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The Bound Hearts Books In Order

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Publication Order of Bound Hearts Books

By: Lora Leigh, Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Lora Leigh is an American author of fictional novels, usually set in the romantic or thriller genre. She was born in 1971 and currently resides in Kentucky among green rolling hills. t’s in this peaceful setting that she can enjoy the ambiance and also has the space to imagine all of her characters, constantly fighting a battle to put the vivid characters she thinks up onto her computer’s hard drive before they disappear out of her head.

Lora Leigh enjoys her life writing and strives to have her two worlds between her writing life and her family exist in the same place. While it may not always be in harmony, there is a relative peace between the two. She has an enjoyable life with a mixture of family, friends, pets, and a young son who always keeps her on her toes and her wits sharp about her. Leigh admits that her life is full of joys and part of that is inspired by her fans, whose hearts give her a constant reminder of why she writes.

She is the author of the Bound Hearts series. The main character in this series is Tess Delacourte– at least for the debut novel in the Bound Hearts romance series, which is titled Surrender. She lives with her mother. The sequel or second book in this series is titled Submission and picks up where the first left off, only the main character this time is Ella, who is Tess’s mother. After living a life full of repression and rejection, she is, at last, giving herself permission to be free.

Surrender is the first book in the series and it features the indelible Tess Delacourte. She’s a gorgeous young woman, but she’s finding herself in a bit of a situation. She’s having a dry spell with guys and to make matters worse, she’s tired of living at home with her mother. Tess longs for the day when she’s not only going to meet a great guy, but the man of her dreams that is going to take her away and they can start a new life together.

Cole is the only thing that is keeping Tess afloat right now. She is really into Cole and cannot stop fantasizing about this guy. Cole brings out the very best in Tess, who is tired of her life and tired of being sexually frustrated. The demands that Cole makes are more than willingly met by Tess. She’s been running for two years and it’s time to stop trying to get away from everything that challenges or scares her and instead dive in, head first.

As Tess gets to know Cole better, they start to learn more about each other’s sexual side. Cole thinks that he is the only one that can ever truly know Tess and all of her secrets. They go into their own little world together, complete with sexual kinkiness. Cole is the only one that can bring this out of her and the pleasure that they achieve together is unreal. Cole brings in his friend at one point for a steamy threesome. What will happen between them in this exciting book from Lora Leigh? Pick up Surrender to find out!

Submission is the second book in the Bound Hearts series. Fans of the first book will enjoy this steamy second follow up from author Lora Leigh. When Tess’s mother moves back to Virginia, she is doing so for a reason. She wants to try and repair the relationship she has with her daughter– or the lack of one. By coming back, she is giving permission for the ghosts of the past to walk back through the door and have a conversation.

It’s a lot to deal with, but Ella’s up for it. She really wants to make the relationship with her daughter work and prove that she is a changed woman. The last time that we saw her, Tess’s mom was pretty much a control freak of a woman who was not only repressed sexually but middle-aged and conservative. When she found out that Tess was indulging in sex and doing it in a way that she thought was too dark to be acceptable, Ella is back to try and do some damage control.

It’s perhaps this newfound attitude that allows Ella to fulfill a promise to her daughter that would have been unthinkable in her previous life: to allow a man to stay in their new home. For a week. James Wyman is the twin of Jesse Wyman, a man with whom Tess previously had the threesome with Cole. She figures that it’s a special favor to her daughter that is going to help bond them for life or at least help make Tess come around to Ella a little more.

James is just like Jesse in that he’s a younger man who is not only sexy but far more dominating than you might find in a man that is middle-aged. Ella can’t help fantasizing about this hot young man, but if she doesn’t look out then they’re both going to get into some trouble. Jesse is also into Ella and wants to make all of her fantasies and desires come true. He’s falling for this interesting woman, and this time Ella isn’t going to let him get away either.

Ella’s come a long way ever since the restrictive former life she used to have. After her marriage fell apart, Ella didn’t really indulge her sexual side. But that could all change and it’s about to with the grand entrance of James Wyman into her life. Ella hasn’t let go of control for a single second in years, but he could be the one to change all that.

When they come together, there are sparks in the air. James has been waiting a very long time for Ella to come out and play. Now that she’s ready for him, he’s more determined than ever to see if he can push her to her limit and he can, at last, bring out the wild and unrestrained woman that he sees inside of her. Can Ella repair her relationship with Tess and kindle a flame with James? Read Submission, the second in the Bound Hearts series, to find out!

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