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The Corps is the title of the United States Marine’s military operations-related series of war novels penned by an American author. The author’s birth name is William Edmund Butterworth III but he is mostly (though partly) simply known as W. E. B. in his wartime literary works. The author, who is a nonagenarian, has many pen names, especially the pseudonym W. E. B. Griffin which he used while writing The Corps series. Griffin has served in the military in real-life and thus is inspired by his experience and suchlike historical facts.

In the military parlance, the noun ‘corps’ has two contextual meanings: first, it means a big outfit within a military organization which is made up of more than two divisions (various brigades and regiments); and, two, a faction within an army which comprises of specialists who are mandated to carry out special military duties. As such, The Corps series revolves around the experiences of characters who are executing military duties and responsibilities, often in foreign and far-flung locations.

The literal corps covered in the fictionalized accounts in The Corps hail from the larger Marine Corps, which is an arm of the United States Armed Forces, and other administrative positions within the US government. Subsequently, The Corps series comprises of a considerable number of out-and-out historical war novels and revolves around currently serving military personnel who have been dispatched to the East Asia nations and stationed in regional battlefields.

What’s more, the time-frame is the years in the run-up to and during the historic Second World War and it also encompasses the Korean War. Major Kenneth J. McCoy, who is also called The Killer by his war buddies after a self-defense incident which culminated in the killing of enemy marines using a fighting knife, is the featured protagonist in The Corps series written by Griffin. W. E. B. Griffin’s first book portraying protagonist Major Kenneth J. McCoy was initially published in January 1986, titled Semper Fi, and The Corps series of war novels is shelved in especially the military thriller and historical fiction genres.

The earliest war novel in the serialized The Corps, Semper Fi, takes places before, during, and after the renowned surprise attack on Pearl Harbor attack. In the run up to the historic and disastrous Pearl Harbor attack, a military offensive by Imperial Japanese Navy dated December 1941, Major McCoy was attached to the 4th Marine Regiment; this infantry regiment, alternatively called (North) China Marines, was situated in Shanghai, China, and mandated to protect American lives and interests. McCoy learns local and regional languages, especially Chinese and Japanese; this serves him in good stead as he is given intelligence collecting roles. The aforementioned attack, plus the Battle of Wake Island, also dated December 1941, provoked the US into participating in the world war. Basically, McCoy, a high-profile intelligence officer, is mandated to covertly collect intelligence in Chinese neighborhoods, while seemingly working for missionaries.

The Corps Series: Relevant Awards and Accolades
Author Griffin, who has also written other notable forms of literary works, has clinched different awards, been honored, and won accolades. The following are some of them. In 1999, Griffin won the notable News Media Award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. However, the 1980s brought tributes in his train. For instance, the book which he published in 1980, titled LeRoy and the Old Man, won the Alabama Authors Award which was proffered to him by the Alabama Library Association.

W. E. B. Griffins has also been given doctorate degrees, albeit honoris causa, by two American universities–Troy State University and Norwich University. Griffin’s publications were chosen by the American Library Association in 1980 in a listing featuring the best fiction for young adults works. Furthermore, in 1982, he became an inductee of Alabama Academy of Distinguished Authors.

The Corps Series: TV Shows and Movies
The Corps series is yet to be adapted for the silver screen. Even then some of his works have film adaptations. A notable example is a series called M.A.S.H. Robert Hooker is the original author of the first book in the M.A.S.H. series; however, Griffin then edited it and the ensuing film adaptation, which was produced in January 1970, was an instant hit. Griffin also wrote the rest of the books in this series, albeit solely. Donald Sutherland starred in this film as Captain Hawkeye Pierce while the co-star, Tom Skerritt, featured as Duke Forest.

A television series called M.A.S.H. was produced in late 1974 and, in the initial series, starred Wayne Rogers as Captain MacIntyre while the co-star was Alan Alda, cast as Captain Hawkeye.

The Corps Series: The Best Books
Expectedly, the first two novels in The Corps are the best in that series. According to public opinion, Semper Fi, which has been discussed previously, is the best of them. Based on popular opinion, Call to Arms comes second; this book, which was published in 1987, gives a fictional recount of how the Pearl Harbor attack changed or, better yet, pulled the US forces into the vortex of conflicts in South Pacific. The courageous, battle-hardened, and victorious US Marine Corps’ elite unit called Marine Raiders, who are on their mettle, are fronting for America’s military engagement.

Other Series You May Like
Readers who liked The Corps series also liked the following series of books. The first one is called Scott Dixon series and is written by Harold Cycle. Just like The Corps, this is all about military involvement in foreign wars and international conflicts; this involves especially two superpowers, namely the US and Soviet Union, in Middle East battlefields. Secondly, the World War: 1939-1945 series authored by Jeff Shaara. This series of books is set in the backdrop of the Second World War with Nazi Germany and its ally Japan daring to stand up against a superpower and other allied forces. But the Pearl Harbor attack sparked the conflict and, soon, it rebounds on Japan as America decides to attack it. The Red Phoenix series, penned by Larry Bond, is also noteworthy. North Korea takes advantage of a volatile situation in South Korea with the aim of launching its expansionism, assisted by the Soviets; the whole world may be pulled into the vortex of this conflict launched by a communist nation.

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