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Publication Order of Colony Books

We are ready to introduce you to The Colony series, also known as The Wicked series, written by Nancy Bush and Co-authored by Lisa Jackson, her sister and New York’s Times Bestselling author. It is a story about a group of women who have psychic abilities and a target to serial killers. Nancy Bush is well known for writing genre related to romance with a spice of mystery in it, The Colony Series is comprised of 6 books each published between 2009 and 2014.The first two books of the series include;

The Wicked Game (2009)

The first book in the series release in 2009 has been rated at 3.83 out of 5 stars according to Good reads. We are introduced to Jessie Brentwood who vanished from St. Elizabeth’s high school, her friends believe she ran away or perhaps ran into the hands of a vicious killer. Twenty years later, her classmates come together to talk about the incident.

The main protagonist of the story, Becca Sutcliff, has scary visions on how Jessie died and somewhere in between Jessie’s killer has returned to finish them all. The book is very suspenseful that keeps you reading, it is hard to identify at first that it has some romantic aspects in it. The characters in the novel are realistic, always giving you that desire to see what will happen and how they will turn out to be.

The disadvantage of a romance novel is that it is always the same cliché, whereby the two main characters will obviously end up together unscathed. Nancy Bush, tries to be unpredictable by introducing minor characters, some may be remorseful some not, it is all up to you to read the book.

Unseen (2009)

Also rated at a 3.8 out of 5 stars, it is the second book in the series. The protagonist, Gemma La Porte wakes up in a hospital room without a shred of memory on what happened to her for the past three days. We are also introduced to Deputy Will Tanninger, who thinks she was involved in a messy hit-and-run. We see love blossom between Will and Gemma and such a shock when she finds out that she has always suffered from amnesia since she was a child. Gemma has a psychic ability of reading people’s emotions and she thinks she has Multiple personality disorder.

The antagonist, Bart (wolf) wants to kill ‘witches’, he ends up killing his mother, whom he perceives is a witch by burning her.

Unseen is very sinister, especially as you start reading the novel, the characters plus their personalities are introduced quickly. As you go on with the book the suspense keeps on increasing.

The story line has texture because we get to see the roles of minor characters as they play out in the book, some predatory actions and psychic abilities are introduced. At the end of it all the two lovebirds obviously end up together.

The rest of the novels in the series also have some interesting characters as well, for instance, in Blindspot we are introduced to the main protagonists, Psychologist Claire Norris and ex-homicide detective Langdon Stone. Set it Oregon, the novel is full of suspicion as they are forced to work together under the circumstances to find a killer.

In Wicked lies, the heroine Laura Adderley is pregnant with the baby of her soon-to-be ex-husband, Justice in the Turnbull the main antagonist in the story. We get to see more on a mysterious group of women who live at Siren Song Lodge. We are introduced to a reporter, Harrison Frost, Justice is free and coming after Laura and her baby at a very fast pace, definitely a page turner.

Something wicked, referred to as a colony, but others might see it as a cult, we are introduced to the inner sanctum of Siren song. The heroine Detective Savanna Dunbar has been pulled into a deep homicide investigation. It seems personal and more complex than one might expect.

Wicked ways, the last book in the series is about an ordinary suburban wife and teacher, Elizabeth Gaines Ellis, who worries that she might be the cause of brutal and horrific murders happening around her.

The colony series by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush came about when the two authors wanted to add a touch of paranormal activities to their stories. The story is mainly about a group of women who live together in the Siren song lodge in the Oregon coast. The town is being described as fictional plus the women possesses special gifts that people around find weird.

Something Wicked mainly gets into deep with the colony’s deep secret, unlike other stories in the series. Book two, Wicked lies is connected to the fifth book in the series, In the former a double homicide occurs in Bancroft bluff and in Something wicked, Detective Savanna Dunbar digs deeper into the investigation that occurred in the second book. This case leads her to the colony, Catherine Rutledge the colony’s matriarch wants to find out what happened to her sister, Mary Rutledge, who was found dead with a knife in her chest at the end of Wicked lies.

We are introduced to one favorite character, Ravinia from Siren Song the youngest colony member, she is hard-headed and always looking for a way to escape the Siren song walls.

This series described crimes that might be too terrifying to believe. The novels in this series are chilling, heart pacing and very intriguing; this supernatural thriller built out of suspense always keeps the readers on their toes.

Let us not forget the romantic aspect added to it to make it more interesting, and besides everybody deserves love. The characters in this novel have been well introduced building up the whole story, the fact that the paranormal genre was introduced in the whole series makes it very unique. If you want a novel with paranormal, supernatural, mystery, suspense, thriller and romance all in one this is the novel for you.

You can order the book online from Amazon, very advisable to read the book from scratch in order so as to understand the whole story.

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    Please, when will you release another wicked book?? I would love to read about Ravinna story

  2. Lisa Darley: 3 years ago

    When are you going to finish the wicked series? When will the next book be out? You ended with wicked ways, but there is no closure?


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