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Publication Order of The Fallen Books

Angel of Darkness (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel Betrayed (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel in Chains (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Avenging Angel (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

“The Fallen” series by Gabrielle Sands is a set of mafia romances by Gabrielle Sands, a bestselling author best known for her dangerous, smart, and sexy romance fiction novels.
She usually pens her heroes as influential mafia men with beautiful women who keep them on their toes. Her characters typically decide to retake control of their own lives and it is during this process that they ultimately find love.

Like many novelists, Gabrielle Sands has always been an avid reader who finds inspiration for her works from across many genres.

She can usually be found reading anything from grimdark fantasy, paranormal romance, literary fiction, high fantasy, fantasy romance, reverse harem, science fiction, science fiction, and contemporary romance.
Before she became a bestselling author she spent more than 10 years in business and learned all about strategy and spreadsheets.

But when she is not reading, she has been known to enjoy traveling to exotic places with her husband or exploring the city where she happens to currently live.
Some of her favorite places to visit are Spain, Mexico, and France and she sometimes weaves these settings into her novels.

Gabrielle currently makes her home in a small Mexican town and when she is not writing, reading, or preparing for her next trip, she can be found grabbing a cocktail and eating something with cheese on it.

“The Fallen” series by Gabrielle Sands is an intense romance fiction thriller set of novels that usually combines sunshine with seriously grumpy to make for some super fascinating works.
The leads in the novels are usually grumpy, jaw-dropping, mouth-drooling, sheet-gripping, toe-curling, and mind-blowing possessive men.

These are men who will have you on your knees as they are so hot right from their bodies to how they speak and carry themselves. Nonetheless, they are obsessed and also soft for the heroine, which can make tears run down your face.
They also come with heart-aching backstories about how they became the alpha men that they are today that will make you proud of their achievements.

As for the heroines, they are bold young women who are as badass as they could get. Their character makes them the perfect fit for the heroes as they support each other, even as they develop romantically to make some very beautiful relationships.
The novels are also full of turns and plot twists that you will never see coming. The author also includes some interesting side characters in each novel, as she sets up nicely for the next work in the series.

“When She Unravels” is the first thrilling novel of “The Fallen” series of novels by Gabrielle Sands that tells the story of Damiano and Valentina.

Damiano is Ibiza’s most powerful man but he will do anything to get Valentina and make her his. On her part, Valentina has been raised to become the perfect wife to a mafia man.

But then her marriage becomes a never-ending nightmare. With no other choice, she leaves everything behind as she intends to start a new life. She finds herself all alone in Ibiza which is a city known to swallow innocent girls like her alive.
Right on the day she arrives, she is robbed and has nothing more than the clothes on her back and a few euros to her name.

Desperate, she finds Damiano De Rossi the man who rules Ibiza with an iron fist, even though you cannot tell from his very handsome face. She asks him for any job she can get and he gives her toe-curling lust, jealousy, and degradation.
When her resistance evaporates, a secret is revealed and she thinks she needs to run, only to find he has her bound already.

The second novel of “The Fallen” series is When She Tempts which tells the story of Giorgio and Martina.

Martina happens to be the sister of Damiano De Rossi who has gone through hell to be where she is today.

The man charged with keeping her safe is Giorgia, since her brother is too busy waging war and he does not want her to be taken and used against him as a hostage.
Giorgio sees it as a chance to finally get some longstanding revenge as she could not have been a better pawn with her brother about to become the Don.

He has some beef with Don Sal, one of the most influential men in the city who is fighting for supremacy with Damiano.

The former is his biological father who had raped his mother and never bothered to take care of him and his mother, leaving Girogia feeling unloved and rejected.
He had always wanted to revenge against Sal to repay the pain and suffering of his mother but all that has gone out the window.

Martina was supposed to be an excellent bargaining chip but with silky blond hair, a body to die for, and innocent eyes, she is the personification of temptation.

“When She Falls” is the third novel of “The Fallen” series of novels by Gabrielle Sands that tells the story of Gemma and Ras.

Gemma is an engaged woman who thinks gentlemen should not be looking at engaged women the way Ras is looking at her. On his part,

he is the underboss of one of the most powerful clans in the area but he is also danger and chaos packaged into a sleek Italian suit.

The first time they had met she believed he had been sent to kill her but the second time it was she who wanted to kill him. They met in Ibiza the third time as she glared at him on the aisle across as she attended the wedding of her sister to his boss.
It is not his taunting smirks or his sharp tongue that gets to her, it is his gaze. It narrows when she flinches and hardens when he sees her face all bruised. He glares at her engagement ring and could melt it off with just his eyes if he could.
She knows there is nothing worse than letting him push her buttons since the fate of her entire family is dependent on her upcoming nuptials and her fiance only wants her because of her spotless reputation.
If she lets Ras close, he would stamp all over that pristine reputation.
But what can she do when he is like a drug?

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