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The Creeds Books In Order

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Publication Order of Montana Creeds Books

Logan (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dylan (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tyler (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Creed Country Christmas (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Creed In Stone Creek (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Creed's Honor / The Heart of a Cowboy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Creed Legacy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

New York Times and USA Today’s best selling author of more then 100 western style romance novels, Linda Lael Miller, takes you on a wild ride of family history, and country love in this series. A family descendant from her earlier works the Mckettricks of Texas come A family of wayward rough a tumble cowboy types, all bound to come home to Montanan for their own reasons. Each one then stays for reasons, they had never even considered when they headed that way. A tale that on hope alone can wrap you in and hold you.

In true Linda Lael Miller fashion, each book introduces a new main character and brings them into the town, with their own problems and past’s circling around them. The Creed boys have a reputation of stirring up trouble and kicking dust where they go. They definitely do not disappoint. In the beginning we meet Logan Creed, an old school cowboy with a dusty law degree. He finds his way back home to restore the decaying family ranch. However life can never be that simple. Something always has to come up, and as it is most often for men, there’s a woman, in need of help only someone like Logan Creed can offer. The book follows our rough around the edged protagonist as he adjust to the ins and outs of living in Stillwater Springs. His relationship developing with the young boy next door, and his single mother. And the trouble that decides to rear it’s ugly head.

Down the Road we will see Logan’s name a lot In his book of course, but then in mention in almost every book in the Creed Line. Hes a strong important character who always seems to the most reliable, even when hes coming off as unreliable.

Book two we meet the second creed son Dylan by page two Dylan’s already in trouble down in Las Vegas. When hes ready to call up Logan to try and figure it out Logan beat him to the punch calling first. It all ends up circling around and Dylan ends up back in Stillwater Springs. And sure enough there’s an old story from his past nipping at his heels. Though he seems more concerned taking care of his daughter. As the books go on the Stories get deeper and the family ties only grow stronger. It even has a Christmas book that tells the story of the family back in the wild west days. Giving a nice history and a thought on where it all started.

The series continues on from there to take us out to Colorado leaving Stillwater Springs for a while as more and more Creeds show up. However we won’t focus on that now, we were more interested in our Creeds and where we started in Stillwater Springs. So as The story continues we meet the next Creed brother. Tyler creed, world famous Rodeo star, He’s heading back to Stillwater Springs as a big surprise to brothers , Logan, and Dylan. The Surprise being, he’s looking for a fight, Tyler is the estranged brother. He chose his own path and none of the boys seem to get along. Plans to head into town and stir up some old issues. Of course he doesn’t see the girl who’s heart he broke coming, and something tells me it will be a much harder fight then the one with his brothers

The three of course end up together and it takes all they have to not burn energy on each other as they struggle under Logan’s leadership to restore the farm, and the creed name. The group starts their own cattle company and really turn things around for the farm that was overgrown with weeds and falling apart when Logan originally rolled up alone. Without giving away the ending I think i can safely say we can expect a lot of hard work, a little bit of trouble, and a lot of love to come from the Creed family. When the three of them put their heads together nothing is going to be able to stop them.

If you’re a fan of western style writing, rough and tumble cowboy characters, and love stories in the hardest situations, Then The Montanan Creeds series is definitely right up your alley. Linda Lael Miller creates a compelling setting, heartfelt characters, and a story you can truly lose yourself in. She earns every one of her awards and The Creeds is just one of many of her series that you can lose yourself in the pages of. A quick read of any one of her novels and you will be glued to the pages until the end.

Getting into her writing is easy, but then falling in love with her as an author is almost guaranteed. Her books have dedication and information about the human society, you can feel her love in animals with the pets she creates into her worlds. She gives them bonds that only can be formed through the love of animals. She also has her own scholarship foundation helping woman trying to better their lives through furthering their education. And shes an author who has no problem giving back to her fans with awards, prizes, and plenty of photo or autograph opportunities at her signings. The Montana Creeds and the Texas McKettricks Were two of her large jump to fame seris. But its Linda Lael Miller as a person we can be proud of the most.

In summation, for a compelling read of a story you can relate to and even believe is true in most parts, pick up The Montana Creeds: Logan. I have the fullest faith you wont put them down till the entire series has ended, each book has a way of leaving you begging for more. With all her different stories and genres, you are sure to find an author to add to your favorites list, and an entire new repertoire of books added to your must read list.

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