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Publication Order of The British Billionaires Books

Tell Me You're Mine (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tell Me I'm Yours (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tell Me This Is Forever (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The British Billionaires series by J.S. Scott
Author J. S. Scott writes “The British Billionaires” series of new adult romance novels.

“Tell Me You’re Mine” is the first novel in the “British Billionaires” series and was released in 2020. One chance encounter between a plus size PR expert and a secretive billionaire could really be the perfect solution to both of their problems, or be a delicious scandal in the making.

Nicole is the sort of woman that always plays it safe. In her personal life, especially when it comes to the opposite sex, and in her professional life, as a public relations “fixer”. Because really, who needs the wild highs and all the I want to die because he left me lows of a relationship? That’s what she thought, until she met him.

Damian No-Last-Name-Given is as sexy as all sin, and had developed some sort of instant and weird attraction to the guy the instant he settled his chiseled body right next to hers on this flight from London to Los Angeles. The man’s sexy British accent did some pretty crazy things to her previously dormant female hormones, which had eventually led her to do the most impulsive thing she’d ever done in her whole life. She kissed him as everybody else in business class was sleeping. Or did he kiss her? All she knew was that they were each incredibly willing participants, and that panty melting embrace rocked her whole world as it was happening.

Unfortunately, that instant of spontaneity would haunt her once she learned Mr. British Hottie’s real identity. There was a reason he’d held his last name back from her. Oh no, Nicole couldn’t make some once-in-a-lifetime misstep with some ordinary businessman. When she screws up, it just has to be one of the books, and has to happen with one of the most powerful men in the whole world. An, oh right, he also totally had to be the biggest man whore on the entire planet.

Once Nicole knew the full truth, she could’ve easily convinced herself that the kiss was not all that earth shattering. But that’s only if Damian Lancaster had not swaggered boldly into her office the next day to apologize, and then to make her a business offer that she could not possibly refuse. Goodbye sanity, and hello madness.

These characters have some incredible chemistry and the story has you intrigued right from the very start. Damian is such an excellent character, as he is kind, sweet, and very caring toward Nicole. Their instant connection is so very sweet, and fans found themselves falling and swooning for Damian right from their first encounter. The guy is British, gorgeous, wealthy, and cocky, with an extremely sweet side.

“Tell Me I’m Yours” is the second novel in the “British Billionaires” series and was released in 2021. Could there be more to the entitled and spoiled British billionaire man whore than what Kylie sees on the surface? Kylie truly wants to hate Dylan Lancaster, because he hurt her best friend, and almost destroyed her relationship with his identical twin brother. So Kylie decides that somebody needs to rein the guy in so that he does not try to demolish the couple entirely before their wedding can take place. Unfortunately, the one and only woman that’d try to take on such an impossible task is Kylie herself.

It’s just six weeks, right? Surely she can tolerate the obnoxious and womanizing jerk and keep the guy out of trouble to make sure no further scandals hit the media before his brother’s wedding. Kylie is a public relations crisis manager. So squashing poor press is what she does, and she does it incredibly well for her high profile clients.

But what she doesn’t count on is beginning to actually like the glimpses of the real Dylan that she starts seeing underneath all of the guy’s cynicism. Nor did she ever imagine that she would become so attracted to him that she would hardly be able to breathe every single time he gets close to her.

Dylan is a guy that has suffered some profound emotional pain. She can feel it and sense it. Question is: can she possibly reach the real Dylan Lancaster before it’s too late?

This is an enemies to friends to lovers British billionaire romance with an American heroine.

Readers love the way that Scott wove the past into the healing process for both of these characters and layer it with this intense attraction which makes the sparks ignite. Watching Dylan and Kylie learn and help one another make this such a wonderful read.

“Tell Me This Is Forever” is the third novel in the “British Billionaires” series and was released in 2022. What happens when the guy Macy has hero worshiped for years on a TV screen shows up suddenly in real life? Macy never expected she’d meet the legendary Leo Lancaster live and in the flesh.

Not like they mingle in the same circles, even though he is a wildlife biologist and she is an exotic animal veterinarian. Leo’s a British billionaire that is known for going to any lengths out in the field to rescue species from the brink of extinction. Macy is an American that works in a big cat sanctuary as a zoological vet.

Ordinarily, their paths would never have crossed, no? Well, probably wouldn’t have if her best friend had not been marrying his older brother and the two of them weren’t in the same wedding party.

When the larger than life and gorgeous guy that Macy’s idolized from afar all of a sudden becomes a guy that she could care about is all up close and personal, Macy knows that she is in serious trouble. The chemistry between them both is combustible, however she has avoided serious and complicated relationships for a very good reason. Macy is just not too sure that Leo is not the one guy that can tempt her to change her mind.

Macy and Leo’s story is such a fantastic addition to this series and the plot is new and fresh. Readers found themselves loving this couple.

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