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Publication Order of The Dogfather Books

Sit...Stay...Beg (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
New Leash on Life (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leader of the Pack (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Santa Paws is Coming to Town (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad to the Bone (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruff Around the Edges (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Double Dog Dare (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bark! The Herald Angels Sing (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Old Dog New Tricks (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Dogfather Series
The Dogfather is a romance series by Roxanne St. Claire. This series introduces the Kilcannons starting with Daniel KiKilcannon, also known as The Dogfather. Daniel is a renowned veterinarian, and his love for dogs is unquestionable. After his wife’s passing, Daniel decides to start a dog rescue facility is his farm and run it with the help of his kids. The business picks up well, and Daniel has enough hands to help him handle all the dogs under his care. As he helps manage the business, Daniel will also be playing match-maker for his six grown-up children. This father has a few tricks up his sleeves and is determined to see his kids happily settled.

Sit…Stay…Beg comes first in The Dogfather series. The book introduces Garret Kilcannon, a former tec super-star who made it big when he created a pet-photo sharing site. Garret bailed out of a major deal at the height of his success, and it’s like he fell off the planet. It turns out that Garret went back to his hometown in Waterfront, where his father had set up a dog rescue center. Garrett ran the Water Farm with his father and siblings and enjoyed rescuing dogs and nursing them back to health. When a childhood friend calls the Kilcannons for an interview, Garret’s father, Daniel, agrees and welcomes the journalist to his home.

Garret is not happy to hear that his father agreed to an interview. It doesn’t matter that the journalist is his childhood friend and now a drop-dead gorgeous woman. Since he left the limelight, Garret has had a zero-tolerance for the media. He has a huge secret he wants to keep to himself but is unsure what will happen once the media gets involved. Jessie Curtis spent most of her childhood in the Kilcannon household. She was friends with Garrett and his other siblings, so she is no stranger to the family. When she gets to Waterford Farm for the interview, everyone but Garret welcomes her well. When she bonds with a dog that had refused to feed, Garret agrees to an interview if Jessie can make the dog eat.

Jessie does a perfect job of bringing down all the walls Garret had built to safeguard himself. Soon, the sexy yet complicated man she once made out with reveals his secrets, and this touches her heart. Jessie is falling hard for this man, and while her career is riding on this interview, she is not sure whether to sell Garret’s secrets. Is this her chance of finding happiness in a man who is caring and as sexy as she remembers? Garret is charmed and attracted to Jessie, and there is no denying the feelings these two have for each other. Will he be brave enough to tell Jessie what he feels about her?
Sit…Stay…Beg is a beautiful romance story featuring a large Irish family and a whole lot of dogs. You will enjoy meeting Daniel, Garret, Shane, Liam, Molly, and Darcy and seeing how they relate to the dogs brought to their rescue. The main focus is on Garret, who was once famous but later disappeared from the limelight. As his secrets come to the surface, you cannot help but fall in love with him. His attraction to Jessie is real, and you can only hope that their relationship will grow to something serious over time. This is a perfect read if you are a dog lover and enjoy adult romance stories.

New Leash on Life
New Leash on Life comes second in The Dogfather series. Shane Kilcannon worked as an attorney before joining the family business. Now he is known as the dog whisperer who soothes the wariest and wildest of rescue dogs brought to his family. When Shane meets a beautiful stranger in a bar, he never thought that she would have such an effect on her. However, after he messes up a chance to see her again, Shane has to develop a different plan. Taking care of rescue dogs had taught this man persistence and patience, and he knows that he would win over this beauty over time over time. If only Shane knew where to find her.
Chloe Somerset is in Bitter Bark, following her aunt’s invitation. As a respected force in the tourism industry, Chloe is full of brilliant ideas that could help Bitter Bark tap into the tourism market. This explains why she is in town. The mayor, who also happens to be her aunt, wants her to develop a plan to increase tourism in Bitter Bark. One of Chloe’s ideas is to change the town’s name from Bitter Bark to Better Bark. She needs local support, and Shane’s father is all too willing to let his son take his position on the board. Now, Shane will be working alongside Chloe, and he is happy to spend his time with her.

Shane likes everything about Chloe, but she doesn’t seem to like dogs. For a man who took care of dogs for a living, this is a red flag. Shane offers to help Chloe win over the locals and make them understand why a change of name would be suitable for them. In return, Chloe is to take care of a misunderstood dog for a few weeks. Chloe is not too happy about this job, but she agrees to take in the dog, albeit halfheartedly. Can these two young people convince the townspeople to agree to a name change and turn their tiny town into a tourist destination? Is it possible for Chloe to keep her mind off the dirty yet attractive man she shared a moment within the bar is now part of her team?

New Leash on Life is another thrilling read about the Kilcannon family. You will love meeting new characters as you learn more about the old ones. This book is focused on Shane and his budding relationship with Chloe. After that hurried kiss in the bar, both Chloe and Shane cannot keep their mind off each other. Will their feelings develop into a full-blown romance? What will happen when the mayor realizes that her niece is seeing a Kilcannon? Read this book for these and more.

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