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The Devil’s Angels MC Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Devil's Angels MC Books

Devil’s Angels MC series by Lola Wright
Author Lola Wright writes the “Devil’s Angels MC” series of romance novels. An MC story with heart. Come meet the crazy pets and the even crazier members of the Devil’s Angels MC.

The books are intended for readers 18 years old and up. It contains adult language, explicit sex, violence, and might contain triggers for some readers.

She had Gunner and Ava’s story in the back of her mind for a pretty long time however she’d never really considered writing any of it into a novel. Lola was complaining to her husband about how much she’d disliked the heroines in the previous four books she’d read and why. He asked her what it was she didn’t like about them and she said it was that they were either whiny, weak, and crying every other page or were just totally unlikable. Meaning they were total bitches.

Lola hated when an author would write a strong female yet went too far and made her somebody that you wouldn’t want to spend any time with. Her husband told her that she shouldn’t complain about somebody wrote their characters if she wasn’t willing to write one of her own. Hubby was right and so Lola started putting Ava down on paper.

Lola never planned for this to be a series. Originally, Gunner’s book was supposed to be the only book she wrote, ever.

“Gunner” is the first novel in the “Devil’s Angels MC” series and was released in 2019. Ava Beaumont was left to die as an infant, and she’s not had an easy life. Having been raised by the system has taught her to be hardworking, cautious, and independent. When she becomes a victim she uses her own inner strength to put it all behind her and just move forward.

Now she lives a good life with the family that she has created through adopting pets which were throwaways as well, including this skateboarding pig and a smart mouthed parrot. When she meets Gunner Ava realizes exactly what her life’s been lacking, however does she have the courage to trust a rough and big biker enough to allow him into her safe and small life?

Being President of the Devil’s Angels MC wasn’t something that Gunner asked to become however through the loss of his father this job was thrust on him. Even though he loves his club brothers and the club wholeheartedly, Gunner wants his club to keep moving in a much better direction. Once Gunner spots Ava the bakery owner, he realizes that is not the only change that he wants to make in his life. Nothing worth having is easy to acquire.

Readers liked how the heroine is smart and never overreacts to certain situations. She behaves like you would want a heroine to, and is quite the badass woman. Readers loved the animals, who bring a ton of humor to this story.

“Axel” is the second novel in the “Devil’s Angels MC” series and was released in 2019. Bailey is the independent, sensible, quiet, and hardworking accountant girl living next door. Her life is boring, sane, safe, and predictable. Her biggest concern is dealing with her wild child and free spirited parent. Until it isn’t. The day that she sees something that she shouldn’t have and crash into the wild lives of The Devil’s Angels MC is the same day that her life changes forever. That is the day that she looked right into the bluest eyes that she’s ever seen and knew that nothing would ever be the same again.

Axel’s life is perfect. He’s the Vice President of The Devil’s Angels, his club. They’ve moved the club in the right direction. He also manages the club’s gym, owns his own home, and have women around at all times that are always up for fun filled night. Axel has his club brothers, a new sister, and the world’s best dad. Family is everything in his world and he has a great one. What more could a guy need or want?

This question is answered for him once a little woman slams right into his life. He never saw her coming, however he is not allowing her to leave.

Bailey is another strong female lead, she’s so talented, and readers enjoyed seeing Axel encourages her passion. There is great humor woven into the book, and those that loved the pets from the previous book, they certainly hang around in this one as well.

“Pooh” is the third novel in the “Devil’s Angels MC” series and was released in 2019. Pippa owns and operates this home for victims of domestic violence, which doesn’t leave her wanting a man in her life. At least not a permanent one, anyway. Having been a victim herself, she chose to open this refuge in order to help other people that are in a similar situation that she’d found herself in.

Pippa was one of the lucky ones since her foster mom was always her rock, her safe haven. It wasn’t ever her alone against the world. They decided, together, that they needed to be exactly that for other people. New Horizons is born and they are on this mission to save all that they can.

Pooh is bored, restless, and he wants more. He wants what some of his club brothers have found. He wants that single woman that is meant to be his. Only problem is that he doesn’t know any that qualify. Being in a motorcycle club brings women in droves yet they are not meant to be his when they clearly are everybody’s girls.

But then he met her. The One. Now the issue is that she’s not interested in him or a relationship. Or even men in general. She is an independent and strong woman and is a little spitfire when it comes to protecting those that she has sworn to keep safe. She’ll be Pooh’s and he will prove to her that men, like him and his club brothers from the Devil’s Angels MC, aren’t anything at all like the guys she’s known before.

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