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The Doms of Her Life Books In Order

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Publication Order of Unbroken: Raine Falling / Doms of Her Life Books

The Betrayal / One Dom to Love (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Break / The Young and the Submissive (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Brink / The Bold and the Dominant (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bond / The Edge of Dominance (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Broken (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Broken is a prequel.

Publication Order of Doms of Her Life: Heavenly Rising Books

“Doms of Her Life” series is a set of novels by Shayla Black real name Shelley Bradley, a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of more than seventy titles. She is best known for writing historical, contemporary, paranormal, and erotic fiction novels that have been published by traditional, audio, foreign and independent publishers alike. Her novels have been published in more than twelve languages and have sold millions of copies over the years. She published her debut novel “Tempt Me With Darkness” in 2008 and the novel became the first of the “Doomsday Brethren” series of novels. Her seventy titles now span seven series alongside several collections of short stories and contributions to series. Shayla was the only child in her family and spent much of her childhood daydreaming, which was something her teachers did not like very much. As a college student, she got into reading and began dreaming of using her imagination to establish a professional career as an author. However, she went on to graduate with a degree in advertising/marketing and then took several corporate jobs even though her passion always remained in writing. She currently lives with her husband in North Texas and has been writing for the past decade. When she is now writing she can be found reading, watching reality TV, and listening to eclectic blends of music.

“The Doms of Her Life” series is a BDSM series featuring two or three doms with shadowy pasts. We have Hammer who lost his wife and has never gotten over it. Liam has been friends with Hammer for years and knows everything about him. Then there is the sadist Beck who has some excellent insights into the relationship between Liam and Hammer. The three men’s relationship revolves around a bright young woman named Raine who is uncertain about her future. Raine has been in love with Macen for half a dozen years and he has been her rock throughout though he has always rebuffed her sexual advances. Liam believes she would make a good sub and intends to train her in the ways of a sub. She is unsure of what to do since Liam is his best friend yet when she tries to escalate with Macen he always seems distant. Raine has over the years put up walls especially when it comes to Hammer and Liam. Both men are in love with her and often go at each other trying to win her love. Throughout the series, there is a lot of trust issues, arguing, bickering, and the obligatory steamy sex. Things often get intense with the doms’ jealousy coming out. Raine has to find ways to confront the three men and it is usually not that easy and she often gets upset even when they say they are doing it for her.

In “One Dom to Love,” the first of “The Doms of Her Life” series, Raine has been pining after Macen Hammerman her boss ever since she knew him. Wanting to get the man to notice that she has the needs and desires of a grown woman, she offers her body to him and pours out her heart. But she is met with a crushing rejection from the Dom while the sexy and very single Liam O’Neill watches from the sidelines. Liam knows that Hammer has feelings for Raine and needing to protect his best friend, he steps it to help him leave the past behind and find love and happiness again. He goes as far as stirring the possessive instincts he knows Hammer had, by packaging Raine as too tempting to refuse. But in the process of helping his friend, he falls in love with her. Hammer has refused to acknowledge his lust for Raine which has been burning for years. He had rescued the fledgling runaway from an alley behind his premier BDSM club and covets the submissive and gorgeous woman. But he has a tragic past and he does not want a repeat of what happened in his previous relationship. As such, he protects her but keeps his distance until Liam blindsides him with a crafty plan, especially when he notices that Liam now intends to make Raine his own. Hammer is not going to sit by and let Liam or any other Dom take Raine from him but could he get over his past and fight for her love. Or will he lose the fight for her body, heart, and soul to Liam?

“The Young and the Submissive,” the second novel of the series picks off from the end of the debut. Liam had managed to make Raine his collared submissive though part of her knows that she loves and wants to be with Macen and this makes things awkward. She hides her feelings for Macen from Liam and always distracts him with other topics whenever he tries to pry out information from her. Things get very interesting when over the holidays she realizes that her period has not come and she thinks she may be pregnant with Macen’s child even though she belongs to Liam. It would be a big mess, especially since as Liam’s submissive, she should not be talking to another man unless it is about work stuff. Things are getting strained between her and Liam and she often does things without thinking about how they will make him feel or affect him. By thanksgiving, it has gotten so bad that Liam tells her that even though he will be there for her, he will be uncollaring her. He has decided that she needs time to decide on her future though she thinks that this means he is no longer interested in her and will not fight for her. She resorts to her oldest trick of going missing which makes the doms go crazy when they cannot find her.

In “The Bold and the Dominant” the third novel of “The Doms of Her Life” series Liam and Macen have spent weeks trying to reach out to Raine and are at the point of exhaustion. But they finally make it through her wounded submissive heart and she agrees to come back. But before they can enjoy being reunited, Liam’s ghosts from the past come back to haunt him. His ex-wife is back in town and he has a secret that she threatens to unlash that could ruin his life. To avoid conflict, Liam decides to leave Raine in Hammer’s protective hands, while he stews outside frustrated and insecure wondering if he still has a chance with her or if Hammer has finally made her his. Hammer has always been a pillar of strength for his friends and tries to shelter Raine and help Liam at the same time. But Raine soon learns the truth and is now threatening to mess up everything. Determined to have their happily ever after the men devise a plan to uncover the secret that Liam’s ex is holding. But then an old enemy comes onto the scene targeting Raine and Hammer and Liam must team up to save the woman they love.

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