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The Broadmoor Legacy Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Broadmoor Legacy Books

By: Tracie Peterson, Judith Miller McCoy
A Daughter's Inheritance (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Unexpected Love (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Surrendered Heart (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Broadmoor Legacy book series is an exciting series of historical fiction, romance, Christian fiction, and inspirational stories. It is written by a very popular American novelist, Tracie Peterson, and co-authored by another popular writer named Judith Miller. This series is comprised of just three books, released between 2008 and 2009. Each novel of this series revolves around the life of a member of the Broadmoor family. The writer has specifically described the lives of the three Broadmoor cousins, Sophie, Fanny, and Amanda Broadmoor. They are depicted as being much closer than real sisters. But, following the death of their grandfather, differences begin to arise between the once-close cousins. It is mainly due to the inheritance their grandfather bestowed upon them before his death that starts tearing them apart.

As the series progresses, readers come to know whether Amanda, Fanny, and Sophie follow their own paths or choose the one that is demanded by the high society. Tracie Peterson has set the books in the unique and beautiful area of Thousand Islands, New York, United States. The period shown in the books is that of the 1890s. Tracie Peterson has done a wonderful job in telling heart-stirring stories about 3 young women, who are looking for a legacy and love. Some other essential characters mentioned in the books by Peterson include Paul Medford, Wesley Hedrick, Michael, Jonas, Ms. Lilly, and a few others. Every book of this series entertained readers in large numbers in all the places of its release. They found a huge support from the fans of Christian romance and went on to achieve wide publicity. The stories and characters described by Peterson seem quite believable. Their originality is what attracted the audience towards the books and keep them intrigued from start to finish.

The novels’ worldwide success brought huge praise for Tracie Peterson and the co-author Judith Miller. Critics loved the stories and gave excellent reviews to each of the three novels in various literary magazines and journals. They appreciated the efforts of Miller and Peterson to come up with such interesting stories. The success of this series helped the individual careers of both the authors and also benefitted them as a team. With rising demands and motivating support, they teamed-up to write a few more book series in their career.

The debut book of the Broadmoor Legacy series written by Judith Miller and Tracie Peterson is called ‘A Daughter’s Inheritance’. It was released in 2008 by Bathany House Publishers. This novel takes place in 1891 in Thousand Islands, New York. Initially, Sophie, Amanda, and Fanny are introduced as cousins, who share a great bond between them. They share each other’s secrets and always support one another in everything. But, as soon as their grandfather dies, they begin to drift apart. It is the will behind by their grandfather that causes cracks in their strong bond of sisterhood. None of them of are satisfied with what is left for them in the will and each one is ready to challenge it.

When they realize that what’s written in the will cannot be undone and they have to be content with what their grandfather has given them from his fortune, it gives them all the more reasons to hate each other. Fanny Broadmoor, who is introduced as a 17 year old girl, has never really bothered about the society’s conventions or worried about what people think about her. She does what she likes to and never thinks twice. In fact, Fanny ends up giving her heart to her family boatman named Michael. But, things begin to change when she Fanny receives her inheritance. She experiences how oppressive can society be. The unexpected turn of events also makes Fanny realize that she has been putting her trust in wrong people all this time. Now, Fanny wonders if it will be good for her to risk taking a decision against the wishes of the family and following her heart. She has already seen enough ups and downs in her life and is in no mood to see more.

Fanny fears losing everything that she has known by going against the family. But, that does not stop her from doing what she wants to. And what she wants is to spend her entire life in the arms of Michael, her lover. A time comes when Fanny stops thinking about others’ views about her and focuses in building her future. She begins giving more importance to her how she would want her legacy to be rather than who is happy with her decisions and who is not.

The second installment of this lovely series is known as ‘An Unexpected Love’. It was also published by Bethany House publication in 2008. This novel features Wesley Hedrick, Sophie Broadmoor, and Paul Medford in the main roles. Initially, it is mentioned that Sophie Broadmoor has a soft spot for beautiful gowns, expensive jewelry, and fancy balls, like most of the young girls. She considers herself lucky to have been born in the wealthy Broadmoor family and enjoys all the luxuries that the family provides her. Because of her distinct nature and interest in fashion, Sophie has earned the reputation of being the wildest cousin among the Broadmoors. When she goes for a vacation to England, she develops an instant attraction to the handome widower named Wesley Hedrick.

Wesley also belongs to a wealthy family and he also loses his heart to Sophie’s beauty. He promises to be by her side all the time and give her all the happiness of the world. However, all of Wesley’s promises turn out to be lies. He betrays Sophie, breaks her heart, and leaves her in a compromising situation. Sophie had never imagined that she would see such a day in her life and experience such a humiliation. However, before things could get worse, Paul Medford comes to Sophie’s rescue. He works as a minister with her father and shows interest in being the man that she always wanted. Paul expresses his love to Sophie and promises her to help her come out of her embarrassing situation. He also assures her that his promises will never turn into lies and he will never let any harm of humiliation come to her. But, whatever Sophie has been through with Wesley Hedrick, she wonders if she is taking the right decision by trusting Paul Medford with her heart.

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