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The Camorra Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Camorra Chronicles Books

Twisted Loyalties (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twisted Emotions (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twisted Pride (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twisted Bonds (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twisted Hearts (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twisted Cravings (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cora Reilly (aka C. Reilly; both are pseudonyms) is the well known and greatly appreciated author of adult fictional works and a series of sensual romance novels. Before she put her passion to romance novels, she published traditional literature for young adults.

Ms. Reilly lives with her husband in Germany where she writes, sitting on the sofa with her laptop, and is closely supervised by her brilliant border collie. She’s letting her law degree sit on the back burner while she cooks up spicy dishes in the kitchen and spicier stories for her readers.

As a lover of good food and wine and even better books, she writes her stories to feed her addiction to bad boys- but only in books. When she’s traveling with her hubby is when she is at her happiest.

Ms. Reilly has a large body of work with several series: The Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, Camorra Chronicles, and Sins of the Fathers. She has a handful of stand-alone novels and a novella. She’s also included in a large number of omnibus and collections.

The Camorra Chronicles is a spin-off of Ms. Reilly’s Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles series. The adult romance series takes place in Las Vegas and follows the leading family of the Camorra, the Falcone Brothers.

The first novel in the Camorra Chronicles series is Twisted Loyalties. Fabiano Scuderi is in training with his father who is the Consigliere of the Chicago Outfit. His father had the highly important position of being an advisor and counselor to the mob boss. Other responsibilities were to represent the boss in important meetings within the family and with other mob families.

Then his father abandoned him. Now Fabiano has to fend for himself and is struggling to earn a place in the mafia world, the only world he has known.

Fabiano is a fierce, ruthless street fighter. He is quickly able to gain a position as the new Enforcer of the Vegas Camorra. He’s now a man to fear.

Leona is trying to build a decent life and doing it away from a drug-addicted mother. She catches the attention of the very dangerous Fabiano. His life as an enforcer doesn’t leave him living a quiet, normal life, which is what Leona needs and wants.

For Leona, avoiding Fabiano is necessary but men like him are too tempting to her and too difficult to walk away from- and they always get what they want. His strong attraction to Leona is challenging his unshakable commitment to the mob. He has to decide if Leona is worth risking all he’s achieved. And possibly risking his life.

This novel has a mature content warning.

The second book in the Camorra Chronicles series is Twisted Emotions. A genius, who’s also a monster, and the right hand man to the head of the crime syndicate, Nino Falcone has a lack of feelings that he considers a blessing.

Now his brother is asking him to enter into an arranged marriage to maintain the stability of the Camorra. He’s being paired with the cousin of the Capo of the New York Famiglia.

Kiara Vitiello is terrified after hearing the stories about Las Vegas but now the honor of the whole family is on her shoulders. Her father’s legacy to her was to betray his Capo and he paid for it with his life.

She doesn’t like being offered up as the prize in an effort to create peace in the turbulent and unstable mob world. She’s frightened and she’s doesn’t feel safe being paired with a man who’s unable to display emotions. This arranged marriage has potential- to unite the families or to destroy them and her.

Twisted Pride, the third story, is a standalone novel connected with the Camorra series. In this serious, mafia romantic tale, Remo Falcone is angry and out for retribution.

Remo was a brutally ruling Capo over his territory that was breached by the Chicago Outfit. His revenge will include the kidnapping of Serafina. This is a bold, sacrilegious act, breaching the sanctity of a wedding.

Serafina is the niece to the Boss of the Chicago Outfit and her hand has been promised for years. But Remo’s snatching her on her way to the church, in her wedding dress no less, is beyond the pale.

Serafina swiftly realizes that she has little hope of being saved. Now she is determined to hang on to her pride with grace and strength. Her life is in the hands of a deeply cruel man.

Remo is learning that this woman, though she is at his mercy, is stronger than he anticipated and contrary to what he thought, may not be easy to break. Remo’s goal was to break this woman, and in doing so he would meet his goal of destroying the Outfit, proving they weren’t good enough to protect one of their women.

However this woman is determined to bring her monster keeper to his knees. The two warring families will never be as they were.

Twisted Bonds draws us into a house chock full of souls that are haunted. Always wanting a loving family to care for, Kiara is doubting she will ever achieve her dream.

Kiara and Nino have come together and become one family together. Each has shared similar tragedies, having each lost part of themselves with tragic childhoods. They are working together to try to recover their missing pieces.

The Falcone mansion is full of broken souls and Kiara’s deepest fear is that not all can be saved. She is determined to protect and save the future of her new family; the whole family.

Kiara feels her mission is to help each person in the individual way they each need, by keeping secrets if necessary. There are four brothers bound. They have an unbreakable bond which was forged all together in their darkest of the past. They surely must be strong together, for if one fails, will they all fall together?

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