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The Dragon Demigods Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Dragon Demigods Books

The Dragon Demigods Series
The Dragon Demigods is a fantasy series by Charlene Hartnady. This series introduces sexy supernatural beings and their interactions with the human race. After keeping off mates for the longest time, the dragon demigods are finally getting into relationships, and there is no telling how these will turn out. Will these sexy alpha males be anything like their fathers? What will happen when they pair up with humans? Will there be any offsprings? Read this series to find out. The cast in all these books is quite intriguing, and some of the characters will stay in your mind for so long.

Lord of Fire
Lord of Fire comes first in The Dragon Demigods series. The book introduces Forge or the Lord of the Fire. Forge was born half a dragon shifter and half god. He has grown to be powerful, mortal, and arrogant, just like others of his kind. While being a dragon demigod meant he came with special powers, Forge was aware that he had to be careful about using them. Since humans did not know they existed and lived among them, the dragon demigods couldn’t be so apparent with their powers. However, each of them possessed a trait that made them stand out.

Thanks to his unique talent, Forge had built a successful custom workshop. He loved getting his hands dirty and was happiest when he was busy working on a car. His one rule was that he never directly dealt with a client. Forge was moody, a loner, and he could also be quite a bastard. He had never broken this rule until the woman in distress entered his shop. Ava is on the run, and it seems like problems will follow her wherever she goes. Her brother committed suicide because he owed some bad people money. However, while she should be grieving, Ava had to run because her brother had somehow involved her in his shady deals.

The murderous gang seems to be closing in on her, and Ava knows there is no way she can give them whatever they want. When she thinks things cannot get worse, her car breaks down. How does she get it fixed when she has no money? This is when she meets Forge. He is conceited, rude, and just what she might need to save herself. While the Demigods had sworn never to get mates or even have offsprings, this damsel in distress is more than enough temptation for Forge. This is despite the fact that he doesn’t know how to act around women.

Lord of Fire is an action-filled book characterized by rising tension, a solid plot, and good hot alpha males. There is so much drama around Ava until Forge decides to step in and help. Things get so hot between these two, and while Ava’s brothers frown upon their relationship, they finally realize that he is what they all need to keep her safe. The characters in this story are well developed, and the world-building is tremendously done. Even the villain is well fleshed out, and just as it is intended, you will hate him the deeper you get into this story. This book is an ideal choice when you want a story with lots of action, some mystery, and a slow build romance.

Lord of Hell
Lord of Hell comes second in The Dragon Demigods series. Once again, the author takes the reader into the world of dragons and super-sexy, egotistical demigods. This time around, the focus is on Night, the son of Hades. Night continuously goes to the underworld, and while he hates his father, he is always seeking his approval. On the few times his father notices him and sends him to retrieve a soul, Night is unable to turn down his request. He moves fast to complete whichever task his father wants, even though he still never gets what he wants. This is until he gets entangled in Shannon’s life.

Night’s father requests him to bring a soul to hell. The lady’s time is already up, and she had killed an innocent, so according to Hades, she belonged in hell. While he doesn’t share his father’s thinking about anything, Night stupidly accepts to take up this task. It is one of those duties that even him, the disappointment of a son he is, can accomplish without any help. If only this case was straightforward. Night falls in love with the lady in question, so taking her to Hades is the last thing that he wants. After all, Shannon is so guilty about what happened, and Night cannot help but think that something is fishy about this case. What will Night do given his current dilemma?

This is a lovely story that will leave you wondering what will happen next. The story begins with a dejected Night who thinks his father is evil but is unable to get away from him. His desperation for his father’s approval keeps him going to that screwed-up place where he wants nothing to do with Hades, yet he wants him to notice him. Things get intense between the two lead characters, and the building tension keeps you turning the pages if only to see what happens next. Will Night go against his evil father for once in his life? What does he find out about the crime that Shannon is accused of committing?

Lord of Hell is an enjoyable read. The storyline is intriguing, the pacing just right, and the cast quite memorable. You will enjoy knowing the characters in the first book better while meeting other interesting new ones. Get to read about these two tortured souls who find each other just at the right time. Some of the things they go through will make you so mad, but it is fantastic that they both come out of their funk and start enjoying life. Night and Shannon are such a cute couple; you cannot help but root for them and wish they build a stronger relationship.

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