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The Circle Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Circle Trilogy Books

Morrigan's Cross (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dance of the Gods (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Valley of Silence (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nora Roberts is a female bestselling author of fiction. She was born in the U.S. on October 10, 1950. Her books have hit top spots on best selling novel lists several times and she has written over 100 books for readers to devour, which they certainly have!

Her given name at birth was Eleanor Marie Robertson (you can see the origin of the ‘Nora Roberts’ out of this name). She used Roberts as her pen name as well as the pseudonym J.D. Robb and Jill March, as well as Sarah Hardesty in the UK.

Her books are not only widely read but have been circulated across the globe. Nora Roberts’ books have not only sold millions of copies, they have sold 500 million copies in total and still counting! She was inducted into the writers hall of fame and specializes in the genre of romance. She was actually the debut author invited to be part of the RWA’s Hall of Fame.

Nora Roberts is the author of many books and series, including The Circle Trilogy. This intriguing series of fiction kicked off in 2006 with the release of the first novel in the trilogy. It was called Morrigan’s Cross. That was quickly followed with the release of the sequel, Dance of the Gods. Valley of Silence is the third book in this fiction series. Check out the trilogy of books that people are calling ‘extraordinary’!

Morrigan’s Cross is the debut novel in The Circle Trilogy. When it comes to books, if you love fantasy or unique fiction with supernatural elements, you are really going to be into this story!

A tale that is so epic that it will eventually break down the very boundaries that exist between the so-called real world and the other world that sometimes exists unseen. When men and women come together in a battle that may just determine the fate of humanity, anyone stands to take it all.

Now are the last days of the height of summer, and a black sky is seeing lightning striking blue. A sorcerer stands on a cliff high over the sea, which is busy raging in response to the storm. Hoyt has been upset ever since his twin brother has been taken from the family by the hand of evil. Now he puts out his grief into the storm entirely.

The twin that he lost was a girl– she was named Lilith. As it turns out, she has had some time to spend with the family as she has been alive for the past thousand years or so. Along the way, she has served as a vampire and siren, luring men to their forever doom with her seductiveness and that kiss that is guaranteed to steal souls away.

Hoyt barely knows his sister at this point, and can only rely on the fact that she’s going to be going after the ultimate goal of taking over the world and maybe even ones that exist beyond it too. He knows that at this point, his sister has become a dark siren with power that is too great to take on directly — or on his own.

However, the power that Hoyt possesses are different from those of his twin’s, and they are derived from the goddess Morrigan. Through this goddess, he is going to get his chance to take her down and stop her from taking over the world. But he knows that he must get five other people in order to be able to make a ring of power that will be powerful enough to take down Lilith.

Can this circle of six take down a woman that has grown more powerful than they ever thought possible? Together with a scholar, warrior, witch and more, this circle is going to prove to Hoyt just how strong his heart, spirit, and powers have become. Can they take Lilith down and triumph in the face of danger? Read this exciting first book by Nora Roberts to find out!

Dance of the Gods is the second novel in Roberts’ exciting Circle Trilogy series! If you are a fan of the supernatural or action books, you’ve got to check out this suspenseful sequel from this bestselling author.

The Circle Trilogy continues with this compelling novel that opens up with the character of Blair Murphy. She was born to be a hunter of demons, and there’s nothing that feels better to her on this planet than killing a demon and taking it out of this world for good. She has grown used to working on her own– the only way you guarantee the results you want without someone botching the whole thing for you.

However, she’s joined a circle with five others for a purpose this time. The goddess Morrigan chose them for the task of defeating Lilith, an immortal vampire that has incredible reach and even loftier goals. Blair has never been able to trust others with ease, but it seems that she is going to have to be more flexible if they are going to succeed in their mission.

Larkin is not making things any easier for her. This shape changer is able to change into so many forms, from a horse to a dragon to a man. Blair is thinking that this nobleman might just be her type, as he is handsome and charming. But will romance only prove to get in the way of achieving their ultimate goal of stopping Lilith and her army once and for all?

The group only has a very limited time to take on Lilith in Geall, about two months if they are estimating right. The circle must get prepared and also do what they can to find forces to fight on their side against her. They must travel to Larkin’s world, and there Blair will face an impossible choice.

Can this demon hunter resist her attraction to Larkin, or will she end up putting everything on the line? Can they be together and fight Lilith and win too? Pick up the sequel in this series, Dance of the Gods, to find out!

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