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The Boys of Clermont Bay Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Boys of Clermont Bay Books

The Touch of a Villain (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fall of a God (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Taste of an Enemy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deceit of a Devil (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Seduction of Pretty Lies (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Temptation of Dirty Secrets (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

“The Boys of Clermont Bay” series of novels is a set of bestselling romance fiction by Holly Renee. The author who is best known for writing stories with relatable and strong characters that you can connect with has said that she is a huge fan of the “Harry Potter” series.
She began writing her emotional, sexy stories full of strong women in 2015 after she discovered that she loved reading. She penned the first of “The Boys of Clermont Bay” series of novels in “The Touch of a Villain” in 2021.

Over the years, she has gained a reputation for writing angsty novels with the perfect amount of heart and indulgence of heat. The East Tennesse-born and raised author is a mother of two wild children.

When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found spending time with her husband, chilling out on the lake with a float and her sunglasses, pretending to be a dragon, being a mother, and reading books.

She is also a lover of yoga pants, Mexican food, and everything romance. The body positivity advocate currently makes her home in Tennessee.

Holly Renee’s “The Boys of Clermont Bay” series of novels are bully romances that have some very interesting characters. The novels involve a hero and heroine who have an intense attraction for each other right from the moment they set their eyes on each other.
Things are only complicated by decades-old secrets which were supposed to stay buried. Combined with privileged teens that are determined to do anything to get ahead, it makes for a lot of chaos and drama that will keep its readers on the edge of their seats.
Holly is an expert at crafting her female leads who often come with spirit and sass and have to deal with deliciously wicked alpha heroes. For the most part, the author uses the common trope of a young innocent girl caught up in a conflict she should have nothing to do with.
The heroines because of their family are enemy number one to the psychotic but gorgeous young men to who they are intensely attracted. While their fathers or uncles engage in idiotic fights, when it is just the two of the protagonists, they share an intense and unique attraction.

Sharing deep instants and exposing the deepest parts of themselves, things often get sexy and hot making for quite a delicious read.

The first of “The Clermont Bay” series is “The Touch of a Villain,” which introduces the Clermont Bay boys as a bunch of elite, young, wealthy, and ruthless young men who treat the town like their very own kingdom.

Beck Clermont is in charge of them all given that he is conceited and arrogant and cares nothing about other people’s opinions about him or his crew. From the moment he met Josie, he seemed to have already made up his mind about her.

Wickedly cruel and dangerously handsome, he will not let her spend her senior year in peace and quiet. She comes from old money and her family has some dark secrets that she barely knows.

However, these secrets put a target on her back as Beck comes like a hurricane and she could not have been more unprepared for the storm that unfolds. There is no negotiation as his impact is irreparable and his touch fatal.
The man steals her heart without permission and without warning. He was supposed to be the enemy but this did not stop Josie from falling for his villainous touch.

It is a bully romance that takes things to a whole new level and ends with a cliffhanger that leaves its readers screaming for more and pulling out their hair.

“The Fall of a God” is the second novel of “The Boys of Clermont Bay” series of novels. Heartbroken, innocent, pure, and blameless, Josie came from a family Beck hated more than anything else.

The novel picks up right from where the debut left off following Beck’s betrayal of Josie. In this outing, he is doing his best to make things right so that he can get her back but this is proving to be an uphill task.

Beck berates himself for how much of an idiot he was and for the terrible things he had done to Josie. He does his best to apologize for his revenge plan that made Josie hate his guts. Nonetheless, there is no gesture or grand groveling and his effort provide futile for the most part.
On her part, Josie has been beating herself up for being such a pushover over Beck. She knows that the best course of action is to stay away from him and hypes herself to resist all of his advances..
For Beck, he cannot help but think that maybe he should have left her alone right from the start. However, there is no turning back now, and intends to fight for her even if he knows he messed up epically by betraying her trust.
It makes for a delicious story with a satisfying conclusion to boot.

The third novel of “The Boys of Clermont Bay” series of novels by Holly Renee is “The Taste of an Enemy.”

The work introduces Allie and Carson who had been friends for the longest time until they were not. While they loathe each other, there is always an underlying current between them even if they try their best to hide the tension.
Despite everything, she decided to have a one-night stand with the man but that moment changed everything. She believed that sleeping with him would change things but he proves to be the pretentious player he has always been.
Savagely heartless and brutally beautiful, it seems the only thing he has been interested in was to ruin everything she loves.

However, dares had been made, and even though she knows she should not say yes, she finds herself in a lot of trouble and might have to collaborate with the man she loathes to get out of it.

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