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The Cosega Sequence Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Cosega Sequence Books

Cosega Sequence Series
The Cosega Sequence is a book series by Virginia-born writer Brandt Legg who has been a stamp collector, real estate tycoon, wealthy businessman, show business and media personality, business trainer, business consultant, and imprisoned due to financial misconduct.

The Pacific Northwest resident acknowledges the impact that socializing with intelligence operatives, high-profile politicians, scientists, and celebrities has had on his writing career. His niches include sci-fi and conspiratorial thrillers.

Books in the Cosega Sequence Series
The Justar Movement, Chase Wen, Inner Movement, and CapStone Conspiracy are other series written by Brandt who is famed for The Cosega Sequence. First dated October 25, 2014; Cosega Search is the first book in the cryptic Cosega Sequence series. The protagonist is an archeologist called Ripley “Rip” Gaines, a brown-haired graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. The scholar’s interest includes prehistoric human race. The name “Cosega” is derived from the collective title for Ripley’s fictitious compilation of Native Americans’ origin myths.

External conflict: during an excavation at an archeological site within the Blue Ridge Mountains, a Ripley-led archeology team (alongside other students, including Larsen Fretwell) chances on a rocky artifact—smooth, glowing, and golden-banded stone carving (comprising of mysterious lines, circles, and dashes) of a globe located inside a gray rock—predating man’s existence, millions of years ago. Ripley’s funder is a hideous corporate billionaire called Booker Lipton, who also schooled at the University of Pennsylvania. Subsequently, both religious and governmental operatives —ranging from the FBI and CIA to murderous Vatican-affiliated agents called Joe Nanski and his teammate Mark Leary—are pursuing Ripley so as to dispossess him of the archeological finding.
Originally dated October 31, 2014; Cosega Storm is the second book in Brandt’s Cosega Sequence series. Archeologist Ripley and Gale Asher—she is a National Geographic writer— were in a New Mexican house, wherein they successfully escape from hostile soldiers that had closed in on them. Emboldened by a desire to prevent the prehistoric artifact from falling into the hands of various U.S. security agencies and the independent Vatican operatives—because of the ensuing controversy—Ripley and Gale leave their surrounded house through an underground tunnel that runs along the high cliffs of The Rio Grande River. The Vatican operatives waylay—in the New Mexican town Taos—the fleeing duo who are expected to contact and seek the help of a onetime drug lord-and-former fugitive named Willard Grinley. Once again, the runaways escape by rafting. Funder Booker’s so-called AX agents—his former workers who have since infiltrated the NSA—are also finding, and siding with, the fugitives.

Initially released on November 1, 2014; Cosega Shift is the third book in the serialized Cosega Sequence. Ripley is captured—then immediately released— by FBI agent Dixon Barbeau during a shootout wherein Vatican agent Mark Leary is, like another teammate (not Nanski who is in custody), shot dead. Ripley has since renamed the artifact—now called Eysen—and theorizes that aliens left it behind. Ripley and Gale escape to Mexico in a plane piloted by a family friend. NSA prompts a news channel to broadcast a false death report of Ripley during a shootout, including false allegations of a lab employee killed by Ripley who is also filmed allegedly confirming a contract killing. A Mexican former drug lord named Elpate the Great briefly hosts them. Ripley slips away and vanishes, hoping to demystify the connection between Cosega Sequence and the Eysen. However, other Booker-led BLAX (working alongside AX) operatives extract Gale in a high-end helicopter.

Originally dated July 12, 2016; Cosega Sphere is the fourth book in the Cosega Sequence series. Many believed the false news concerning the deaths of Ripley and Gale. Nevertheless, it prompted the so-called Aylantik Foundation—a secretive group including ex-soldiers, operatives, and futurologist—to hire two detectives to trace the fugitive who are yet to be found seven years later after stage-managing their deaths. However, the detectives—called Taz and Stellard—are now confident that the runaways are not only still alive, but also have the much-wanted Eysen (also Sphere) that has since inspired an Internet of Things-inspired navigation component called Eysen-INU manufactured through reverse engineering.

Gale and Ripley has since sired Cira, a schooling daughter aged six. Unfortunately, the Aylantik’s operatives after now located Gale after news concerning Cira’s serious injury at their school and the ensuing treatment plans, wherein doctors took Cira’s blood sample. The pursuers—who now include the Mossad—prompt Gale and her bodyguard-cum-BLAX operative Kruse to leave their hitherto hideout in Fiji, hoping to reach a far-off Central American island called El Perdido run by Booker. The fugitives are also hoping to know everything about the Eysen (sphere), including demystifying and discovering the origin of the fateful Cosegans—a named meaning pre-beginning.

First dated March 30, 2021; set six years after its prequel, Cosega Source is fifth in the Cosega Sequence series. Also called Oshah in the Cosegan language, Eysen means a handful of stars. In the book, Eysen tribesmen—including Trynn the Crying Man and Shanoah the Imaze—are attempting to prevent the extinction of both the Cosegan civilization and human race, as foretold in the so-called “Terminus Doom” via the ball-like Eysens sphere. It is revealed that the Eysens enables the ancient alien civilizations to communicate with—through the so-called Missing-Time (by bridging the time, millions of years, between the Cosegans’ extinction and Eysen’s discovery)— the then adoring future (now present-day humans) civilization through prayers, miracles, science, and particularly contact with Ripley and Gale.

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