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Publication Order of Callahans/Sins Books

The Callahans series is a popular series of romantic suspense, erotica, contemporary, suspense, and romance books. It is comprised of a total of 4 novels and one novella, which were released between the years 2011 and 2014. This series is written by a renowned American writer of romance novels, Lora Leigh. Each of the books in this series features the life story of a member of the Callahan family. Typically, the male members of this family as shown as landing in suspenseful circumstances and indulging in sensuous romances while trying to unravel the suspense surrounding their life. Among the interesting characters mentioned by author Lora in this series, there are the likes of Rafer Callahan, Cambria Flannigan, Crow Callahan, Logan Callahan, Skye O’Brien, Archer Tobias, Anna Corbin, Amelia Sorenson, etc. Author Lora Leigh has done the settings of the books’ stories in Colorado, United States. Each book of this romantic suspense series looks quite interesting to read and comprises of many twists and turns in the plots. Lora Leigh has generally described the Callahans as troubled men, who meet their love interests in the most unexpected situations and fall in love with them. While Rafer Callahan is depicted as a disturbed man, who struggles with his life and uses his fists every now and then to deal with situations, Crow Callahan is shown to a former Marine. Logan Callahan lives with the nightmare of a fateful incident from his past in which he fails to save the life of a woman in spite of making all the efforts. And while Rafer changes and goes on to change himself completely and becomes a ranch owner, Crowe seems obsessed with the beautiful Amelia Sorenson. Logan comes across Sky O’Brien and sees something mysterious in her. All the three Callahans try to deal with their personal situations and with the passage of time they overcome their hardships, thereby bringing about positive changes in their lives. All of the books were very much appreciated by the readers from all across the globe. They received many interesting comments and reviews with respect to their characters, storylines, plot settings, and narrations.

The debut book of the Callahans series written by author Lora Leigh is entitled ‘Midnight Sins’. It was released by the St Martin Press in the year 2011. This book is set in Sweetrock, Colorado, and consists of the main characters as Cambria Flannigan and Rafer Callahan. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Rafer Callahan had a very struggling life as a child. He was born on the tracks’ wrong side and learned to fight through his life just the way he was aware of: by using his fists. However, Rafer Callahan never intended to cause any harm or pain to Cambria Flannigan. Cambria is the sister of the girl Rafer was not able to save even though he tried his best. And now, he has developed a soft corner for Cambria Flannigan in his heart. It seems he has started loving her, but he doesn’t know what she thinks about him. Cambria, who is commonly referred to as Cami, lost her beloved sister in a series of murders that happened in her hometown some years ago and shocked everyone. Some people believe that Rafer Callahan was involved in the brutal murders along with his close friends Crowe and Logan. But, Cami wonders how could the man be a murder as she has always seen him haunting all the girlish dreams and adult fantasies of hers. Some years pass by and Rafer turns his life upside down. He buys a ranch and becomes a proud owner. Rafer Callahan is now thinking of building himself a legacy. He wants to settle things with Cambria Flannigan and make her fall in love with him. However, some more murders take place in town and this opens up the old wounds for Cami. It turns out that everyone of the victims is somehow connected to Crow, Logan, and Rafer. Cami appears to be getting torn apart with fear, loyalty, and suspicion. She finds herself at the edge of giving up her heart to Rafer, and maybe lose her life in the process. Rafer, promises that he will keep her safe and always protect her against all harms. He pleads her to have faith in him and accept his love for her. But, Cami remains in two minds and does not know what decision to make.

The next exciting installment of this series is called ‘Deadly Sins’. It was also published by St. Martin Press in 2012. This book has the central characters as Logan Callahan and Skye O’Brien. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is shown that 3 men witness a brutal murder and then are forced to face their past’s dangers for unlocking the passions inside their hearts. Logan Callahan tries everything in his capacity to eliminate the events of that night from his mind. But, every time he makes an attempt to sleep, the nightmare becomes fresh again. The nightmare makes him realize if he could have made some more efforts, then the woman would have been alive today. A newcomer named Skye O’Brien arrives in town. Logan sees her as a deep mystery as she does some things exactly like him. Skye fights her demons, hides secrets in her eyes, and wanders like an owl in the night, just like Logan Callahan. He sees a fire in Skye’s eyes that seems to consume him with each glance he makes at her. Logan wonders if Skye is the one who could he help in healing him. When the former girlfriend of Logan was murdered brutally, he was implicated as a suspect in the murder. And now, the new neighbor looks like the one Logan can confide in. The two appear to share a sense of attraction that cannot be denied by any of them. As Logan continues to look for the actual murderer, he comes to know that Skye O’Brien is also searching a killer and intends to take the help of Logan for doing it. This revelation makes Logan Callahan think whether Skye is using him just as a pawn to fulfill her mission? She knows that Logan Callahan does not trust her and tries everything she can to convince him and make him believe her. Skye even goes to the extent of deciding to move out of Logan’s life forever and track the murderer on her own without fearing the fact she can become a victim herself. Logan doesn’t allow her to proceed alone and promises that he believes her with all his heart. Then, Logan and Skye continue pursuing the murderer with each other’s assistance.

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