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The Diamond Brothers Books In Order

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Publication Order of Diamond Brothers Books

The Falcon's Malteser (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Public Enemy Number Two (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
South by Southeast (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blurred Man (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The French Confection (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Know What You Did Last Wednesday (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Greek Who Stole Christmas (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two of Diamonds (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Double Eagle Has Landed (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where Seagulls Dare (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Diamond Brother Mysteries Books

Three of Diamonds (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Four of Diamonds (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Antony Horowitz is ranked alongside Mark A. Cooper and Enid Blyton, as some of the best spy kids and the most original of the century. Ever since he was eight years old, Anthony Horowitz has continued to create highly entertaining stories. However, he had to wait until he was twenty years old when he became a professional writer and had his debut novel published. Apart from the extremely successful Alex Rider book series, Antony Horowitz is also the creator and writer of the award-winning book series, Foyles War. The collision is Antony Horowitz most recent work. In the television industry, Anthony Horowitz has written several episodes for Murder in Mind, Poirot, Murder Most Horrid and Midsomer Murder. In the year 2009, Anthony Horowitz became a patron to East Anglia.

Anthony Horowitz Best Books
The Falcon’s Malteser
The Falcon Malteser introduces the readers to Johnny Naples, an extremely small dwarf. The book begins as Johnny is visiting the renowned Tim Diamond Inc., where one Herbert Timothy works as a private detective. Despite the fact that Herbert’s real names are Herbert Simple, he loves people to refer to him as Tim Diamond. Tim Diamond is given a sealed white package by one, Johnny Naples. Naples asks him not to open the package or give it to anyone else apart from himself. It does not take long before the Fat Man begins to come after Diamond and his brother asking for the white package. Alarmed, Diamond and his brother begin to track down Johnny Naples, and they eventually locate him in a hotel. However, before they could reach Jonny Naples’s room, they hear gunshots in the air and upon entering the room; they find Johnny Naples lying flat on the ground.

Before Naples could completely pass out, he tries to tell Diamond something but in the process manages to tell him two things, The Falcon and the Sun. At this point, the Diamond has no other option but to open the white package and find out what was inside the package. The Diamond brothers were more than determined to establish the contents of the package. Once the Diamond brothers managed to get the package open, they realized that the package contained a box of Malteser. The strange thing is that the box of Malteser looked quite normal and the chocolate that was inside the box appeared to be normal as well. However, after a series of adventures, the diamond brothers realize that with the box of Malteser, they were going to be able to open a box that was filled with diamonds.

However, along the way, a famous singer, Lauren Barcadi who initially had proven to be quite resourceful, betrays the Diamond brothers. With that said, author Anthony Horowitz has done a fantastic job of delivering an intriguing and entertaining first installment. The writing was brilliantly done and was presented in the first person.

South by Southeast
In South by Southeast, we meet once again with the ex-police officer turned private investigator, Tim Diamond, and his kid brother, Nick Diamond. As expected, Tim and Nick create mayhem and solve the mysteries, which are presented to them. One day, Jake McGuffin shows up at Tim Diamond’s office asking for him. However, before he could finish, he is killed via a sniper’s bullet across Tim Diamond’s window. As the narrative continues, Nick and Tim find themselves in a world that is full of spy agencies, assassins, and lots of adrenaline filled actions. Before Jame died, his last words were South by Southeast. Now, the two embark on a mission to find out who was responsible for killing Jake McGuffin.

Towards the center of the narrative, author Anthony Horowitz builds tension when nearly half of London city is destroyed. Author’s Antony Horowitz tone throughout South by Southeast is not only suspenseful but also dramatic as well mainly because Tim and Nick are not only chased down but are also shot at. As expected, South by Southeast is narrated using the first person POV, and in the process, the readers get to see the action and what is going through the protagonist’s minds as the action happens.

Public Enemy Number 2
Full of suspense and humor, Public Enemy Number 2 is a novel that many fans of Antony Horowitz are going to love. It is evidently clear that very few authors have the ability to use humor extremely well and Horowitz is definitely among them. In Public Enemy Number 2 author, Anthony Horowitz manages to mix both mystery and humor and in the process delivers yet another highly entertaining installment. Public Enemy Number is twice as good and twice as interesting as the first installment. In Public Enemy Number 2, the local police frame Nick Diamond after he refused to work with them. The local police expected Nick to be incarcerated and while at the local penitentiary, he was to establish, who among the inmates was known as the fence. After managing to escape from prison with Johnny Powers, Nick and Tim Diamond eventually find themselves in an extremely dangerous cat and mouse game.

To prevent death, the trio has no other option but to change their identity. However, this does not work as their identity is soon discovered. Despite the fact that Tim Diamond is nowhere close to being the best detective, he still gave the case of finding a vase which belonged to the local museum. Nick may be several years younger than Tim Diamond, he is extremely bright and cannot even be compared to his older brother. With that said, Public Enemy Number 2 is yet another breathtaking read from author Anthony Horowitz.

The French Connection
The French Connection is the fifth installment in the Diamond Brothers book series by author Anthony Horowitz. In the French Connection, the Diamond Brothers have just won a weekend in Paris for two after participating in a bestle yogurt competition. However, as the two arrive, they soon find themselves in grave danger. Confectionary owners and drug owners begin to hunt down the duo. With that said, the French Connection is a great read, which happens to be irreverent, silly, and filled with lots of adult jokes. The French Connection will remind the readers of cinema and television icons such as Hardy and Laurel.

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