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Publication Order of Dark In You Books

The Dark In You novel series is an excellent series of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, new adult, magic, supernatural, and fantasy stories. It is written by a renowned English writer named Suzanne Wright. The series began in 2015 when Suzanne wrote and published its first book, Burn. Every story of every book revolves around the two primary characters created by Suzanne Wright, Harper Wallis and Knox Thorne. Suzanne Wright has set this series in the same world as her other series called Deep In Your Veins. She has also used some characters from that series and featured them in important parts of the plots. Other essential characters that Suzanne has mentioned in the books of this series include Asher, Devon, Taner, Keenan, Khloe, and a few others. All the stories take place primarily in Las Vegas. The books have been liked by numerous readers across the globe. They have appreciated the believable characters and mind-blowing storylines described by the author.

Many critics have given their words of praise to the novels on various literary sites and platforms. They liked every element of the stories presented in the books and gave genuinely positive reviews about them. Even the fellow writers of Suzanna Wright have praised her efforts and applauded her for coming up with such amazing stories. They have particularly liked the characters created by her and the excellent traits that she gave to them. All such reviews and praises helped the novels to become popular in many countries. They have been read by both English and non-English speaking audiences and much liked by all of them.

Numerous translations of the books have taken place in different languages across the globe. The successes of the individual novels helped the series to become successful as a whole and gave Suzanne a much-required boost for her future novels. She was highly motivated to write many more stories of paranormal romance. Suzanne was particularly overjoyed by the response received by the first book of the series. It not only made her joyful, but also filled her with determination to continue doing the excellent work of writing novels.

The debut book of The Dark In You series written by author Suzanne Wright is entitled ‘Burn’. It was self-published by Suzanne in 2015. Initially, it is mentioned that Harper Wallis works as a tattooist and lives a simple life in a small demon lair in Las Vegas. Her life changes overnight when she comes to know that her ‘anchor’ or psychic mate is a man who is believed to be the most powerful of the demons that exist. Knox Thorne is seen as compelling, full of sexuality, and filled with many secrets. He has made up his mind to claim Harper as his ‘anchor’. By doing so, they will create a psychic bond that will keep their inner demons under control and not let them turn rogue. Knox, a billionaire, also wants to share a night of passionate love with Harper. But, she is not sure if she wants any of the two things. There is no information available about the demon breed of Knox Thorne.

The only thing that Harper knows is that he is more dangerous than any of the demons she has encountered before. Despite facing multiple rejections from Harper, Knox doesn’t walk away. Later, when danger comes to harm Harper, Knox turns out to be the only one ready to risk his life to keep her safe. Being the Prime demon of his lair and a well-known businessman, he is known to make things happen according to his wish. Knox likes to be in control and make people fear and obey him. But, Harper doesn’t do any of those and that’s what he likes about her. With her elusive, complex, and unpredictable nature, Harper draws Knox close to her like nobody else.

Knox is adamant at having Harper forever and ensure she is safe under his care. He is ready to face any threat heading her way and fight with all his might to protect her. The only thing that he fears is that he might make his inner demon rise and cause havoc that he has tried to avoid so far. The second volume of this series is called ‘Blaze’. It was released by Piatkus in 2016. This novel opens by showing that Harper’s life is not as easy as she had hoped to be after accepting Knox as her lover and life partner. She went from being an ordinary member of her lair to the most powerful lair’s co-Prime. Harper likes Knox’s presence in her life, but sometimes his overprotective nature bothers her. Later, one of his demons turns rogue and becomes mad enough to decide that he must die.

This situation worries Harper a lot, but Knox doesn’t seem to care at all. And when Harper decides to stand between him and the lurking danger, Knox begins to worry, not about himself, but about Harper. He makes it his new priority to keep her away from harm’s way. Harper doesn’t want Knox to worry about her and tries to make him think about his own safety. Later, Harper comes to know that the combination of their strengths has caused an imbalance of power in the world of demons. This is why Knox’s life has come in danger as some determined demons have decided to set things right by killing Knox. Harper is not going to let the demons win and snatch away her lover from her. She decides to take the matters in her own hand and face the demons as they come to kill Knox.

Suzanne Wright is a renowned writer of romance, humor, and fantasy stories. She hails from England and is happily married with 2 beautiful kids. Suzanne is fond of Bengal cats and has a few of them at her house. She likes to spend most of her time sitting in front of her computer, trying to develop stories that come to her mind from time to time. In her spare time, she likes to be in the company of her family members and spend quality time with them. When is not with them, Suzanne can be found reading, writing, or doing her housework. Her husband assists her in everything and also serves as her first critic. Whenever Suzanne finishes writing a story, she gives it to her husband first asks for his opinion. Most of the time, she goes ahead with his approval and important suggestions.

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