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The Frey Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Frey Saga Books

Frey (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pieces of Eight (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Seven (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow and Stone (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Venom and Steel (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Feather and Bone (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

“The Frey Saga” is a series of fantasy fiction novels by the young adult, paranormal, and fantasy fiction author Melissa Wright.

Just like in her writing, she loves to read about heroines in unreasonable circumstances who are paired with brooding heroes in stories with a lot of havoc sweet and slow-burn kisses, and a little magic.

She penned “Frey,” the debut novel of the “Frey Saga” series of novels in 2011. The series of novels now has more than half a dozen titles. Melissa Wright got inspired to pen the “Frey Saga” series of novels after watching too many science fiction movies.
She used to constantly joke with her friend that they would make their own movie but ultimately the more practical thing to do was to write fiction.

She had just finished writing the “Twilight saga” and since she found the first-person narrative style of Stephenie Meyer hugely appealing, she decided to try it out for the “Frey Saga.”
Melissa usually provides updates to her upcoming works in the newsletter on her website where she also offers information on new releases and contests.

When she is not writing her novel, she can usually be found with her headphones listening to an audiobook, painting something from a book, or talking with an author friend.

The “Frey Saga” series of novels tells the story of Frey, a woman unaware of the fact that she cannot use magic anymore as she has been bound.

She has been living a miserable and small life in the village where she had been banished following the death of her mother.

However, a flurry of changes ignites a tiny spark and she suddenly finds herself forced to rely on strangers for protection as she is being hunted by the council. The further she runs from what she had known as home, the more her forgotten memories and her magic return.
It is not long before she begins thinking the band of strangers may not have been very truthful about who they are. They help her break bonds and find her identity and place, but magic alone might not be enough to secure her future.

The “Frey Saga” throws its readers right into the life of Frey at a time when her life is falling apart. She does not understand what is happening and since her story is told from her point of view, the readers get a front seat and get to see her as she figures out things.
Over the course of the series, things just keep getting worse for her and she needs to figure out how to break bonds and who to trust while running for her life.

“Frey” the first novel of “The Frey Saga” series introduces Elfreda Frey who does not know who she is since her memory has been wiped clean. She makes her home in a small Elven town where she lives with Aunt Fannie who has to be completely nuts.

However, Elfreda is not like anyone else since she does not possess any magical powers and cannot even make plants grow. Things turn interesting when she unexpectedly chokes a girl using her mind and she starts getting strange reactions when interacting with a man named Chevell.

Soon enough, things start spiraling out of control and she is forced to run for her life. Out in the wild, she begins to question everything and starts suspecting that her magic had been bound by the Council of Elves. However, the only way she can get out is to kill the entire council.

Working with Chevelle, she soon succeeds in her mission. It makes for an intriguing piece of fantasy fiction as Melissa Wright writes some real-life characters that have extraordinary abilities.
Nonetheless, it is a fun to read fantasy fiction work with some excellent world-building too.

The second novel of “The Frey Saga” series of novels is “Pieces of Eight,” which continues to follow the life and times of Elfreda Frey. Questions still abound about why her magic had been bound and the identity of the half-breeds and ragtag bunch of elves that helped her out.

Her memory has been slowly coming back but it is still in bits even as she has to deal with blackouts. The latter usually happens when she gets new revelations about her past. She is going crazy thinking about information that is being withheld from her about her crazy aunt and what is happening with the Council.

As if all that was not enough, Frey learns that there is some history between Chevelle and herself. While the discovery offers new light on her feelings for the man, it also provides insights into how much he has also struggled.
On his part, he has to deal with the fact that she still has amnesia about what had happened between them.

Even though it is a much shorter read as compared to the debut, it is a much more enjoyable read with more information on why what is happening is happening.

“Rise of the Seven” is the third novel of “The Frey Saga” series of novels. In this outing, Frey has to deal with a memory that is fully coming back.

She also has to learn to harness her new power, figure out how to handle Chevelle, and confront several assassination attempts. It is not going to be easy but she throws everything she has at it as she intends to prove that she deserves to be called the Lord of the North.
In this outing, she has to deal with some particularly difficult challenges but none is more difficult than her relationship with Chevelle. Things had only become more complicated by the fact that she had started remembering what had happened between them.

She was apprehensive about moving forward since she believes bonding with the man could cost them a lot. In the past, that is what had happened but she believe her decisions had been for the good of her people and her man at the time.

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