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Publication Order of The Dragon Heart Legacy Books

The Dragon Heart Legacy is a series of fantasy novels by New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts. In the magical realm, Keegan, a teen warrior, emerges from a lake holding a sword representing power and protection. In our universe, a young woman discovers a treasure of her own. The series features romance, adventure, and magic, where two parallel worlds fight between good and evil.

The Awakening

The Awakening is the first book in The Dragon Heart Legacy series by Nora Roberts. We are introduced to Breen, whose life has been unfair, to be honest. She’s working a job that she despises the most, yet she’s drowning in enormous student debt from her university degree. She is also anxious and shares an apartment with her friend Marco. But who is Breen? She’s a young woman who has had a tough life. She is a redhead but often dyes her hair brown and wears beige to blend with the crowd. Her lack of self-confidence can be attributed to her mother, who always told her that she shouldn’t be seen. She was so close to her father as a child, but unfortunately, her parents split and much to her surprise, her father vanished from her life.

When Breen’s demanding mother is out of town, she takes care of their house. As she is up and about in their home, a gust of wind sweeps a stack of papers. In an effort to tidy up, she discovers that she has a big investment trust in her name that her estranged father was paying into. This crucial information was kept hidden from her by her mother. And since she is legally an adult, she withdraws the money, and for the first time, she finds it easy to live a life without having to struggle financially. The first thing she plans on doing is taking a trip to her father’s homeland in Ireland, and she brings her friend Marco.

When the pair arrive, Breen is astonished by this beautiful country and tries to gather clues about her father as much as possible.

As agreed, Marco must return home after a few weeks, leaving Breen alone in Ireland. She leases a rural home, and while out strolling one day, she pursues a dog into the forest. Breen falls into a hole near a massive tree. She first believes she has just plummeted a few feet before realizing she is on a separate planet populated with Elves, Fae, Sidhe, and Were. There, she finds her grandma and discovers the truth about what occurred to her father. Breen is initially stunned and incredulous and heads back to her cottage, but she assures her granny she will return.

After careful consideration, Breen travels to Ireland to get to know her grandma and the community as a whole. She is almost abducted during an attack, after which she discovers the truth about why her parents took her away from Ireland. Breen is rescued from capture by Keegan, the Taoiseach of the village. Then she finds that her grandfather Oden is a dark Fae who desires Breen. Keegan promises to coach Breen to perfect her abilities, and Breen embarks on a quest to understand who she truly is.
The first book in The Dragon Heart Legacy series is beautifully written, with the scenic backdrop of Ireland. Nora Roberts does a fantastic job of creating beautiful and descriptive writing that allows the readers to develop a connection to the story. The story will make you want to pack your things and move to Ireland. On the other hand, the pacing isn’t that fast, but that doesn’t mean it’s slow, either. This is understandable as the story sets the groundwork for future books in the series. It’s a story you will enjoy reading slowly, allowing you to root deeply for it.

The magic system is also soft, and the author introduces us to many magic and magical creatures. The book does a great deal of world-building and character development, laying a good foundation for this fantasy series. The main characters are Breen and Kegan, and we learn more about them through their adventures. Nora gives a backstory to Breen, and this history helps the reader connect easily with her. The supporting character introduction is also detailed, allowing you to understand the main characters better.

In most cases, when non-fantasy authors dive into the fey realm and add in some shapeshifters and dragons, it comes off as a cliché. That’s not the case with Nora Roberts, she beautifully incorporates normal witchy elements with some handsome fey warriors that will leave you yearning for more.

The Becoming

In the second book in The Dragon Heart Legacy series, Breen is again accompanied by her best friend Marco on an epic journey to Talamh. The two have the best friendship connection. Marco is overwhelmed and disoriented by with unique realm- a world filled with faeries, dragons, and mermaids but no Wi-Fi.

Marco knew in this new realm that Breen is not your ordinary human being. In this world, she is learning to utilize her powers and accept her true identity. Marco is well received by Breen’s people. The leader of the Faeries, Keegan has trained Breen but his desire for her continues to grow along with his admiration for her powers.

But one thing doesn’t sit right in this Fae world. One of Breen’s bloodlines isn’t there to see her succeed. Her grandfather has plans in motion to bring destruction to Talamh, and everyone in the Fae world must unite if they are to defeat the outcast god. In this war, losses, mourning, bloodbath and ultimate betrayal will occur. But amidst all these, Breen must soldier on to become who she was born.

The main characters, Breen and Marco, have the strongest bond. They provide unconditional support for each other and always, regardless of the situation, they find themselves in. Marco is wonderful. Because he is so in love with Breen, he enters this new fantasy world with a complete lack of awareness. These close friends will do everything for one another. Even when Breen unleashes all of her power, Marco remains by her side, fearful and uncertain but prepared to sacrifice his safety to protect her. Like lifelong best friends, they share an everlasting bond and often appear to understand one another without speaking.

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