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Publication Order of The Extravagant Books

One Night Only (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Exquisite Touch (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Alluring Chance (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Extravagant series by Lauren Blakely
Author Lauren Blakely writes “The Extravagent” series of contemporary romance novels.

“One Night Only” is the first novel in the “Extravagant” series and was released in 2020. A delicious new romance that features a protective and strong bodyguard and the brilliant and beautiful hotel heiress that he protects.

Ivy Carmichael should not want Callum Blackwell, her bodyguard, the way she does. His job is to protect her. It isn’t to fulfill all of her nighttime wishes. And so she resists the guy, fighting the enticing pull of the powerful guy that watches over her. Until the night that they combust in her penthouse suite. It will not happen again, they say the very next day.

Besides Ivy is on a singular mission: pulling off the event of a lifetime, a one night only concert with one of the world’s biggest rock stars. A man that her bodyguard just so happens to know. And a good bodyguard knows all kinds of things about his client. As it turns out he knows her secret wishes, and Callum wants to make them all come true. Including this VIP engagement so she can experience both guys at the same time. She wants to say yes, however what if Ivy falls even more in love with the guy whose mission is to protect her?

This is a sexy, red hot love story with a toe-curling, sheet grabbing MFM sequence.

Readers enjoyed how Lauren blends sweet with sexy with touching and intimate moments during which characters are able to cement their relationship which goes beyond the bedroom. Callum is amazing, and the perfect combination of a tough manly man that has a vulnerable heart too. Ivy is intelligent, tightly wound, and focused. Callum and Ivy have scorching hot chemistry with each other, and the MFM scenes are smoking hot as well.

Lauren tells such a great story, with client and bodyguard that have such strong sexual chemistry and are sensuous, passionate, and delicious together in such a well paced novel.

Stone is unfiltered, pushy, and sexy in his own way. Readers also loved Jackson, Stone’s bodyguard. They have a fantastic witty rapport. It’s great getting everybody’s perspective, and hope to read more about Jackson and Stone in future books.

“One Exquisite Touch” is the second novel in the “Extravagant” series and was released in 2020. A sexy enemies to lovers stand alone, rich with billionaires, masquerades, and forbidden trysts.

When the invitation arrived, it detailed all of the rules of the masquerade: no identities and no names. Sage Carmichael set another: find a most wicked man for a single night, the sort that will bring her deliciously naughty pleasure. However while the clock ticks to midnight, Cole finds her, whisks her away to this secret alcove, and he delivers all of that dirty bliss and then some, leaving her craving even more.

They make arrangements to have another secret rendezvous. However fate’s got other plans, since she runs into him the very next morning. It turns out that the stranger at the ball is also the billionaire owner of the hotel just across the strip from hers. Her enemy and her rival. The very last thing she will do is allow this mercurial and brilliant man that wants a piece of her business into her bed again. However when the guy throws down a risque and daring bet, she will have to choose if she wants to walk away. Or raise the stakes.

This is a wickedly racy and high stakes love story between a woman and a man. Also features several sexy MFM love scenes.

Cole is all kinds of swoony, hot, and intuitive man, and Sage is a strong woman that knows exactly what she wants. Sage and Cole are perfect for each other. They may have a rough start, yet it is so great the way that they care for one another. Their chemistry was just enough to melt anybody and they are downright explosive with each other.

Their issues and motivations are well developed and allow us to better understand what drives them and their insecurities. This goes for the side characters, as well as the lead characters. So even though there are some deliciously naughty sexy times, there is still emotion and depth too.

Lauren has a gift for creating characters and worlds that truly feel real each and every time you pick one of her books up and this one isn’t any exception.

“My One Week Husband” is the third novel in the “Extravagant” series and was released in 2021. A fake marriage. A week long trip. And seven delicious nights with just a single bed in the hotel room.

Scarlett and Daniel are business partners, good friends, and Daniel is the man Scarlett’s been craving for years. However she has resisted this sexy Brit, and she plans on keeping her walls up because she’s been there and done that, and she knows exactly how much it hurts when you allow somebody into your heart. Then this opportunity comes along for them to snag the business deal of a lifetime. The only catch? They will have to pretend they are a married couple to pull the deal off.

So this charming and clever man with secrets a mile deep is her temporary husband, while they travel around Europe. They soon fall into bed together, tangled up like newlyweds that cannot keep their hands off one another. Just a week to explore their fantasies, and then return to who they were. However when she learns the dark secrets that he has been keeping, Scarlett doubts that they can ever go back. Because they change everything.

Readers devoured this novel. It is sexy, fun, and they truly appreciated and were intrigued that these characters had a bit of darkness in their pasts, as it gives them a lot of development to their individual arcs.

Scarlett and Daniel’s working relationship and friendship through the years created this closeness alone with fun flirtations which lent itself to a history of denied attraction. Stories where the attraction and feelings develop over time are more relatable and believable than stories where it’s instant.

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