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Publication Order of The Bound Spirit Books

“Bound Spirit” is a series of paranormal romance novels by H.A. Wills the paranormal romance author. Earlier on, she went to college where she graduated with an art degree majoring in digital media.

However, after about a decade working as a graphic designer, she ultimately was unable to ignore the many voices in her head and decided to finally begin penning her own stories.

Wills published “Bound Spirit” the debut novel of the “Bound Spirit” series of novels in 2018. The series of novels has since grown to at least five titles.

When H.A. Wills is not penning her blockbuster works, she can usually be found dreaming of afar-off places even though she hardly travels outside her home state.

Whenever she is not scribbling on her computer, she loves to spend long weekends playing the occasional game of “Dragons and Dungeons” and reading.

She has said that she usually writes what she loves to read and hopes her readers find her works as intriguing as she does. Will usually provides updates, exclusive content, and bonus chapters of her novels on her Facebook profile.

“Bound Spirit” series is a set of novels that follows the life and times of Callie Santiago, a 17-year-old girl who has known nothing but pain all her life.

She had been tortured and abused by a father who tried to do his best to break her. But she has finally broken free of his influence and now lives with Mildred her aunt. She lives in a small town in Oregon and is hoping to get a new start with new people, a new school, and new life with an aunt she barely knows.
For Callie, anything would be preferable to living the hell she just survived. Things get interesting when Callie falls headlong into a world of danger and paranormal revelation when a friendly ghost named Felix visits her new bedroom.
Callie is a woman forged from the brutal happenings in her past and had then been made into a fighter. She will ultimately meet the people who will become her new family and support system.

She is strong but also vulnerable since she is damaged and the fissures in her tough exterior start to come apart allowing the reader to glimpse into the soul he usually hides behind the facade.

“Bound Spirit” is the debut novel of “The Bound Spirit” series of novels. At the opening of the novel, Callie finally managed to get away from her abusive home life and now wants to live as any other normal girl.

She is hoping that she can make a few friends in the new town where she lives with her aunt but this is increasingly looking unlikely. She wakes up to find an intruder in the house on the very first morning at the new house.
He is not just anyone but a man her age that had been reported murdered a few months back and who has come back as a ghost. He also had some paranormal friends who meet and befriend Callie as they learn that she has some bizarre abilities.
Her first friend is a ghost while the others range from a light and dark Nephilim, werewolf, and vampire. She has to go through quite the adjustment as she learns about the paranormal beings in her world.

Soon enough she comes to accept her new friends who help her discover what she can do and who she really is. Callie is in the process of overcoming a traumatic past but slowly opens herself to the guys and lets them into her life. However, she still gets triggered when it comes to certain circumstances and objects.

It is a vivid and captivating reverse harem romance with aspects of the paranormal as we journey with Callie on her journey toward discovering her abilities in a new world.

The second novel of “The Bound Spirit” series of novels is “Free Spirit,” which is set in a very weird world. It is the world in which Callie a seventeen-year-old lives as a spirit witch alongside her five paranormal guy friends.

She happens to be the most powerful of them all as she is part of an ancient sect of witches that were believed to have been wiped out thousands of years in the past. They are very powerful and are believed to be able to control even life itself.
Unfortunately, a spell has bound her magic even though it has been weakening over time. But if it breaks before it can get removed, half the town could go up in smoke. Things only get more interesting when she discovers that she is being targeted by a jealous witch and the same people that had taken out Felix her friend.

Throw in some very attractive friend and her hands could not have been more full. All she wants is to get to the end of October let alone get through her junior year.

It makes for another intense read as Callie goes on a journey of healing to find where she fits in this new world.

“Save Spirit” is the third novel of “The Bound Spirit” series of novels. As a spirit witch, Callie the seventeen-year-old is a strong paranormal who has control over life and death and the four elements.

She has recently been charged with keeping the mortal realm in balance which is sure to be a lot of pressure. Thankfully, her magic has finally been unbound and hence her life should get a lot easier, even though nothing is ever easy for Callie.
The thing is, her magic was not the only thing let loose as she is finding it harder to just be friends with her guys who are now very much interested in her in rather amorous ways.

Not to mention her ghostly friend Felix has refused to head to the afterlife which leaves Callie in a bind as to what to do with him as he is violating natural law.

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