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Publication Order of The Chateau Books

Penelope Sky is a well-received, prolific author in the romance genre of fiction. She’s been a New York Times best seller, and remarkably, sold over a million books the entire first year of being published.

Ms. Sky’s characters are all tested in dark settings of erotic romance where her heroines are becoming a stronger individual of themselves. She believes the women showing power is just as important as powerful men in the plot. Ms. Sky’s trying to change the world’s perspective on women. Through her writing, she shows women are intelligent, strong, and just as resourceful as any man.

She has written several series and has dozens of book published. The Buttons series started her best selling spree, continued with Scotch series, and Betrothed series.

Ms. Sky’s books have been translated into several languages across the globe. She lives with her husband in a small town in California, where she likes to write on her back porch.

The Chateau Series is a great handful of stories. The first one is The Chateau. This series is described as a “rollercoaster of emotion” that you will not forget.

The Chateau Series start with two sisters inn Paris, France. They are kidnapped and taken deep into the French Alps, a hundred miles in any direction from civilization. They were prisoners in a harshly cold environment. Escape would mean a sure death for both of them.

Fender is Commander of the remote, harsh encampment. His brother, Magnus, had been made a huge fool by Raven. If they weren’t blood his brother would have slaughtered him on the spot.

Magnus had extensive rebuilding to do to gt the camp back up and into production. Fender was making him do it himself with his own funds. It would take months.

Melanie, even in the harshness of the labor camp is prettier, like a shiny bauble, catching the eye of the guards. Then the Boss arrives. She definitely caught his eye. When she was moved to a solo cabin she was certain she would be used for his pleasure. She was stunned when he remained in his chair, speaking little, and not advancing on her. He promised he wouldn’t hurt her but she was not confident that would mean he wouldn’t rape her.

Book one of the Chateau Series is The Chateau.
Raven moved to Paris, France to join a study abroad semester program. Her sister Melanie has come for a visit and is expecting the two of them to return to the States together.

Raven has changed her plans and hasn’t clued her sister in yet. She’s decided to be a student full-time and study French literature. She has a job as a barista in a café to pay the bills.

Melanie wasn’t going to be happy about this. She and her sister were all they had and Melanie has always depended on her sister to guide her.

Raven has always been the leader between the two of them yet Melanie has always been in her shadow. Raven is the quiet one, not as trusting of people, and fiercely protective of Melanie.

Tonight is a sterling example. Melanie is all about partying down hard. She loves the attention and fun that naturally comes effortlessly to her.

When Raven sees two men, dressed dark and looking menacingly at her, she tries to pull her sister back. She knew they were bad news. The harder she pulled the harder Melanie yelled at her and pulled away to go join them.

Finally Raven let her go. But she just couldn’t let her leave alone and at the last moment she jumped in the car too, sitting next to her sister.

Just about the moment they wondered why they weren’t stopping at a club, they are both injected and pass out, drugged. They wake up on a dirty mattress and again the injections force them into submission.

They wake up again, bound feet and hands, and freezing. They are in the back of a horse-drawn wagon. Have they been propelled back in time?

They reach their destination and are hauled from the wagon and dumped on the frozen snow ground. They are brought into the camp, freezing, hungry, in pain, and very confused. There is only a snow covered forest as far as the eye can see. Why were they taken? Where are they? What do the big, hulking, menacing guards want with them?

Book two in the Chateau Series is The Camp. Raven is determined to escape this forced labor camp and to take her sister Melanie with her. She takes her time and ingratiates herself with the number two man in charge, Magnus.

Even though it is totally against the rules, Magnus falls hard for her. They become much closer than is sensible for either one of them. When Raven makes her move to escape with Melanie, she creates death and destruction they never saw coming.

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