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Publication Order of The Duelist Books

“The Duelist” series is a set of bestselling fantasy fiction novels by the post-apocalyptic, adventure, science fiction, and adult fiction novelist Eric Vall.

Writing for Vall is something of an obsession as he has penned more than 200 works of fiction over less than five years of writing. The author made his debut when in 2018 she published “Summoner” the first novel of the “Summoner” series of novels.

Once he published his debut and it became a bestselling title, he would go on to become prolific penning more than ten novels each year across more than two dozen series.

Vall’s novels have become very popular across the world and have been read and rated by thousands of adoring fans in adition to selling millions of copies over the years.

Eric Vall published “The Duelist” the first of “The Duelist” series of novels in 2020 and has not looked back since. The series of novels now have at least a dozen works with many more novels still in the works.

Over the years, he has received thousands of good reviews and ratings for his books on a range of literary platforms.

“The Duelist” series has to be one of Eric Vall’s better series.

The lead is Alex a man that was born in the foster system where he emerged jaded. He was initially working as a watch repair man and practices MMA casually.

However, he finds himself transported to a different world where he meets an abused cat girl warrior. She works on him to make for an open and more confident person.

He becomes a badass who can take on hulking brutes, swim across oceans and expertly handle a sword in duels with the best with just a few hours of practice.

Dueling and winning soon bring him many possessions and property that sometimes include the loyalty of the people he beats in the duels.

It is not long before he has several estates and wives making for interesting times. Over the course of the series, the main character continues to grow and develop to become an intelligent even if inexperienced lead.

Eric Vall’s novel “The Duelist” is a beautiful take on a clueless human placed in a new world with no instruction on how to survive.

The man in question is Alex Brightwood who is known for his anger management issues. However, he is also a reputable Trekky and this may help him in orienting himself in the new world he finds himself in.

He had been brought into the new reality by a nubile young woman working with a magical watch. Within a few minutes of landing in the city, he finds himself fighting in a duel to the death as he tangles with a beautiful cat woman.

Things move fast from there as there is political intrigue, demons coming from the ground, ancient curses, and magical ruins. The good thing is that the goddess had him specially blessed and turned him into an Asher, charged with protecting the people.

Full of romance, humor, and action-filled sequences in a gripping plot, it is an exciting fantasy fiction novel that will have its readers on the edge of their seats right up to the very last page.

With its steamy romance, interesting characters, and a new concept of adventure, what is not to love?

“The Duelist 2” is another intriguing addition to “The Duelist” series of novels by Eric Vall. This work continues to follow the life and times of Alex who is fast becoming used to life in Aventoll the strange world in which he finds himself.

He has been very successful and now has two gorgeous wives, and two estates, and has been the winner of two duels he was expected to lose. However, his success was bound to draw jealousy and it is not long before he finds himself a target.

His enemies want him dead so that they can take over his estate and his wives. But what they do not know is that Alex does not play by their rules and he is not from their world.

With a target on his back, he has to use all his powers, strength, and wiles to protect his loved one. He works with Shay, Zoie, and several other friends as he fast learns how to survive in the new world.

He will need not just to survive the demons and assorted wildlife but also the evil hearts of the Ashers.

Along the way, he had become a foster father and over time a wealthy man who engages in all manner of bedroom activities, battle, and great treachery.

It makes for an entertaining and fun work with well-developed and likable characters.

The third novel of “The Duelist 3” series of novels by Eric Vall is “The Duelist 3.”
In this outing, Alex is fresh from beating Archus Doler who is another of his enemies. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of evil lurking in the shadowy darkness of Nata Isle.

Lord Asher Mec invites his sisters who know magic to come and do some investigations but Alex and his loved ones remain in danger. But Alex will not allow anyone to come against his family while he watches.

However, he is still recovering from his last duel in which he was cursed. But while he would have loved it, he cannot relax in his estate in Ithaca with his wives given the circumstances.

Danger and adventure abound and Alex’s reputation is enhanced as he engages in charitable work and this enhances his image even further. It is at this time that he develops a strong connection with a new woman who comes into his life.

What the reader is treated to is a rich fantasy world with a polyamorous relationship. Keeping his family safe remains a consuming activity for Alex even though he is still learning how to survive in this very new and yet very dangerous world.

Full of romance, intrigue, humor, and action it makes for a thrilling unputdownable work.

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