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The Completionist Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Completionist Chronicles Books

Publication Order of Completionist Chronicles: Wolfman Warlock Books

By: James A. Hunter, Dakota Krout

Completionist Chronicles series by Dakota Krout
Author Dakota Krout writes the “Completionist Chronicles” series of LitRPG novels. The series began publication in the year 2018, when “Ritualist” was released.

The series is set in a world called Eternia. It stars a man named Joe, who has moved to Eternia, from the real world.

“Ritualist” is the first novel in the “Completionist Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2018. A game that puts all of the others to shame. Magic which has totally been banned from the world. One man that is willing to learn no matter the price.

The decision to start up a new life isn’t ever an easy one to make, however for Joe, this transition is more than merely figurative. Getting a permanent addition to a game world, so it does not take that long to learn people with his abilities are actively hunted down. In fact, should the wrong people learn of exactly what he’s capable of, the hitmen would turn up in droves.

Joe, while pursuing his powers, dukes it out alongside his team, completes the various quests, and he dives into some of the mysteries of his class, which he quickly finds can be practiced in secret. His mission is to complete each and every mission, learn all the secrets of the world, and master all of the abilities. All he has to do is survive long enough to make all of this happen.

Readers liked the humor, the attention to detail and the ways they are worked into the story. This builds an interesting game world, and it is able to move quickly even while doing so.

“Regicide” is the second novel in the “Completionist Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2018. Joe, after the Mage’s College’s encounter, has become well known in Eternia. While the majority of his guild is wildly ecstatic over the bonuses he keeps bringing them, not everyone’s pleased with his rising influence. In fact, somebody has been spreading around rumors that Joe is actually unbalanced and sacrifices his comrades for his own gains.

As a result of this, he is required to recruit a group of misfits and he finds that their unique talents complement his own. Joe, with their help, moves forward with his plans to specialize into a much more powerful version of the Ritualist class that he already belongs to. But when the dust finally settles, is he actually going to be required to ask himself one question. Could it have been his own actions which started the wars?

This is a great installment in this series with some interesting new characters and moves the plot along in an incredible way, keeping you on your seat until the final page.

“Rexus: Side Quest” is a novella in the “Completionist Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2019. A treacherous companion, some vengeful assassins, and T-Rex head hands.

After the Wolfman nation gets shattered, Jaxon has got enough time on his hands to advance his skills and specialize into a better class. Since Joe and his other team members are on a mission that Jaxon doesn’t believe in or incapacitated, the misunderstood chiropractor turned gamer goes off on his own.

The issue with creating a path of your own is that you’ve got no clue what is waiting for you, particularly when low charisma guarantees legendary misunderstandings. Except that is half the fun, for Jaxon.

Readers found they couldn’t stop chortling along with this dude’s misadventures, and he’s just a hilarious and witty character.

“Raze” is the third novel in the “Completionist Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2019. Desperate base building. Humanity is on the run. Some dark deeds being done during the daylight hours.

Joe has begun drawing attention to both himself and his abilities. While some of this attention is good and it allows for some personal growth, most of it comes from different organizations that are threatened by the upswing of power that Joe’s guild, The Wanderers, all of a sudden have attained.

While the threat to Earth starts hitting its peak, all of mankind has got a choice: flee to Eternium, or they can stay for an uncertain future. Some go and others stay, and some do not make the decision fast enough. Back in Ardania, the human Kingdom is seeing an unprecedented influx of people. Demand and supply is an issue no matter where they go, as a civilization of a few million is unable to prepare to accept an eighth of earth’s inhabitants all at once.

Joe works to solve all the problems where he is able to, however he cannot be there for everybody. Particularly when there is a group of smiling enforcers which work to bring him down.

“Ruthless” is the fifth novel in the “Completionist Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2020. Sabotage and invasions. Two civilizations doing anything they have to in order to exist. War crimes have been the norm.

Joe takes his first step into exile, and is soon unable to breathe. This new zone has got a higher concentration of power, with the magnitudes being denser. His first mission is just to survive yet mere survival is the least of his worries.

The Zone that he landed on has been in a constant state of war for thousands of years now. A tug of war between the Dwarven and Elven societies. Not picking a side is considered the exact same as declaring both to be your personal enemy. Even though he’s resistant, Joe chooses reluctantly to go with the group which he believes is going to help him grow the most. And he is instantly pulled into their bitter war. To gain the freedom that he yearns for, he has to turn to less savory aspects in his class.

Engulfed by darkness, he can only hope that he will be able to snuff out the light.

This is a series that you invest in, both its characters and story, and there’s humor that makes you laugh out loud.

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