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The Fallen Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Fallen Books

Angel of Darkness (2011)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Angel Betrayed (2012)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Angel in Chains (2012)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Avenging Angel (2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

“The Fallen” is a series of novels by American paranormal romance novelist Cynthia Eden. The series follows the lives of angels of death that are charged with collecting souls that they have been allocated. Other than the angels of death the paranormal series of novel is full of other supernatural creatures including shape shifters, demons, and vampires. The first novel of the still ongoing series was “Angel of Darkness” that was first published in 2011, to much critical acclaim and commercial success. The author Cynthia Eden is an IndieReader, Digital Book World, USA Today, and New York Times bestselling author that has been active since 2008. Eden is best known for writing sexy romantic suspense and paranormal novels of which her debut was “Hotter After Midnight” of the Midnight Trilogy.

Cynthia Eden is a very popular writer that has earned critical acclaim, massive commercial success, and won several awards in her career. Her most prestigious award was a RITA that she was shortlisted for in the paranormal romance and suspense categories in 2009. While she had her breakout year in 2008, she has been writing full time as an indie author since 2005, and currently has more that seventy novels and novellas to her name. Her series include the likes of “Lazarus Rising”, “Killer Instinct”, “Bad Things”, “Blood and Moonlight”, “Dark Obsession” among many other freestanding novels and short story collections. While she is best known for paranormal romance, Cynthia is more of a hybrid writer as she has also published horror and pure contemporary romance. Cynthia currently resides in Alabama and asserts that she loves chocolate, horror movies, and romance novels, spelunking, and hiking the mountains.

“The Fallen” series of novels are all about frighteningly sexy fallen angels with a conscience. Given their powers to exact the punishment of death they will not sit back and watch people committing atrocities. Eden introduces strong and charming alpha male characters who ooze personality. Their raw maleness makes them instantly likable making it almost impossible for the heroine to resist their charms. They are dauntless and dark characters that are definitely the only person you would like to have alongside you if you are in trouble. As such, they are often employed in protecting the weak and vulnerable that often is the object of their lusts and desires. The heroine is a fun and fearless character that is as manipulative as she is mysterious. These women know what they want and using their seduction and charm get the object of their desires. However, their plans do sometimes fail, though they are ambitious enough to persist until they achieve their goals. Nonetheless, while they live to entrap the man of their dreams into a romantic relationship with their blonde charms, they have a beautiful and genuinely kind charm beneath all the boldness and courage they exhibit. What makes Cynthia Eden’s characters so awesome is that they are so relatable, that the reader can feel their joy and pain and walk their journey with them. Overall, the novels are about being lost and finding redemption and love, while giving up ones desires for the sake of love.

Over the course of the Fallen series, Eden delves deeper into the paranormal world. She describes the politics of Heaven and the hierarchy between the paranormal beings that populate the novels. She fleshes out the characters to bring out their softer side as a mirror to the slightly evil, cold, and dangerous nature, particularly of the angels of death. Even as the heroes are strong men that are not immune to selfish pleasures and a little bit of vanity, they do not fall for these but rather for justice. The heroine is also a well-rounded character who grows over the course of the series to make for a determined and full of spunk character. It makes for interesting reading to learn that the heroine loves freedom more than anything, though they are not above deception to achieve their end goal. Cynthia keeps the reader guessing on just what her characters are going to do next, even as the characters grow and evolve to complement each other. The romance and passion is sizzling with the constant struggle between the fallen angels and the tension and passion between the half succubus heroine, Seline. The author makes for some surprising endings as the novels end in explosive twists to leave the reader in thrall.

“Angel of Darkness” is a novel that introduces former angel of death Keenan that had lived for his mission for thousands of years. Unlike humans, he never had to deal with emotion and hence fulfilling his duties had never been a problem. But then he met Nicole who struck a chord with him unlike anyone ever had. She had attracted him with her goodness that he just had to intervene when she was in trouble. Of course, he was fired and cast out of Heaven for taking a life he was never asked to take, and for interfering in something that was none of his business. He lost his powers and wings and soon found himself full of sensations and emotions he previously only associated with humans. When he finally meets up with Nicole, she is a changed girl as she is a vampire that had done some bad things since converting. He finds it difficult to reconcile himself with the fact that what he had sacrificed his life for had turned out to be an evil vampire. Nonetheless, there is still hope for the relationship as Nicole is not a fully bad vampire. She wants to have a relationship with Keenan and is worried that he would think less of her if he knew what she had done. With vampire misdeeds in her past, Keenan may just have to learn to have a relationship with the new Nicole.

“Angel” the second novel of the series is an awesome paranormal romance that follows Sam the former Angel of Death. Sam had been cast out for refusing to apologize for killing evil men that had not been on his list. Centuries later, he meets Seline, a beautiful woman that takes his breath away. She claims that she needs his help though what he does not realize is that she is a succubus that can drain energy form him through a simple kiss. But he has always been a man of restraint and he soon learns just what she is and strikes a deal with her instead. He needs her to help Az, his recently fallen brother get acclimatized to his new surroundings. In exchange, Seline will get help to get rid of one of her either half angel or half demon side. There is much action, hot sex, and great passionate scenes that make for a great story.

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