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The Dating Games Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Dating Games Books

The Virgin Next Door (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two a Day (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Good Guy Challenge (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
My So-Called Sex Life (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Dating Games series by Lauren Blakely
Author Lauren Blakely writes the “Dating Games” series of romance novels. It’s a series guaranteed to melt your heart, scorch your e-reader, and make you swoon.

Step into the wild world of modern dating with this series, which are MF series of stand alone novels, filled with meet cutes, clandestine liaisons, mistaken identities, enemies turned lovers, and trysts with bosses.

“The Virgin Next Door” is the first novel in the “Dating Games” series and was released in 2022. Show of hands, anybody that’s done this. Written a racy message and then sent it to, oops, the wrong person. Yeah, Veronica’s done that too. Except, he sent his latest “Tales of a Naughty Virgin” column that details his fantasies about his hot, thoroughly bangable, charming, and hot next-door neighbor to, her whole company.

Did she mention she is a children’s book editor? She used to be, anyway. But at least the column goes viral, however she is still the gal that gets fired for her NSFW thoughts about the so-called “Mister Sexy Pants”. She now needs a job and fast, so she jumps right at the first opportunity. And she winds up coming face to face with her new boss. Mister Sexy Pants himself.

Item number one on her to-do list? Make sure her boss never finds out about his alter ego, since all of New York knows that she wants Mister Sexy Pants to punch her virgin club card.

Contents include: a clever and sexy romp of an MF, dual perspective, mistaken identity romantic comedy, that is complete with sizzling sexual tension, dating mishaps, a hot nerd boss hero, a chaotically delightful heroine, one awkward incident with glitter, and one virgin’s not-safe-for-work to-do list.

This wonderful read kicks this new series to a delightful start. Milo and Veronica trade banter that is both fun and funny, and their story hooks you right from the start with their sexy times, conversations, and all of the feels. It’s just so very compelling and entertaining watching their relationship develop over the course of the novel. They are relatable and engaging characters, with a cast of secondary characters that were also fun and entertaining. Readers liked all the cute rescue pets, the original plot, and the fact that the lead characters work together at a flower shop/bike shop.

“Two a Day” is the second novel in the “Dating Games” series and was released in 2022. What Drew Erickson should do as the new quarterback in Los Angeles is win games. What he should not do is try and win Brooke Holland, the sassy, sexy, fiery woman that works in the team’s VP suite, over. But Drew doesn’t always follow the good guy rules however, especially when he wants to take her home. Again. Then up against the wall. Again. And then, out to breakfast the following morning.

Drew can maybe get away with sneaking over to Brooke’s place for a few late-night plays. But then the team management blindsides him with this twist: she is now in charge of managing his reputation. However the play he is not expecting is this: the more time he steals with Brooke, the more his heart wants to rip the rules up. And that is a real issue for his job on the field.

Contents include: text snafus, sex hacks, major league dirty talking, bedroom dares, and some twists and turns that you won’t see coming in this sexy sports romance novel.

This is a fun story, with some well rounded characters, and features some pun-y jokes that run amok, but the dirty talk is fantastic. Brooke and Drew’s genuine friendship, mutual respect for each other, and some witty banter are what elevate this book for a lot of fans of the novel. Readers were hooked on the story right from chapter one and read it in about one go. They adored Brooke and they fell hard and quick for Drew, because he is a sweet, dirty talking, romantic, and swoon worthy man.

“The Good Guy Challenge” is the third novel in the “Dating Games” series and was released in 2022. Fake real dating with the one that got away? There is just something about bad boys. Leather jackets and tattoos, is she right or what? Trouble is, Elle Snow’s previous boyfriend was just a little too bad and now he is in prison. Her friends challenge her to take a dip in the good guy side of the dating pool, she sees their dating bet and raise them, by looking up Gabe Clements, the guy she crushed on while growing up.

With a heart of gold and a winning grin, Gabe Clements is now the star wide receiver for a pro football team. But this supposed good guy winds up being nothing like she imagined. He is much better. He is possessive, growly, and smoldering.

And he is determined as well. At the end of the night, Gabe asks Elle to be his fake real girlfriend for the remainder of the week. Sounds like her type of dating challenge since he is a good guy during the day, and a very dirty man after dark. She will cure her bad boy blues in nothing flat. Well, so long as she doesn’t fall for Gabe’s big heart too.

Readers are sure to fall in love with Elle and Gabe right from the beginning of the book. Gabe is an attentive, sweet, and alpha all rolled into one, and some fans of the novel found they’d be lucky to have a guy like Gabe adore them, and the way he treats Ellie is simply swoony perfection. The novel is filled with love, respect, banter, laughs, and serious talks about their dreams and wants, this is a pure solid gold story. Readers couldn’t get enough of Elle and Gabe, because they were such good people, with this delicious “bad” side. It’s also enjoyable reading about them exploring their role play and respective interests without ever feeling like they’d cause the other to run for the hills.

The novel is wickedly steamy, adorable, and full of the sort of heart that only Lauren Blakely is able to deliver.

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