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The Coven: Elemental Magic Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Coven: Elemental Magic Books

The Chosen Witch (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Witch (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Brave Witch (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rebel Witch (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Broken Witch (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eternal Witch (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Aether Witch (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fire Witch (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Coven: Elementary Magic series is an entertaining, action-packed urban fantasy series written by Chandelle LaVaun. It has a great cast of characters and a superb storyline as the author takes the reader on an epic adventure. There is a battle of good and evil and a journey towards saving the world.

The series features Tegan and Tennessee as the lead characters. The secondary characters are also fascinating and add flesh to the series. Readers will have a chance to learn more about magic and supernatural worlds.

The Lost Witch
The Lost Witch is the first installment in the Coven: Elemental Magic series (The Chosen Witch is a prequel novella). Tegan has always thought she was nobody, and no matter how hard she tried, she never fit with other students in high school. She now understands her nature that she’s a scary and powerful witch. The problem is that the Coven that claimed her doesn’t teach her how to use the magic she possesses.

The supernatural world starts unfolding in front of her, and she realizes that she has to master her magic fast. Later, Tegan and her friend walk through the woods to participate in The ‘Gathering’ and don’t know the directions so well. As they try to find their way, they meet other kids who seem to be going to the occasion.

Emersyon, a girl with the other group, helps them find a way to the occasion where they see so many people. The gossip in town has it that the place is haunted, and just when the fun has begun, things take a different turn. Things start being scary, and ghosts start appearing as wicked wind pick people one at a time.

The next thing Tegan remembers is an attractive and charming man with blue eyes. She’s so much drawn to him after coming to their rescue, and they are among the lucky ones who leave the Gathering. Tegan cannot stop thinking about the handsome man.

The man is named Tennessee and is the emperor and a leader in the Coven. Even though he has power and high status, he doesn’t want the responsibility. In his mind, he can’t stop thinking about the girl he rescued at the Gathering. On the other side, the Coven is ready to welcome the twins but has no idea of their identity.

Things take a different turn when Tegan is told that they are moving to Florida to meet her stepmom and sister. Upon arrival, she notices how her brother is so happy after seeing them. After coming near them, she’s surprised to realize that Emeryson is the sister her father has been talking about.

Just before her moment of shock is over, she overhears her stepmom and dad arguing. Emeryson and Tegan, having met before, start a quest to find out what’s happening. When they later discover their powers and the cards they represent in the Coven, they begin adventurous quests.

Can things get more complicated? Will Tegan find her charming mystery man? Can Tegan and Emeryson handle the bitter truth?

All of a sudden, she’s selected to look for a locket that is believed to be mythical and has the power toed to save the world.. Tennessee, an alarmingly handsome man, is the only person who tries to help her. He’s very powerful and has mismatched eyes which draw her to him in a unique manner. However, he is forbidden from getting near her, and when the quest takes a dangerous turn, she has to improvise.

The book has a great storyline, magic, secrets, love, and friendship revolving around two lead characters with different chapters and their points of view. The story blends romance and action to offer an intriguing read. You will crave what happens next to this intense love story. The plot is full of mystery and has twists and turns that keep the reader wondering what happens next.

Brave Witch
Brave Witch is the second in the series and picks up from where the first book ended. The story continues on a fast-paced roller coaster ride as more secrets are unveiled. Tegan is new to her magic and the witchy world. She’s still getting oriented to being a card and part of the Coven. She’s struggling to gain control, and her magic is not yet tamed, but the potential of what she can has no boundaries.

Tegan and Emeryson learn more magic, and Tegan now understands the meaning of the mark on her chest. The revelation of long-hidden secrets brings a feeling of Bewilderment and betrayal.

She’s now a witch, and all her dreams have finally come true though she experiences nightmares. There’s a monster in the area that wanders in the shadows watching their every step, and for some reason, it appears it’s targeting Tegan.

Now powerful and brave, Tegan sacrifices everything to complete a quest that the Coven assigned her. However, many secrets surround her: lies that taint her life, and a tiny mistake might lead to dangerous consequences. Who will she trust when she discovers is that the people close to her are lying to her face?
Tennessee and Tegan are strongly attracted to each other, but it’s not allowed in the Coven. When a new monster comes into the town, and no one has an idea of how to kill it, Tegan asks for help from Tennessee. Later, when a witch is found missing, it’s their duty to find her and get her back; otherwise, there will be a prize to pay.

Things are happening fast at the Coven, and Tegan and Tennessee will have to work with other coven members to figure out what’s happening before more lives are at risk. Tegan needs Tennessee’s help as he’s the only one strong enough to train her.

Her magic is too wild and unpredictable to fight the monster alone, but since her feelings for Tennessee are forbidden by coven rules, being caught together could put them at great risk.

The romance aspect in the book is heated up, and it’s exciting to see the characters develop as they explore their powers. Tegan is a likable character; she’s strong, determined, and takes challenges whenever they come.

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