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The Diary of a Haunting Books In Order

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Publication Order of Diary Of A Haunting Books

Diary of a Haunting (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Possession (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Book of Shadows (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Moscow, Idaho, Diary of a Haunting. In an old 18th Century home, the Blanton family moved in a week after New Year. Immediately after the Blantons settle in, Paige has an instinctive evil eerie feeling about the new home. She decides to write her thoughts, her experiences in a journal. Paige records every detail about the new place. She religiously updates the journal with all the spooky things happening in the house as well as her new environment at school. She has met a new friend, Chloe, who isn’t spared either. Chloe features in the diary, Logan too, Paige’s younger brother. During her stay at the weird house, she keeps the journal as up to date as possible. Paige writes about school and her friend Chloe. She talks about her brother Logan and her weird mom. Her creepy mom openly speaks of the divorce with her father and his subsequent new wife aged 22 years. But Paige writes more on the sinister atmosphere of the house, and its many haunts.

Paige also documents about the bizarre data flies and spiders in her Victorian house. These creatures seem odd and nothing like the real animals. The bustling activity in her brother’s room makes her restless, evidently an irritant. Logan has insomnia, which makes him a weirdo too; she notes that in her diary and all the crazy things that he does while in there, in his world. Paige’s life in Idaho combined with her mom and brother wasn’t the place she had hoped to spend her pre-college years. She cannot stand anything in their enormous house, nor the students at the school. Everything seems rancid and distant. It is like waking up from a nightmare, and reliving the dream in the morning! She writes down all the details in her new countryside setting. As time goes by, Paige finds it hard to overlook the unusual things happening around their home.

Sometimes she sees things in multiples, strange writings on the wall, and her brother’s insomnia worsens. He starts walking around the house late into the night. There’s also a mysterious neighbor living downstairs, and he is hiding something, Paige can feel it. Things get scary when she finds out about the evil cult that performed rituals in their house nearly a century ago. The more Paige probes into the history of the house, the more it becomes clearer: The spirits dwelling in the house make their presence known, and they will not leave without a fight. Diary of a Haunting narrates the journal entries and photographs of a teenage girl. The book packs with incredible evil things, weird happenings in a Victorian house in Idaho. As things only get worse, Paige is also entangled in the corrupt mess; she discovers that her mother’s appearance reverses her age. It is now apparent that the huge old house is haunted.

Paige’s mom thinks they have a right to live in the house too. But Paige loathes the place. The worst is yet to come. This book requires reading in full glaring lights, some of the scenes will make you jump in horror.

Possession #2 Diary of a Haunting

Possession features a 15-year-old girl, Laetitia. She is a bubbly girl who likes to wear colored wigs and pretends that she is a famous musician with adoring fans. She dreams of singing to stardom one day because God created her with a unique singing gift. Laetitia dreams of performing live on stage, in front of huge crowds. In the tradition of the movie Stigmata, and perhaps the Exorcist, Possession introduces us to a young girl with a strange untreatable illness. Laetitia sees things, ancient things, odd photos, and images. But these things do not bother her initially. All that she yearns is stardom. Deep inside, she knows that she is special. Laetitia begins to comprehend what is going on in her head; the strange illness has consumed her body. Confined at home due to her illness, she writes down her experiences in a diary. The shivers and strange fevers make her so sick, sometimes spiraling to violent convulsions that leave her weak and worn out.

The mysterious, illness seems to have no cure. Doctors cannot diagnose her symptoms because they have never seen anything like it. Laetitia’s only consolation comes from watching the TV and sometimes when she writes down whatever she can remember. She keenly follows the news on TV, mainly the riots closing in on her neighborhood. But when awful hallucinations take over her mind, she changes into an erratic rupture of torturous convulsions and sharp terrifying screams. It’s too much for her to bear. Why won’t doctors give her medicine to quiet down the voices in her head? Laetitia suspects her illness is inherited. As she documents her feelings and experiences, she discovers there is more to what she is writing. Some of the things are too sinister to write. Did she even write all the horrible accounts? Laetitia suspects that someone has been helping her.

It could be evil combined with Holy Scriptures. The difference between Diary of a Haunting and Possession is that this one inhibits holy traits, it’s more religious than evil, or a combination of both where the good conquers the bad. It starts with minor visions and steadily worsens. The story was fast paced and engaging but very similar to the movie Stigmata.

Book of Shadows #3 Diary of a Haunting

Melanie needs a journal to write down her private thoughts. She is looking for the perfect book, preferably a strapped, secure diary. While shopping for her journal, she finds a smooth leather book embedded with strange golden symbols. On arriving home, Melanie develops strange feelings about her new, perfect diary. The blank pages intimidate her, and it becomes difficult to write down her thoughts. Her friend Lara thinks it is a magical spell book- magical spell book, The Book of Shadows. Too naïve to think about evil stuff, Melanie brushes off Lara’s idea, but Lara’s boyfriend Caleb, together with his friend Lucas, motivate her by asking her to start by writing creative spells inside the book’s alluring blank pages. To their surprise, a new spell appears in a strange handwriting they have never seen before! The teenagers discover that Melanie’s new diary is a magical book. The book of shadows contains hidden spells that work. The teenagers got what they asked for. Trouble. This third book is not as spooky as the first edition but it’s entertaining if you love the suspense in horror movies, this is it.

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