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The Dogmothers Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Dogmothers Books

Hot Under the Collar (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Dog Night (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dachshund Through the Snow (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Tail (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hush, Puppy (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Man’s Best Friend (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Feliz Naughty Dog (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Faux Paws (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Peppermint Bark (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Dogmothers Series
The Dogmothers is a romance series by Roxanne St. Claire. This series is a spinoff from The Dogfather, and it is still set in the tiny town of Bitter Bark. The Dogmothers are Gramma Finnie, who has a heart of gold, and Yiayia, who is as strong as a Greek warrior. Together with the dachshunds, these two women will stop at nothing to ensure that their nine grandchildren are hooked and happy. If you enjoyed the Dogfather, you should be happy to know that this series comes with familiar family connections, similar emotional intensity, love, laughter, heartache, and an unforgettable dog.
Hot Under the Collar

Hot Under the Collar is the debut novel in The Dogmothers series. Firefighter Braden Mahoney is disappointed when Jelly Bean, his beloved Weimaraner, doesn’t pass the canine arson investigator test. This can only mean that he will have to pay more for higher training. When his grandmum and her close friend suggested that he consider using the new event organizer for the training, Braden quickly jumps on the opportunity. He had seen the beautiful and sassy Greek goddess, and working with her would be a perfect excuse to get close to her. Who knows, maybe this could be a chance for Braden to devour the whole of this beautiful woman.

Cassie Santorini has always put her family first. When her mom falls in love with Daniel Kilcannon, the local veterinarian, Cassie moves to Bitter Bark to be with her. A huge extended family is a lot of fun, and the hot firefighter who comes to family gatherings makes her stay in this little town even more enjoyable. However, Cassie doesn’t plan to stay in Bitter Bark for long. She has big-city dreams to pursue once she is sure that her mom is settled well in her new home. When Braden approaches Cassie to help train his pup, she agrees to help him organize a scavenger hunt throughout the town. This way, he could train his dog in preparation for the next test and save a lot of money.

From the start, Cassie tells Braden about her big-city dreams. What they have is temporary, and they are both hoping that even the sparks between them won’t last that long. However, things get complicated when feelings get in the way. Cassie and Braden are torn between following their hearts or their dreams. This story comes with two meddlesome grandmas, a dog with a golden heart, and a clan that is sure to warm your heart. The chemistry between Cassie and Braden is so natural, and the dialogue between them is fun, flirty, and realistic. There are also wonderful secondary characters that you cannot help but love.
Hot Under the Collar is an exciting romance story characterized by deep friendships, faithful dogs, and two caring grandmothers. It is incredible how the DogMothers matchmake for their grand-babies, and you cannot help but enjoy the ride with the lovebirds. Cassie and Braden are great primary characters. They both have tough choices to make, but when together, every problem seizes to exist. It is incredible how the author introduces the rest of the cast without overshadowing the main characters. The ending is satisfactory, and you can only hope to see all the characters in the next installment.

Three Dog Night
Three Dog Night comes second in The Dogmothers series. This book stars Alex Santorini, a chef working in his family’s restaurant. Given his deep commitment to his family, Alex doesn’t see himself working anywhere else. He is sure his Greek grandmother will do everything to keep him working within the family. However, when a chef position opens up in the local winery, Alex steps to take the position. The winery is organizing a celebrity wedding, and Alex sees this as a perfect opportunity to show the world his culinary skills. He is also looking to get close to the winery owner, a dazzling beauty who has captivated him yet refused his attention.

Grace Donovan is aware that the sexy Greek chef is all she needs to sort all her problems. However, Alex scares the hell out of her. Having grown up in foster homes, Grace has spent most of her life building walls to protect herself. She is sure that the intensity and passion that Alex promises her will burn down all her walls and later leave her broken, just like everyone else in her life. As this duo joins forces to make this the wedding of the year, they will enjoy their connection that goes deeper than their mutual attraction. They will also be involved in a search for the mother of three puppies abandoned in Grace’s winery.

The romance between Grace and Alex flows naturally, and you will keep cheering them on as their bond grows deeper. However, when connections to Grace’s past comes to the surface, their love is tested. It turns out that Grace’s biological mother had something to do with the abandoned puppies, and once the truth is revealed, Grace will have to make some hard choices. Will she choose the love she is sure never to find again or the family she had always hoped for? Alex is an easy man to love. He is gentle, loving, and once he discovers why Grace has been ignoring him, he goes the extra mile to help her. Grace is just as lovely. This girl had been hurt before, yet she is still opening her heart for love, albeit cautiously.

Three Dog Night is a beautiful and sentimental romance story. This tale comes with a huge mixed family, a gorgeous Greek man, a woman searching for her roots, and three adorable puppies. While the book is multi-layered, the author cleverly weaves the storylines that merge to form a happy ending. If you enjoy a lovely contemporary romance story, this book is a must-read. You will enjoy the adorable cast, the two grandmothers, and the passion between Grace and Alex. There are also endless laugh-out-loud moments that are sure to warm your heart and keep you glued to the end.

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