of both male and female deities. But for the sake of keeping it Greek, the myths sound more logical with a chauvinistic approach of Theseus and the Minotaur fable.

The Arms of Hercules is the third book in the Book of the Gods book series. The fantasy lives on. The third series introduces us to Hercules, son of Zeus and king of all the Greek gods. Hercules’ mother is human. She was so beautiful that she struck the heart of her husband, the great Greek god. Hercules has features that are more human but is quite strong and masculine. He has fought and killed larger than life monsters, warriors, and giants in numerous fierce combats. But there’s one challenge that he must conquer, the traumatic underworld where logic does not matter. He must come face to face with the evil, cruel, and ugly monsters created by Saberhagen. This author has no limits with his imagination. You think you’ve seen enough monsters in movies. You haven’t seen anything as sinister as Fred’s unending imaginative monster from the Books of Gods series. Hercules’s battle comes to life when he must fight death in the land of the living dead in hell.

God of the Golden Fleece is the fourth book. When Proteus creeps from the ocean, his brain damage from a brawl with a dreadful giant leaves him with a shattered memory. His assignment is to help Jason and the Argonauts on their absurd operation. As he joins them on their hunt, Proteus quickly discovers that he is different, with super powers and he doesn’t wear out easily. He also learns that he can manipulate the sea and can see into the future and predict it as well. But, there’s a dark past that Proteus still can’t recall. Jason’s arch-rival, King Pelias’ men, have recognized Proteus, and he must get rid of them before they pounce on him.

Gods of Fire and Thunder is the fifth instalment in this highly entertaining book series. Fred Saberhagen introduces us to a completely different perspective of immortal deities, the cruel and terrifying gods of Valhalla, the underdogs of fire and thunder. Haraldur the Northman was Jason’s ally on his hot pursuit for the Golden Fleece. Haraldur is somewhat laid back and doesn’t want to get involved with the gods and the exploration of evil monsters. He has returned home after many years of fighting demons and monsters. He has big plans on settling on a peaceful farm—until he stumbles upon a thick, dense wall of the eldritch fire and a troubled youth determined to break the wall. Behind the huge flames, lies a stunning Valkyrie trapped in a deep sleep, he is told. He also learns that a vast sea full of gold lies beyond the solid walls as well. The gold compels Haraldur to help the young lad to break the wall to fetch the beautiful princess and of course, the bottomless gold.

To find their way beyond the hard wall, they must tackle ghosts, gnomes and the fury of the gods. In the ensuing battle of spirits and humans, Haraldur is caught up between Thor, Loki, and the colossal giant Wodan in a deadly battle. The two mortals must save the girl! The super packed teeth-gritting action depicted in this series is thrilling. The twisted tales will keep you on the edge of the seat with clenched fists and glaring eyes. It is simply un-put-downable. The storyline of black magic and swords fits in well with Greek mythology.

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